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INTERVIEW: Masters Of Reality – Chris Goss

Check out this killer video interview with Chris Goss from Masters of Reality which was done by FaceCulture on 06/14/2013. Chris speaks about everything from The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Brian Jones, John Lennon,...

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WATCH: Wooden Shjips – “Back To Land”

Wooden Shjips have a new record called “Back to Land” out via Thrill Jockey Records where they jack Led Zeppelin III’s cover. Good idea bros. Serious, bummed I didn’t think of that. They’ve even...

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WATCH: Obliterations – “Wage Slaves”

Obliterations are Sam James Velde (also of Night Horse and Bluebird + also used to write for Buddyhead when he was cooler) on vocals, guitarist Stephen McBean (from Black Mountain and Pink Mountaintops), bassist...

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WATCH: Giant Drag – “Do It” Music Video

Annie has been cranking out the videos lately, here’s one for “Do It” from the latest Giant Drag album called “Waking Up Is Hard To Do” (fullpsychorecords.com) which was recorded by Joe Cardamone (valleyrecordingcompany.com)....

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WATCH: Bobby Vega (Stab City) Do Courtney Love

Everybody loves Halloween and Bobby Vega from Los Angeles thrash-rockers (I just made that genre up) Stab City (https://www.facebook.com/stabcitystabcity) is no exception. Homebody not only dressed up as the Queen Of The 90s, Courtney...

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WATCH: The Living Eyes – “Eat It Up”

Check out The Living Eyes, they’re kinda cool. 7 inch on Agitated Records coming soon. http://antifaderecords.bandcamp.com/ + https://www.facebook.com/thelivingeyes The Living Eyes – “Eat It Up” The Living Eyes by The Living Eyes

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WATCH: Capital Movie Trailer

Academy Award winning French director Costa-Gavras (father of music video director Romain Gavras, director of M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” music video) has a new movie about the corrupt state of multi-national business affairs called “Capital”...