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NightHorse Interview

Das Shelbot of Buddyhead asks Night Horse’s Sam and Justin about the band, music, checkers, animals and more… Interview with: Sam James Velde- Vocals, Justin Maranga- Lead Guitars How and when did Night Horse form? Sam...

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Night Horse

In this rock deprived era what is a dude to do? Well fortunately there have been a steady stream of good rock n’ roll/metal coming from Tee Pee Records, Southern Lord, et al… On...

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Band On The Run Re-Issue goodies Looks like Paul McCartney (or “his people”) figured out what Topspin is, cuz they’re using the shit out of it for his re-release of Paul McCartney and Wings’...

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Watch OFF! on VBS

VBS said down with OFF! and shot the shit with em. Surprise Keith had a lot of shit to say! What’s really surprising is Steve got some words in! Below are the video interviews,...

Brian Wright – 11/09 Bootleg Theater 2

Brian Wright – 11/09 Bootleg Theater

Mark this one on your calendars kids and download the mp3s below! It’s gonna be a jam you ain’t gonna wanna miss! BUDDYHEAD PRESENTS: Brian Wright & The Waco Tragedies with support from Ladies...

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Ice Sea Dead People

Ice Sea Dead People from London, England scronk and shout like it’s Washington, DC in 1999! Think Dischord bands such as Black Eyes, Q and Not U, and Rites of Spring with great british...

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The BMX Bandits have a movie coming out!

They’re making a movie about BMX Bandits… and although it’s rad, I’m not talking about this 1983 movie below. But watch the trailer anyways, ahhh… the power of the internet! I’m talking about the...

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Duke Spirit

“Everybody’s Under Your Spell” video (Photo Credit: Steve Gullick) The Duke Spirit has crossed the Atlantic and will be premiering brand new songs during select shows in New York and LA this week. The Duke...

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Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks “The Essential Collection” (2CDS+2DVDS) Ryko Bill Hicks was the greatest comedian to ever live, FACT! Because even though he’s been dead since 1994 (when he passed away from pancreatic cancer) his material...

OFF! Concert ticket giveaway! 1

OFF! Concert ticket giveaway!

Who wants to see OFF! this Wednesday, October 13th at Club Lengerie for free!? We’ve got one pair of tickets to give away to some lucky winner. E-mail me at contests@buddyhead.com and tell me...

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Grinderman “Grinderman 2” Anti Records Do I really need to even review the new Grinderman record?!? I think you’re gonna know what Axl is going to think of this and you could also prolly...

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Deerhunter – "Helicopter" video + free mp3

Booyah! http://halcyondigest.com/ Deerhunter – “Helicopter” MP3 Stream the entire new album… “‘Halcyon Digest’” HERE. Remember this? My Boyfriend’s Dead: Buddyhead VS Deerhunter My Boyfriend’s Dead: Buddyhead VS Deerhunter from Buddyhead on Vimeo.

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The Nearly Brothers

The Nearly Brothers You Can’t Hide From Your Yesterday Cake9 Shit… I got lazy, huh? What’s it been, like three months? My bad. Missed me? No… that’s ok. I wouldn’t have either and fortunately...