Tame Impala

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9 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    Sounds like diet Dungen.

  2. Roses resurrected says:

    You are fucking high! I haven't heard much of this disc, but the first one is epic. Listen to Canyons remix of Sunrise, Sundown and dare to disagree. This is one of the only good bands out there right now. This review is just hating it for the sake of coffee shop cool points. Why don't you give up on ripping a great band and go back to discussing how Greg Brady's character from the Brady Bunch is symbolic of the greater struggles faced by America's alienated youth — or whatever you idiots in berets discuss while sipping your fuckin' mocha lattes.

  3. Siradamdag says:


  4. shamalama says:

    Yo Leeroy, dont hate yourself for being white, whitey. white's alright.

  5. @AbeVigoda10 says:

    I like it, but in a "It's sunday afternoon and I'm stoned off my ass and this is playing in the background" type of way

  6. LEE says:

    Lame Impala is instagram rock.

  7. Smokingornonsmoking says:

    there first album is dope as fuck honestly, but this album doesn't seem to have that Australian mind fuck that the last one had

  8. LisaFlip says:

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  9. Mother says:

    horrible band, horrible album.
    skip to the beards and acoustic guitars Tame Impala.

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