Travis Michael Keller

Travis Keller is a pretty good liar. Email death threats & love letters to:

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10 Responses

  1. DerekWalenta says:

    axl rose is too busy being a vegas act to judge this album. the new soundgarden dives into old school roots and kicks fucking ass.

  2. SHITYEAH says:

    WOOOOOO. Hopefully the Garden tours with Chickenfoot. HELLYEAH. TIME MACHINE. People still swallowed pills in Los Angeles before I moved here.

  3. Ryan says:

    Nah brah. That kinda fuckin' rules.

  4. yes/no says:

    You know what's been away for too long? Buddyhead. Damn man, you motherfuckers used to be the most feared names in music, now your barely writing reviews. It's time to pack it in fellas. It was awesome while it lasted.

  5. rib pioneer says:

    Sounds about right… Hack journalist/photographer/failed musician pans album he hasn't heard. Whatta douche-bag. Why don't you just listen to the fucking thing thing so you can get on with soliciting people to buy it for you?

    Or you can just keep going this way and maybe land a job on Fox News… They're always looking for a failed, bitter old whore to tap into that youth market. You could do segments on O'Reilly in between Adam Carrola and Dennis Miller.

    Either way go fuck yourself!

  6. orbison huey says:

    Yeah, I thought that this was pretty good. You're totally off base on this one, Travis.

  7. shamalama says:

    Yeah, this albums right up there with superunknown…..NOT! yeah, i just did that.

  8. Derek Jordan says:

    I agree, it was bad. Nothing memorable from it : (

  9. FWilliams says:

    Soundgarden – Shir
    Buddyhead – prophetic genius
    Haters – Haters

  10. LisaFlip says:

    I agree too , it was bad. Nothing memorable from it : (
    Ancaster Painters

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