Hi, I'm Travis Keller. I am a photographer, director, writer based in Los Angeles, CA. I started Buddyhead in 1998 as a place for my photography and it quickly took a left turn to became one of the first, and biggest, music websites on the internet. If you never heard of that, you can read about it here. Buddyhead also spawned a record label of the same name that released over 50 independent titles. Now in 2020, Buddyhead is back in the form of a website to showcase my art. Full circle. I am also a member of the American Primitive art collective, check out our site here. AP calls Joe Cardamone's Valley Recording Studio homebase and makes films, videos, records and two photo magazines of mine. The first being Past Lives (2018) and the second being Stay Alive (2019), both available here. I also have a bunch of t-shirts (new designs as well as reprints of classic Buddyhead ones) and photography prints for sale on the Primo Online Store, which is here. As a freelance artist I depend on people buying my art or hiring me, please contact me below about work or possible collaborations. Thanks!
 💚💚 Life is Beautiful!
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