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The Strokes

The Strokes “Future Present Past” EP Cult Back in the day, I’d know a new Strokes album was released because a copy would arrive in the mail to review months before. Man, those sure...

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Sheer Mag

Sheer Mag iii EP STATIC SHOCK / WILSUNS RC After concluding four days of working on a short film, I was the lucky recipient of a free case of Lagunitas from the DP for...

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Bleached – Welcome the Worms

Bleached  – Welcome the Worms (Dead Oceans) Second album from the Clavin sisters; Jennifer and Jessica of Mika Mike and a rhythm section consisting of Micayla Grace on bass and Nick Pilot behind the...

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Jacuzzi Boys

Jacuzzi Boys “Happy Damage EP” MAG MAG Records Well, damn. I never thought this would come to fruition. Yet, here I am writing a Buddyhead record review. I am Alex. It’s nice to meet...

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Isaac Gracie

Isaac Gracie “Songs From My Bedroom” EP Buried Crowns Ltd / EMI I hate reviewing EPs. I normally avoid them. But this one is so good I had to breakdown and give it a...

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Stream Magic Wands New Album In Full

Los Angeles occult-rocker Magic Wands are releasing their second album, Jupiter, on Friday (2/26) via Cleopatra Records. A little bit of pop, a little bit of shoegaze, a little 80’s (Blondie/Billy Idol) and a...

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Jules Ross reviews the new one from NYC noise-makers Winkie.

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New Monsterheart Single Out Via Buddyhead Today

Check out “Cosmic Rider” from the 2 song single Buddyhead released today from Monsterheart. The b-side is “Bones”. Music videos coming soon. In the meantime, hit up the Monsterheart website: http://monsterheart.net Update: “Bones” video...

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PRESIDENT, ‘THE’ DONALD, By Chris Checkman Picture a world you lived in that was almost perfect: Every meal, takeout or homemade–perfect! Every fuck, takeout or homemade–perfect! Every TV show, there at the flick of...

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Beach House

Beach House “Depression Cherry” Sub Pop/Bella Union I know plenty of people who like Beach House; some of whom might even say they REALLY like Beach House. That being said, I don’t know anyone...