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First, make sure you download the new Grinderman single, “Heathen Child”! Make sure you check out http://www.grinderman.com/. Wait for their record to come out and go see these old fogies live. Grinderman tour dates:...

swans 20


Swans “My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky” Young God Records Recently Swans’ Michael Gira has written that the current incarnation of Swans is “NOT A REUNION.  It’s not some...

iPhone 4: The Cutening 27

iPhone 4: The Cutening

Hi, I’m Meathead. Did you know that there’s a new iPhone out? Well, you heard it here first (assuming this is your first exposure to the outside world in the last few months)! Naturally,...

Wounded Lion – "Wounded Lion" 6

Wounded Lion – "Wounded Lion"

Wounded Lion “Wounded Lion” In The Red After seeing Wounded Lion open up for Ty Segall, Sonny & The Sunsets & The Moonhearts (at Spaceland for the Buddyhead Presents show here) I’ve become a...

Frodus Get Back (together, that is) 26

Frodus Get Back (together, that is)

Frodus put out some of the most blistering music that most people have never heard. After a couple great records and a biblically bad run of luck, they disbanded. A decade later, some of...

Digital Leather – "Sorcerer" 17

Digital Leather – "Sorcerer"

Digital Leather “Sorcerer” Goner Records I loved this band’s last pop-gem of a record, “Warm Brother”, and I have a feeling that I’m gonna have a similar relationship with this slab of vinyl despite...

V/A – "Our Boy Roy" 9

V/A – "Our Boy Roy"

V/A – “Our Boy Roy” Telephone Explosion Records I got this slab of vinyl not from this label PR department but in exchange for getting the members of the band Jacuzzi Boys “lubed up”...

Watch vinyl get mastered at Capitol Records 7

Watch vinyl get mastered at Capitol Records

For nerds only! This video of vinyl being mastered is allot like watching paint dry, but if you’ve never seen how vinyl gets mastered it’s kinda interesting. This dude is stoked on mastering! [youtube]gjGCRidX0kU[/youtube]

Grinderman 2! New single, then new album! 78

Grinderman 2! New single, then new album!

Heathen Child, the new single from the band Grinderman, will be released on 30th August. The premiere offering from their new studio album Grinderman 2, Heathen Child will be released through Mute with the...

Buddyhead VS Daughters 28

Buddyhead VS Daughters

Tom Apostolopoulos took a break from making steaks, babies and mega green-backs to interview Nick Sadler of Daughters. Yeah his last name is really Apostolopoulos!