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LA Weekly Loves Bonfire Beach!

Click HERE to read LA Weekly’s “10 Bands Who Will Blow Up In 2014″ article where they give our babies Bonfire Beach (not to mention Buddyhead) some overdue love! The love is mutal La...

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WATCH: Lana Del Rey’s 27-Minute Film “Tropico”

Here’s Lana Del Ray’s newest “music video”/short film, “Tropico”, which also features her songs “Body Electric”, “Gods and Monsters”, and “Bel Air”, co-stars model Shaun Ross, was directed by Anthony Mandler (who previously directed...

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Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire “Reflektor” Merge So I’ve been meaning to review this record for a while now (considering everyone seems to be shitting their pants over these Canadians), but let’s get real… who really has...