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PRAYERS on La Catedral del Underground

Check out this interview with San Diego’s Prayers, the innovators of SDKILLWAVE. Hit up their Youtube channel HERE for more music videos and tunes… PRAYERS on La Catedral del Underground

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WATCH: Merchandise – “Enemy”

This is the new single from the new record by Merchandise. Which sounds like they’re super stoked on The Smiths, The LA’s, maybe a touch of Stone Roses, late era Cure (which is a...

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WATCH: L.A. WITCH – “Get Lost”

I’m a little behind times here, cuz LA Witch dropped this video a while ago but hey…. sue me. Here it is now, the “new” video for “Get Lost” by LA Witch. Buy their...

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Heaven Adores You Trailers: Elliott Smith Documentary

(photo by Travis Keller – Olympia, WA 1999) Finally. The Elliott Smith documentary is happening…. According to “Heaven Adores You is an intimate, meditative inquiry into the life and music of Elliott Smith...

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LISTEN: Avi Buffalo – “So What”

I like this dude. He’s a weirdo. Avi Buffalo started representing the LBC (kinda like Sublime used to) in 2010 with their debut on Sub Pop (when they were like 17 or something crazy,...

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I’m Backing Sharkmuffin

OK, first of all they’re called “Sharkmuffin”. That’s rad. Second of all they’re loud, noisy and sound like the good parts of Sonic Youth (which are few and far between in my book), Sleater...

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Chris Checkman’s “DEFENDING THE NRA”

DEFENDING THE NRA by Chris Checkman When sexually frustrated rich kid/freedom fighter Elliot Rodger exercised his Constitutionally protected Second Amendment right to cull uptight bitches from the herd, as well as take out a...