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Jacuzzi Boys

Jacuzzi Boys “Happy Damage EP” MAG MAG Records Well, damn. I never thought this would come to fruition. Yet, here I am writing a Buddyhead record review. I am Alex. It’s nice to meet...

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Isaac Gracie

Isaac Gracie “Songs From My Bedroom” EP Buried Crowns Ltd / EMI I hate reviewing EPs. I normally avoid them. But this one is so good I had to breakdown and give it a...

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Stream Magic Wands New Album In Full

Los Angeles occult-rocker Magic Wands are releasing their second album, Jupiter, on Friday (2/26) via Cleopatra Records. A little bit of pop, a little bit of shoegaze, a little 80’s (Blondie/Billy Idol) and a...

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Jules Ross reviews the new one from NYC noise-makers Winkie.

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New Monsterheart Single Out Via Buddyhead Today

Check out “Cosmic Rider” from the 2 song single Buddyhead released today from Monsterheart. The b-side is “Bones”. Music videos coming soon. In the meantime, hit up the Monsterheart website: http://monsterheart.net Update: “Bones” video...

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PRESIDENT, ‘THE’ DONALD, By Chris Checkman Picture a world you lived in that was almost perfect: Every meal, takeout or homemade–perfect! Every fuck, takeout or homemade–perfect! Every TV show, there at the flick of...

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Beach House

Beach House “Depression Cherry” Sub Pop/Bella Union I know plenty of people who like Beach House; some of whom might even say they REALLY like Beach House. That being said, I don’t know anyone...

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Dr. Dre

Travis reviews the new Dr. Dre album, “Compton: A Soundtrack”, and Axl likey.

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The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers “Born in the Echoes” Astralwerks Veteran electronic music pioneers The Chemical Brothers are back, with their eighth full length album, “Born in the Echoes.” Although this new album is totally not...