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Tom DeLonge is losing it

(Illustration by Craig Boush) Yes, it’s true folks: We officially have nominee number two to the Rock n’ Roll Crazy Hall of Fame! (Ding, ding, ding!) First, we had former Creed frontman Scott Stapp,...

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YOU SAY YOU’LL CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION (but you won’t, because you’re a bunch of squirrelly-fuck liars only interested in money, you PIG-FACED lying BITCHES…) by Chris Checkman (come find me…death couldn’t be any worse...

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Buddyhead Letters (2002)

Welcome to yet another installment of the ever popular and entertaining LETTERS TO BUDDYHEAD. For your enjoyment, we have once again carefully selected a very small portion of the mail we’ve received during the...

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Buddyhead Letters (2003)

*This originally ran on Buddyhead in August 2003 Here it is folks… another batch of LETTERS TO BUDDYHEAD that we actually made time for in between huffing paint to answer. To entertain all you...

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4th and The 5 In Missouri

4th and The 5 In Missouri By Chris Checkman Let’s just start by admitting I haven’t done my due diligence; so, tonight, I’m not being a ‘good’ journalist, just a fairly average ranting idiot....



COW’S THE AIR UP THERE? By Chris Checkman About a hundred lifetimes ago, my little (by 11 months) brother was a crazy-assed HS drug dealer; while I was an almost straight-edge (cigs aside) athlete,...

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DONALD DICK by Chris Checkman Let’s assume you’ve heard of the Donald Sterling racism scandal, as that’ll save me a few paragraphs of tedious background crap you should know, even if you throw a...

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GREEN EGGS AND QUESTIONS By Chris Checkman When NBA veteran Jason Collins became the first active player in the four major North American sports to come out as gay in 2013, another hurdle was...

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Is Peter Hook Being a (B)asshole?

That’s no typo! That’s my new word for a bitter bassist who’s being kind of a cock lately. Old Peter Hook is currently the grumpiest post-punk dude of 2013 (after Mark E. Smith and...

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Meathead’s Year Book Weekend Wrap-up – Week 2

It’s the weekend again, as evidenced by the fact that I’m not at that horrible place where I go to feel my spirit slowly strangled to death for forty excruciating hours per week (just kidding work is awesome). It also means that it’s time for another Year Book Weekend Wrap-Up™! Yay! Okay, let’s get this shit over with.