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YOB Clearing The Path To Ascend Neurot Recordings When the metal world focuses their adoration on a band, telling them you’re not crazy about it is much like telling your fiancée you hate his/her...

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PRAYERS on La Catedral del Underground

Check out this interview with San Diego’s Prayers, the innovators of SDKILLWAVE. Hit up their Youtube channel HERE for more music videos and tunes… PRAYERS on La Catedral del Underground

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J Mascis

J Mascis Tied To A Star Sub Pop Dinosaur JR used to be an ear-bleeding experiment in pop songs played through fuzzed out guitars, with the amps turned to such a level that their...

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Pallbearer Foundations Of Burden Profound Lore Records The underground metal elite have been enthralled with Pallbearer since their 2010 three-song demo, but most of the world got punched in the face with their 2012...

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Melvins Hold It In Ipecac Records You have to hand it to the Melvins; they just don’t give a fuck. Bands tend to start out experimental, and then move into their signature sound. From...

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WATCH: Merchandise – “Enemy”

This is the new single from the new record by Merchandise. Which sounds like they’re super stoked on The Smiths, The LA’s, maybe a touch of Stone Roses, late era Cure (which is a...



COW’S THE AIR UP THERE? By Chris Checkman About a hundred lifetimes ago, my little (by 11 months) brother was a crazy-assed HS drug dealer; while I was an almost straight-edge (cigs aside) athlete,...

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Cerebral Ballzy

Cerebral Ballzy “Jaded And Faded” Cult Records The Sophomore Record is the true test of a band’s merit. To either show they weren’t fucking around or they should be booted from your playlist, the...

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WATCH: L.A. WITCH – “Get Lost”

I’m a little behind times here, cuz LA Witch dropped this video a while ago but hey…. sue me. Here it is now, the “new” video for “Get Lost” by LA Witch. Buy their...

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Heaven Adores You Trailers: Elliott Smith Documentary

(photo by Travis Keller – Olympia, WA 1999) Finally. The Elliott Smith documentary is happening…. According to http://heavenadoresyou.com/: “Heaven Adores You is an intimate, meditative inquiry into the life and music of Elliott Smith...