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WATCH: Marcus D – “Rhapsody of Time”

Marcus D – “Rhapsody of Time” My friend Marcus D makes beautiful hip-hop music. His beats are like a beautiful sunset mixed with a puppy that’s crossed with a butterfly…But in, like, hip-hop beat...

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Project Pabst: Breakdown #1

Hey there, Buddyhead. Nice to meet you. My name is Ari. I met Travis Keller while we were living in a box behind a Bennigan’s in Buckington, Missouri and he offered me this gig...

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PRAYERS on La Catedral del Underground

Check out this interview with San Diego’s Prayers, the innovators of SDKILLWAVE. Hit up their Youtube channel HERE for more music videos and tunes… PRAYERS on La Catedral del Underground

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WATCH: Merchandise – “Enemy”

This is the new single from the new record by Merchandise. Which sounds like they’re super stoked on The Smiths, The LA’s, maybe a touch of Stone Roses, late era Cure (which is a...