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WATCH: Toy – “It’s Been So Long”

Check the new video from Brighton psychedlic band TOY, titled “It’s Been So Long”. It was directed by Douglas Hart, a founding member of Jesus and Mary Chain, who’s also directed some videos by...

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Vic Dibitetto’s Rant On Justin Bieber

I’ve never heard of Vic DiBitetto before today, but he kinda rules. Just watch his Sopranosish rant about Justin Bieber’s arrest. It’s gold. http://www.vic-comedy.com Vic Dibitetto’s Rant On Justin Bieber

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WATCH: Pixies – “Magdalena”

I like this song + video a lot, mainly because it doesn’t sound like every other Pixies song… excited to see where they go from here. “Magdalena” is off their new EP (entitled “EP2”)...

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WATCH: Kasabian Recording New Song

The video above features Kasabian guitarist Serge Pizzorno recording vocals for a new, unnamed song. Frontman Tom Meighan said: “The album is a real ‘fuck you’ to anyone who ever dares criticise or snarl...

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LISTEN: OFF! – “Void You Out”

OFF! – “Void You Out” OFF!, which features Mr. Keith Morris (Black Flag/Circle Jerks), Dimitri “Reach-Around” Coats (Burning Brides), Mario Rubalcaba (Hot Snakes/Rocket From the Crypt/Earthless), and Steven McDonald (Redd Kross), have finished a...

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INTERVIEW: Nardwuar vs. Diplo

The greatest interviewer to ever live, Nardwuar, interviewing the coolest DJ around these days, Diplo. Once again, The Nard crushes it. INTERVIEW: Nardwuar vs. Diplo

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LISTEN: Bonfire Beach – “Astral Drive”

Bonfire Beach just released a live rehearsal demo of a new track called “Astral Drive” via Soundcloud. They will be performing this and songs from their debut record “Lit” at Club Loaded in Hollywood...

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David Crosby Announces New Album “Croz”

If you’re one who’s constantly asking yourself WWCD (What Would Crosby Do?), then brace yourself… David Crosby, the gold-voiced and fully-moustachioed badass/singer-songwriter and founding member of Crosby, Stills & Nash, has announced his first...

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WATCH: King Krule – “A Lizard State”

This little whippersnapper made Buddyhead’s Best of 2013 List despite barely being of age and being British…. pretty good considering he already had two strikes against him, eh? Here’s a new video from Mr....

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Bonfire Beach Debut Live 01.16.2014

BONFIRE BEACH @ CLUB LOADED 01.16.2014! Bonfire Beach, who just released their debut album “Lit” via Buddyhead this past month, will be performing live for the first time ever 01.16.2014 at Club Loaded in...

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Snoorechella Lineup Announced (Coachella)

So, the Snoorechella lineup was announced today… here it is… And you thought last year’s Coachella lineup was underwhelming! This years list of artist simply begs the question: “Who from Goldenvoice let their preteen...

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LA Weekly Loves Bonfire Beach!

Click HERE to read LA Weekly’s “10 Bands Who Will Blow Up In 2014” article where they give our babies Bonfire Beach (not to mention Buddyhead) some overdue love! The love is mutal La...