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Gary Wilson Video

“In The Night” by 1970’s basement prodigy Gary Wilson is a return to his past in this nostalgia filled night walk amidst strange and familiar objects. Wherever he goes his memories follow suit. Shot...

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Mini Mansions On Tour

Mini Mansions are going on a US tour starting today. They’re even throwing in some acoustic in stores. Busting ass kids! Buy their new record that’s out on Joshy’s label. DO IT!

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Buddyhead Radio Episode 01

The first installment of Buddyhead Radio, a mix of songs compiled by Travis Michael Keller for your listening pleasure. Drop of school, do drugs & kill your parents!

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Peter Christopherson

Peter Christopherson died last night. This should mean something to you. A man with a varied career as photographer, director, musician, designer and co-founder of the groups, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Coil, he’s a person that everyone (who loves music) should know.


Beady Eye Tour + MP3 bside

So here’s the b-side to Beady Eye’s first 7 inch single, “Bring The Light”. Sounds better than the a-side to me (UPDATE: It’s actually a cover from 80’s band called World of Twist, which...

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Vestal Giveaway

Alright kids.  As you can plainly see, we’ve got a brand new contest up for you to look over, and enter!  This is going to be mighty different from most of the contests around...

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Mrs. Magician

Check out this killer new band from San Diego, California. Somewhere between The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Velvet Underground and The Beatles. Yes!

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MOGWAI (the band) wants you to have this MP3

Mogwai have a new record coming out. They wanna give you an mp3 from it, show you tour dates, cover Guns N’ Roses and prove to you that they have the best merch that side, and this side, of the Mississippi River. Fuck yeah!

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Rumspringa has a new video/mp3

Rumspringa have a new record out produced by Manny Nieto called “Sway” and it rips! Here are some tour dates, a music video and a free mp3. Sink ya teeth into that shit everybody!

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We’ve got new styles, designs & colors up in the Buddyhead Online Merch store, get in there and drop some bills. Or drop some numbers into our new Buddyhead “Donate” button.

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Arcade Fire “The Suburbs”

Watch The Arcade Fire’s video for their song “The Suburbs” which was shot by the infamous Spike Jonze in Austin Texas with local kids and local pigs! Don’t mess with Texas!

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Grinderman on Jimmy Fallon

Thumbs up to “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” for having these old fuckers rock on their weird shitty TV show. Fast forward to 35:50 to see Grinderman play “Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man”!...

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On behalf of the evil empire that is Universal Pictures, Buddyhead is honored to debut the new RESTRICTED trailer for the upcoming movie, YOUR HIGHNESS starring Danny McBride and James Franco!  Watch it below, only if you’re...

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Avi Buffalo – Last show of 2010 Friday

Avi Buffalo are playing their last show of 2010 this Friday @ The Echoplex. They will be kicking names and taking asses with help from their friends in The Wildbunch & in Lord Huron. Lock up your daughters, mothers, hide ya kids, hide ya wife!

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Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc “Meaningful Work” B/W “The Thing In Things” 7-inch Polyvinyl Records Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved getting things in the mail. It must be the similarities it holds...

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Girls EP

Yep, those weirdos from San Francisco have a new EP coming out on the 22nd of this month called “Broken Dreams Club”…

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Dirty Laundry VS Torche

This week our friends over at Dirty Laundry interviewed the only metal band we know about with openly gay members, Torche. Malia even tells the guys whos he first dude she rubbed one out...

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Noel G.

NOEL GALLAGHER! After the bummer that was Beady Eye’s debut song, “Bring The Light”, I felt the need to bring you a little bit of the other half of Oasis to balance it out....



Beady Eye released their mp3 for the masses yesterday! Who is that you ask? It’s Liam Gallagher’s new band after he got in the fight to end all fights with his brother Noel that...

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Southern Culture On The Skids

SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS from the ole’ 1990s (actually they formed in 1983!?!) have returned– well I guess they weren’t really away since they put out a live album and some other tidbits...

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J. Marinelli

J. Marinelli, a W. Virginia → Kentucky transplant delivers a new album on LP and digital! J has been touring the United States and causing a raucous with his lo-fi high-octane garage rock n’...

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Interview with Stein of The Sex LA

Shelbot braved the stormy seas of intra-dimensional travel and parked his craft deep into the heart of LA. He emerged with his robot and cat denizens in tow and arranged a meeting to speak...

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Live Rocking! So Deerhunter have a rad 17-minute live performance of ‘Helicopter’ into ‘He Would Have Laughed’ (a song about their late friend, Memphis rocker Jay Reatard who died from mixing cocaine and pills...

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Rollins = DORK!

Henry Rollins not looking very cool, again. Surprise. Actually I shouldn’t say that cuz I’ve never met Henry Rollins and I’ve actually heard he’s really cool and smart if you can get him to...

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The Secret Sisters

A refreshing sound out of the Nashville-music machine produced by Dave Cobb (Waylon Jennings) and Executive Produced by T. Bone Burnett (I guess he was there to make sure Dave didn’t let things go...

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Stone Temple Pilots

Where to start?! Here comes some dudes “reinventing” their collage of commercial rock by continuing the tradition of formulaic attempts to connect to some sort of counter-culture as well as a mainstream-rock pulse. It...



Wednesday 11.10.10: BIG MUFF NIGHT featuring….. NOBUNNY NoBunny – “Do The Fuck Yourself” NoBunny – “Motorhead With Me” THE INTELLIGENCE The Intelligence – “Like, Like, Like, Like, Like, Like, Like!” THE MOONHEARTS Moonhearts –...

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Ruca Suca – “Soup” (Music Video)

Hi, I’m Meathead. Hey, what do you know, it actually makes sense for me to say that now, since with this new layout’s “feature” of not putting the authors’ names on anything, you’d otherwise...

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Anal Cunt

Anal Cunt Fuckin’ A Patac Records Hi, I’m Meathead. It is probably too early to say this, but based on little more than a really awesome album cover and the first minute or so...