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Gossip #128 67

Gossip #128

Just like those skid marks in your underwear, no matter how much you wash you can’t get rid of Buddyhead Gossip. Yep, we’re back and here’s #128. Fuckin’ sue us again pussyface!

Gossip #127 100

Gossip #127

Kinda like that weird rash on your inner thigh, Buddyhead Gossip is back to bug the shit outta you. Here’s number 127! Put some cream on it and don’t scratch it!

Gossip #126 50

Gossip #126

We never thought we’d be this excited to talk about Kanye West, but see this massive dude who’s name is WOLF? Well… he wants to twist Kanye’s arms off! AWESOME, huh?

Gossip #125 68

Gossip #125

Buddyhead is back with another edition of your favorite shit on the internet aside from those weird porn sites you live on. Open up and say “ahhhh shit” cuz here’s Gossip #125 biotches! Isn’t #125 a fuckin’ landmark or some shit? Fuckin’ A!

Gossip #124 68

Gossip #124

Here’s a freshly baked batch of Buddyhead Gossip for you all. Enjoy cuz it tastes great and it’s less fulfilling! Buddyhead, the taste of a new generation!

Gossip #123 48

Gossip #123

This week your Buddyhead Gossip is a day late and a dollar short. But where the fuck else are you gonna get your Bobby Brown on? Yes, that is blood in his nose. No one else is gonna give it to you like only we can give it to you! Stay true.

Gossip #122 56

Gossip #122

Ahhhh it’s Monday “morning”! And you know what comes with Monday morning… fresh brewed coffee, the newspaper, maybe some toast and eggs and a big beefy chuck of Buddyhead Gossip for you to gnaw on! Enjoy!

Gossip #121 160

Gossip #121

You prolly thought Marilyn Manson “showed up on our doorstep and murdered us in our home” but NOPE, we’re just three days late with your FREE gossip. Hey, you fuckers get what you pay for! Now, ENJOY!

Gossip #120 94

Gossip #120

It’s Monday morning and it’s time for your weekly dose of Buddyhead Gossip, bright and early! Hit you little nukkas with a freeze pop!

Gossip #119 89

Gossip #119

Just when you thought your Gossip wasn’t coming this week, BOOM! There it is, like an unexpected case of herpes on a Wednesday! Enjoy!

Gossip #118 186

Gossip #118

Here’s this week’s Gossip for July 7th, 2009. And it’s only a day late, someone slap us some serious FIVE for keeping up with this shit man! We’re even surprising ourselves!

Gossip #117 35

Gossip #117

Here’s new Buddyhead Gossip for June 29th, 2009. Better late than never, right? Nothing like a little shit-talk to make your post-jacko life a little bit easier to cope with. We love you.

Gossip #116 31

Gossip #116

Here’s your weekly Buddyhead Gossip for June 22nd, 2009. Get into it. Might not happen next week.

Gossip #115 48

Gossip #115

Buddyhead Gossip right on time for your Monday morning! Can you believe it? Buddyhead on time? HA! You can even bid on the singer of The Kills bra on Ebay! The bidding starts at only .69 too! Enjoy this while it lasts fuckers!

Gossip #114 143

Gossip #114

Once again it’s on! We finally realize the only shit you little fuckers care about is new Gossip. So on that note, here’s some new Gossip for all ya’ll! Sit and spin!

Gossip #113 30

Gossip #113

Yeah we’re two days late, this should have been up on 4/20 so you could properly blaze it. But either way here is a new batch of Gossip. Eat ’em up yum, and you’re floored motherfuck Billboard and the editor – here comes the Predator!

Gossip #112 25

Gossip #112

Another batch of Buddyhead’s hot sticky creamy batch of Gossip served up just to ruin your day. Eat em up yum!

Gossip #111 21

Gossip #111

BAM! Yeah that’s right Buddyhead is back and just like a bad case of herpes…. you’re really fuckin’ bummed dude. But you know the drill… you gotta pay the band if you wanna dance!

Gossip #110 91

Gossip #110

Ok… another huge gap between updates here at Buddyhead dot net. Yeah, sorry we go off. Sure, we could pretend like we actually give a shit about what’s going on in “popular music”, and...

Gossip #109 85

Gossip #109

No, nobody died over here. We just haven’t done a gossip update inna while cos A) We’ve been busy doing cool shit, and B) We honestly didn’t give a shit. Anywhoo, here you go…...

Gossip #108 0

Gossip #108

Even though it seems as though not much is going on here at Buddyhead by looking at the site, we assure you that we’re cooking up plenty of hot new steaming shit for you...

Gossip #107 95

Gossip #107

BUDDYHEAD’S BEST AND WORST RECORDS OF 2004 Like always, it’s a smidge late (but last time we checked this isn’t homework or anything) but we’ve completed the Buddyhead 2004 Best and Worst albums list....

Gossip #106 69

Gossip #106

It’s almost the end of the year kids, and you know what that means… No, we’re not talking about drinking so many eggnog-vodka mixers that you start puking out your nose, we’re talking about...

Gossip #105 0

Gossip #105

Yeah, we’re back from CMJ. And yep, New York City is still cold as fuck. We don’t feel like being funny this update seeing as how that puddle you guys call a city gave...

Gossip #104 70

Gossip #104

Buddyhead is having a show at CMJ in NYC next week. Travis is gonna be loafin’ around town out there for about a week solo-style so he can check out what this “cold weather”...

Gossip #103 0

Gossip #103

Wires On Fire made it home a couple days ago from their US tour, which from what those little bastards tell us, was a pretty fucking bitchin’ time! Plus they’ve got a bunch of...