Believe it or not, Buddyhead gets hordes (or “loads” if you’re from England) of questions from people on the inter-nerd every damn day. We’re too busy Netflix-ing soft porn to return your emails, so to make your life a bit easier, and our lives a bit less douche-tastic, we’ve condensed all of your Frequently Asked Questions here into this FAQ.

“What is Buddyhead? Who are you guys?”
Buddyhead is whatever we say it is. You’re gonna have to learn to live
with us. Sorry. We write about stuff when we feel like it, and put out
records/books/dvd/videos/etc we think need to be heard.

“Hey dudes, what’s Buddyhead’s address so I can send you guys something in the mail?”
We’re not posting that kinda info online, come on! Email tmk@buddyhead.com. And it’d better be good…

“Do you have a street address so I can send it FedEx?”
No. We don’t need anything that quick.

“What’s the phone number at Buddyhead?”
You’re not getting it. Email us.

“Do you guys accept demos?”
Sure. Email tmk@buddyhead.com for address.

“I wanna interview Shat and ask Jeff Wood if he ever saw Ben from The Dillinger Escape Plan naked. How do I do that?”
Email Travis @ tmk@buddyhead.com for all things press related.

“Is Buddyhead hiring?”
We don’t make any money. Fuck off.

“Will you ever be hiring?”

“Can I work for you without pay?”
Maybe. Email Travis @ tmk@buddyhead.com and tell him why you are dumb enough to want to work for us for free.

“I live in the middle of Nebrahoma and can’t find your releases at the local Wal-mart. Where can I buy them?”
In our online store or on I-tunes or Amazon or anywhere else that sells digital music.

“I’m still scared about buying stuff online with a credit card. Can I send you cash?”
No. If you’re still concerned about this, you’re either a senior citizen or a giant pussy. Step into the 21st century, asshat.

“How many of (insert Buddyhead record) were pressed on colored vinyl?”
Check out our discography page for vinyl pressing info on all our releases.

“Will the (insert out of print Buddyhead record) ever be repressed?”
Most likely not. Vinyl isn’t as cool as you remembered it being champ. The fuckers warp, and they don’t fit in your iPod.

“Where can I buy the out of print Buddyhead records?”
Try Ebay.

“When is (insert Buddyhead band or even sometimes a non-Buddyhead band) going to come play my hometown?”
We have no idea. Check the bands website geek. Use google.com for shit like this, not our inbox.

“Is Travis gay?”

“Is Meathead’s real name Meathead?”
We don’t even know.

“Will you listen to the songs my band posted on our myspace page and tell us what you think?”

“Wanna download my band’s new album we recorded on an m-box? We sound like everything hip!”

“Wanna come see my band play? You should sign us!”

“We will put you on the list.”

“Do you guys wanna advertise Buddyhead on my blog?”

“How about in my print fanzine that my ten friends read?”

“Can you link my website?”

“Do you guys wanna trade banners with my site?”

“But we’re a record label that gets 8 zillion billion hits a month.”

“Dude, we already put a Buddyhead banner up on our website that nobody goes to, so can you just be cool and put one of our banners on your site?”

“Can I get a Buddyhead.com email address?”

“Can you guys send me free shit?”

“Can I cruise by the office and say hi?”

“Are all the horrible things I heard about you guys true?”

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