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MGMT – "Congratulations" 56

MGMT – "Congratulations"

MGMT “Congratulations” Sony/Columbia Wow these dudes really fucking BLEW IT HARD! I’m not even a fan and I know these guys screwed the pooch. People that liked their sugary sweet debut album have to...

Dave & Ug's Goddamned Christmas Special 1

Dave & Ug's Goddamned Christmas Special

Hi, I’m Meathead. Are you all excited for the Holidays? Boy, I sure am! I got a ham and everything. But I guess that isn’t really any of your business. Anyway, in the interest...

Jaguar Love – "Hologram Jams" 29

Jaguar Love – "Hologram Jams"

Jaguar Love “Hologram Jams” Fat Possum Let’s get one thing straight before anyone gets the flame whips out. This is filthy pop music. There’s none of the tintinnabular prettiness of the Magnetic Fields or...

The Magnetic Fields – "Realism" 12

The Magnetic Fields – "Realism"

The Magnetic Fields “Realism” Nonesuch I’ve always been fascinated by the inherent irony in music between instrumentation and lyrics. Admittedly, it’s pretty rare but when you find it, its like a bell has been...

Kevin Smith: The Idiot's Quentin Tarantino 75

Kevin Smith: The Idiot's Quentin Tarantino

The simple fact remains that Cop Out is not a good movie. There may be a few cheap laughs along the way, but if that’s all I’m looking for, I can just watch cat videos on YouTube. That’s not a substitute for quality filmmaking.

Imperial China – "Phosphenes" 16

Imperial China – "Phosphenes"

Imperial China “Phosphenes” (Sockets/Ruffian) Imperial China has a good thing going.  Hailing from the same Washington, D.C. scene that once upon a time produced more original and amazing bands per capita than almost any...

Lights – "Rites" 186

Lights – "Rites"

Lights “Rites” Drag CIty What is there to say about lights? Three chicks with instruments.  A properly grooving rhythm section with the bass practically oozing out your speakers. A couple of trendy effects pedals....

Putting the Hi in Ohio 37

Putting the Hi in Ohio

Our old intern who got a Buddyhead tattoo (search youtube) is back and he can write! Brian Carnahan chimes in on Scion Rock Festival coming to his hometown – Columbus, OH.

Dios – "We Are Dios" 16

Dios – "We Are Dios"

Dios “We Are Dios” Buddyhead Editors note: We normally don’t review our own records, it’s just kinda tacky. But every now and then we break a rule and this time around we happened to...

Boomsnake – "Re/Visions" 36

Boomsnake – "Re/Visions"

Boomsnake “Re/Visions” (Grizzly Records; 2010) Boomsnake indeed… I feel disgruntled and cheated. The only reason I decided to review this particular record over a plethora of other (probably better) ones was the awesome title....

LANTERNS – "Apocalypse Youth" 3

LANTERNS – "Apocalypse Youth"

LANTERNS “Apocalypse Youth” Drag City Records From the first drum and bass hits of the first track ‘Midnight Psalms’, one thing is made clear: you will be forced to have fun listening to this...

The Endtables – "The Endtables" 98

The Endtables – "The Endtables"

The Endtables “The Endtables” Drag City When I put this record on for the first time, I was praying, praying for some good punk. Well, ask and you shall receive, my children. 1979 was...

Past Lives – "Tapestry of Webs" 14

Past Lives – "Tapestry of Webs"

Past Lives “Tapestry of Webs” Suicide Squeeze So if you were into good music at any extended period between 2000 and 2006, you might have heard of a band called the Blood Brothers. If...

Beach House: Teen Dream 143

Beach House: Teen Dream

Beach House Teen Dream Sub Pop; 2010 Well, hello there.  How are you?  It’s a pleasure to see you again. Actually it’s not…Fuck you.  I lied.  You see how I did that?  Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Some...

Les Sexareenos – "Live! In The Bed" 3

Les Sexareenos – "Live! In The Bed"

Les Sexareenos “Live! In The Bed!” Sympathy For The Record Industry With the recent back and forth between Mark Sultan and Travis, its a weird time to lay out my undying love for Mr....

Dios 1st Quarter Single 2010 download 21

Dios 1st Quarter Single 2010 download

This is the second in a series of FREE download-able singles from L.A.’s Dios. This time you get Ed’s head on the cover instead of Pat’s. Make sure to collect em all because this is our way of saying thank you for caring about our rock n’ roll!

The Best Movies of 2010! 28

The Best Movies of 2010!

(Yeah, 2010, ya cunt. You read right). By JewSqueeze Hey there, Internet! How are you doing? It’s been a long time, long time since I left you, without a dope beat to step to....

Joel Jett's 7-inches Of Love & Hate 12

Joel Jett's 7-inches Of Love & Hate

So this is my first column for reviewing 7” records. I typically buy all the records that I review. It is a rare occasion I get any kind of promo at all so if...

DOOM – "Gazzillion Ear" 21

DOOM – "Gazzillion Ear"

DOOM Gazzillion Ear [Lex; 2010] Yea, we still review rap albums every now and again. I don’t know much about MF DOOM but I always dug his shit. Probably because he’s one of the...

Vampire Weekend – "Contra" 38

Vampire Weekend – "Contra"

Vampire Weekend “Contra” Castrated Sissy Recordings Hi, I’m Meathead. I could have sworn there was already a review for this album on Buddyhead, but I guess I must have been thinking about one of...

NBC = Nothing But Crap 46

NBC = Nothing But Crap

No sooner does Conan start getting his shit packed up to move out to L.A. than the announcement comes that – don’t worry, America – Jay Leno’s not going anywhere! That’s like getting remarried, then on your wedding night telling your new wife that your ex is still going to be coming by every morning to make breakfast.

Mellowdrone – "Angry Bear" 24

Mellowdrone – "Angry Bear"

Mellowdronex “Angry Bear” self-released I really dig Mellowdrone and from what I’ve read so do tv and video game music directors.  They remind me of the good rock bands from the 90s and the...

Vampire Weekend – "Contra" 31

Vampire Weekend – "Contra"

Vampire Weekend Contra XL Recordings Congratulations on making Buddyhead’s Worst Albums of 2009 list!  Buddyhead was so “in the know” that you made the ’09 list when your record actually comes out THIS year!...