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Invasion Night {Official Music Video} by The Rentals


Written & Directed by American Primitive

DP: Jacob Mendel

Drone: Travis Keller


Starring "The Two Last Souls"

The Woman: Problemas

The Dog: Cloon Dog


Production Assistant, Grip & Driver: David Archer

Boat Driver, Stunts & Beer: Jackie Steasin

Post House: Flawless Post (

Edit: Jacob Mendel

VFX: Danny Garcia


American Primitive would like to thank Flawless Post for all the love and support, Matt Sharp & The Rentals, the City of Los Angeles, Beetlejuice Green and shout out to all the babies all across the world.




MUSIC: Matt Sharp: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars & Synths

Nick Zinner: Electric Guitars & Synthesizers

Ronnie Vannucci: Drums

Gentle Assassins: Choir

Dave Fridmann: Mix Engineer

Ryan Smith: Mastering Engineer

Album: Q36