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Words Of Wisdom: Prince

“The Internet Is Over” – Prince (circa June 6, 2010) Send in your favorite quotes (they can even be from your mouth) to tmk@buddyhead.com, I’ll try to remember to read em (and if I...

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs New Album Teaser

Yeah Yeah Yeahs have a new album coming out this called Mosquito. Look for that shit via Interscope on April 16, it’ll be the one with the dumb cover art. This preview clip is...

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BRMC Release Short Film 4 Of 6

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have a new album coming out called “Spectre At The Feast” (spectre at the feast is British slang meaning “something or someone that spoils your enjoyment by making you remember...



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Wires On Fire Play The Echo Tonight

Buddyhead alumni, Wires On Fire, are putting aside their current musical projects (including Queens Of The Stone Age, Haim & Christopher Owens of Girls) for a night and reforming for a show at The...

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Stream / Download New BRMC Single

Stream and download the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club single, “Let The Day Begin” below. It’ll be on their seventh record, “Specter At The Feast”… it comes out sometime soon… I dunno when. MP3:...

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New Mudhoney Song + Album Info

Just is it that you want to do? We wanna be free to ride our machine without being hassled by the man! So the ninth full-length studio album from Mudhoney will be out April...

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BRMC Short Film #3 + US Tour Dates

BRMC released their third short film leading to their new album and there’s a shot of Chris Goss in it. Anyone wanna guess on who is producing this record? Us tour dates below video....

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New Night Marchers Song + West Coast Dates!

Swami John’s San Diego punk rockers, The Night Marchers, are about to unleash their second album called “Allez Allez”. It’ll be out on Swami Records on January 22nd, 2013, fuckin’ duh if you didn’t...