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WATCH: White Manna – “Transformation”

White Manna are from Northern California and pull from influences such as The Stooges, Spaceman 3 and Hawkwind. Yep, stoners! I reviewed their last record HERE, it’s pretty awesome. Stream more of their tunes...

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Kanye West Is PISSED At Jimmy Kimmel

Kanye is PISSED and saying crazy shit! This time it’s directed at Jimmy Kimmel, who recently dedicated a portion of his show to mocking Kanye’s interview with Zane Lowe on BBC. Someone can’t take...

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WATCH: Jodorowsky’s Dune Trailer

I’m gonna copy and paste the email I got about this baby… not sure if this one is gonna have retards snorting cocaine and then breakdancing but can’t wait to see it none-the-less. “Jodorowsky’s...

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Rick Rubin: Music, Spirituality + Twinkies

Record producer, Rick Rubin, yaps about Music, Spirituality + Twinkies. Totally enlightening and stuff bro. Rick Rubin: Music, Spirituality + Twinkies Rick Rubin: Music and Spirituality on Nowness.com

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LISTEN: Primitive Calculators – “Dead”

It interesting what bands end up in the history books and which get left out for whatever reason. Melbourne’s Primitive Calculators disappeared in 1980 until Nick Cave asked them to play All Tomorrow’s Parties....

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LISTEN: The Entrance Band – “Fire Eyes”

Check out “Fire Eyes” from the new full length, “Face The Sun”, from The Entrance Band. It’s due out November 19th via Beyond Beyond is Beyond. Sonically this track is less heavy-psychedelic and almost...

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WATCH: BRMC – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Pretty sure this happened about 6 months ago, but fuck it. http://KEXP.ORG presents Black Rebel Motorcycle Club performing live in the KEXP studio. Host: Cheryl Waters Audio Engineer: Allen Strand Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Shelly...

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LISTEN: Hunters – “Hunters”

Hunters’ Derek Watson and Isabel Almeida do a pretty good back-and-forth vocal attack with each other for their self-titled debut album “Hunters”. At times soft and loving, at times tense and shredding, and always...

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Dream Boys Need Some Leather Fringe Jackets

Los Angeles jangle-quartet, Dream Boys, might wanna invest in some killer leather fringe jackets or Canadian Tuxedos like Crosby used to rock back in the day (prolly still does actually) cuz they’ve already got...

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Crocodiles Crimes of Passion Zoo Music This album, “Crimes of Passion”, quite honestly should have been the first album these guys should have put out. Shit! It’s the album that I wished “Endless Flowers”...