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WATCH: Marcus D – “Rhapsody of Time”

Marcus D – “Rhapsody of Time” My friend Marcus D makes beautiful hip-hop music. His beats are like a beautiful sunset mixed with a puppy that’s crossed with a butterfly…But in, like, hip-hop beat...

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Project Pabst: Breakdown #1

Hey there, Buddyhead. Nice to meet you. My name is Ari. I met Travis Keller while we were living in a box behind a Bennigan’s in Buckington, Missouri and he offered me this gig...

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Shellac “Dude Incredible” Touch And Go Where has the bloody time gone? Has it really been seven years since that last Shellac record? And has it really been fourteen years since their career highlight...

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Earth Primitive And Deadly Southern Lord Earth has been standing on the periphery of metal for as long as I can remember. Sure, their early works could be argued into the doom metal genre,...

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YOB Clearing The Path To Ascend Neurot Recordings When the metal world focuses their adoration on a band, telling them you’re not crazy about it is much like telling your fiancée you hate his/her...

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PRAYERS on La Catedral del Underground

Check out this interview with San Diego’s Prayers, the innovators of SDKILLWAVE. Hit up their Youtube channel HERE for more music videos and tunes… PRAYERS on La Catedral del Underground

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J Mascis

J Mascis Tied To A Star Sub Pop Dinosaur JR used to be an ear-bleeding experiment in pop songs played through fuzzed out guitars, with the amps turned to such a level that their...

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Pallbearer Foundations Of Burden Profound Lore Records The underground metal elite have been enthralled with Pallbearer since their 2010 three-song demo, but most of the world got punched in the face with their 2012...