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  04/06/2010 - Brand new and third full length Dios album, "We Are Dios", is out!

Let's cut to the chase…

Why should you buy "We Are Dios" from the online Dios interweb-merch-mega-center at and not some professional digital music outlet like itunes or Amazon?

For starters, every single penny you sink into this page goes DIRECTLY TO the band. That's right, if you buy our record here some suit that doesn't give a fuck about music or art, doesn't get to take his cut. That alone has to feel good, right?

YEP, ALL THE MONEY GOES TO the band. THAT'S RIGHT! Your "love donation" will allow the boys in dios to live like NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS MAKING POVERTY LINE WAGES! Not only are you getting our tunes but you're basically contributing to the dios-make-a-wish-foundation! You're making our dreams come true and keeping rock n' roll alive at the same time!
And if that doesn't make you all warm on the inside (or outside), consider these points as well:

* A) This is the cheapest place you'll find our music.
* B) The audio quality is superior. Which means it sounds best coming from us.
* C) You pick your file format: mp3 320kbps, Apple Lossless or Source Audio (basically that means you're getting cd quality or higher downloads).
* D) You're getting more bang for your buck (you don't just get a tiny jpg - you get a rad PDF version of the FULL artwork, lyrics, liner notes, tons of pictures, etc... which is not available on other online music stores).
* E) You're supporting the band directly, and not putting money into the pockets of those who couldn't care less about music and art. Basically, you're doing the right thing.

ALSO - For a few extra dollars you can CUSTOMIZE YOUR dios EXPERIENCE. Commission Joel Jerome (our singer and spiritual leader) to write a song about you, or create a painting for you. Take the ultimate plunge and spend your entire weekend with the band, as they re-enact your favorite scenes from Leaving Las Vegas.

And if you play your cards right, JP might even be willing to toss in a complimentary hot oil rub down. It would be his pleasure.



PS. Send any & all questions about the packages for sale on this page, comments or love letters to
Or fuck all that and buy the record from Amazon or Itunes.
You can also buy the single "I Feel Finite" B/w "Puttin It Down" and "Cosmic Rays" EP


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