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Bill Hicks 26

Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks “The Essential Collection” (2CDS+2DVDS) Ryko Bill Hicks was the greatest comedian to ever live, FACT! Because even though he’s been dead since 1994 (when he passed away from pancreatic cancer) his material...

OFF! Concert ticket giveaway! 1

OFF! Concert ticket giveaway!

Who wants to see OFF! this Wednesday, October 13th at Club Lengerie for free!? We’ve got one pair of tickets to give away to some lucky winner. E-mail me at contests@buddyhead.com and tell me...

Grinderman 23


Grinderman “Grinderman 2″ Anti Records Do I really need to even review the new Grinderman record?!? I think you’re gonna know what Axl is going to think of this and you could also prolly...

deerhunter 14

Deerhunter – "Helicopter" video + free mp3

Booyah! http://halcyondigest.com/ Deerhunter – “Helicopter” MP3 Stream the entire new album… “‘Halcyon Digest’” HERE. Remember this? My Boyfriend’s Dead: Buddyhead VS Deerhunter My Boyfriend’s Dead: Buddyhead VS Deerhunter from Buddyhead on Vimeo.

The Nearly Brothers 1

The Nearly Brothers

The Nearly Brothers You Can’t Hide From Your Yesterday Cake9 Shit… I got lazy, huh? What’s it been, like three months? My bad. Missed me? No… that’s ok. I wouldn’t have either and fortunately...

Tender Moments With Louis CK 28

Tender Moments With Louis CK

Louis CK has been around doing stand up for a long time, he’s on his second tv show, he’s clearly become comfortable with the internet, but now seems to be the time where he is ready to explode on the face of America like an ice cream eating, airplane phobic, drunk ass ginger in the back seat of an economy car on prom night.



RSVP via Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/22q3pwk Thursday 09.09.10 @ Spaceland DAX RIGGS – http://www.myspace.com/daxriggs With opening acts… USELESS KEYS & BOLLWEEVIL. And DJ Travis Keller (Buddyhead.com) + friends will be playing the most smashing and crashing...

Show Review – Alarma Man 12

Show Review – Alarma Man

Show Review: Alarma Man: Get some corpse paint, play some mathrock and start a revolution! Alarma Man + “Buddy and Jude” at Secret-Location, August 27th – Göteborg Sweden So last night my personal heli-unit...