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How To Destroy Insomnia 213

How To Destroy Insomnia

I must confess I was hesitant to listen to the two How To Destroy Angels songs that are currently available online. After being subjected to the cruel horrors of Paul McCartney’s Wings as a small child, I rank “listening to husband-and-wife bands” just underneath “trimming Della Reese’s toenails with my teeth” on my list of things to get excited about. But, despite the fact that husband-and-wife bands have never, ever been a good idea, ever, this is Trent Reznor we’re talking about.

Scion Fest Recap 4

Scion Fest Recap

So this probably should have been written and submitted by last month, and admittedly it took me awhile to get this out. But that’s mainly because I got sick after the fest, work three...

Crystal Castles – (II) 487

Crystal Castles – (II)

Crystal Castles (II) (a.k.a. We’re Too Busy Being So Fucking Hip To Bother Giving Our Albums Real Names, Just Like Weezer) Fiction Records Hi, I’m Meathead. I just found out about this new album...

Sex Advice by Annaliese: Dear Wart Dick 41

Sex Advice by Annaliese: Dear Wart Dick

Annaliese (of Godsgirls.com) drops her second installment of Sex Advice on you like a dirty bomb! “Dear Wart Dick”! Send your questions to Annaliese@Buddyhead.com, not othey might appear in the next episode if they don’t suck!

Chickenfoot – "Get Your Buzz on Live " DVD 23

Chickenfoot – "Get Your Buzz on Live " DVD

Travis Keller was actually brave enough to watch Chickenfoot’s new Live DVD called “GET YOUR BUZZ ON!”. For your enjoyment he recorded his own experience so you don’t have to expose yourself to the same toxins as this gonzo music journalist.

Tunng – "And Then We Saw Land" 2

Tunng – "And Then We Saw Land"

Tunng “And Then We Saw Land” (Full Time Hobby/Thrill Jockey) As one might naturally interpret from the kaleidoscopic cartoonery on the front cover, there is a certain oriental tinge among the dulcet folk-pop of...