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So I Married a Gun Murderer 30

So I Married a Gun Murderer

As you can see, Rachelle is not a gold-digger, since it specifically states on her website that Rachelle is not a gold-digger. Not that any of you were thinking she’s a gold-digger, and I most certainly was not saying she’s a gold-digger, but just so we’re clear here, anyone that says Rachelle Short Spector is a gold-digger is flat out wrong.

David Cross – Bigger and Blackerer 30

David Cross – Bigger and Blackerer

David Cross Bigger and Blackerer Sub Pop Hi, I’m Meathead. If, like noted asshole Roger Waters, you possess amazing powers of observation, then by now you may have detected a tendency on my part...

Requiem For A Bastard Prince 25

Requiem For A Bastard Prince

Dennis Hopper was an American original (even with all of his excesses and contradictions) not to mention a HUGE inspiration to all of us here at Buddyhead. Denny did things his way despite what anyone thought. In wake of the recent sad news of his death, Tania Cinque eloquently bids our hero a beautiful farewell…

Ronnie James Dio – Requiescat In Pace 180

Ronnie James Dio – Requiescat In Pace

The Memorial of Ronnie James Dio, rock singer and metal legend, was held today at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Burbank. The lead singer of Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath (after Ozzy), the eponymous band...

Tits or GTFO 49

Tits or GTFO

Hayley Williams, lead singer of the band Paramore – one of those bands that no one here at Buddyhead cares about, managed to show her breasts to a few thousand people on Twitter the other day which is a pretty neat trick. Call in the Internet Investigation Team, poor Hayley’s been violated!



1. Who are your heroes? Danny: umm..  Not sure if I’d label him as a “hero” but I really respect Alex Chilton. He just never gave a fuck and pretty much did what he...

How To Destroy Insomnia 213

How To Destroy Insomnia

I must confess I was hesitant to listen to the two How To Destroy Angels songs that are currently available online. After being subjected to the cruel horrors of Paul McCartney’s Wings as a small child, I rank “listening to husband-and-wife bands” just underneath “trimming Della Reese’s toenails with my teeth” on my list of things to get excited about. But, despite the fact that husband-and-wife bands have never, ever been a good idea, ever, this is Trent Reznor we’re talking about.

Scion Fest Recap 4

Scion Fest Recap

So this probably should have been written and submitted by last month, and admittedly it took me awhile to get this out. But that’s mainly because I got sick after the fest, work three...

Crystal Castles – (II) 487

Crystal Castles – (II)

Crystal Castles (II) (a.k.a. We’re Too Busy Being So Fucking Hip To Bother Giving Our Albums Real Names, Just Like Weezer) Fiction Records Hi, I’m Meathead. I just found out about this new album...