Jack White – Sixteen Saltines Free Mp3 + Music Video

Travis Michael Keller

Travis Keller is a pretty good liar. Email death threats & love letters to: tmk@buddyhead.com

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16 Responses

  1. Fish says:

    That man is one crazy lad

  2. kevincorcoranjr says:

    mr. white. the man is a genius… a musical mad scientist… a mastermind. everything he touches becomes wanted. his music is always incredible, his ideas are always epic, and his passion for being an outcast.. always standing out in a world that constantly tries to fit in. i admire him so much.

  3. x.- says:

    He's alright, but insanely overrated. His music isn't bad, but his ability to market himself is far superior.

    Plus, as Noel Gallagher of Oasis once said, White looks a bit like “Zorro on doughnuts.”

  4. fuck you says:

    Fuck Noel Gallagher.

  5. Oh Robot says:

    Seriously… I can't find it in me to like anything since the White Stripes. It's like "Let's shake hands" was the greatest fighting and fucking song since…

    I'm glad he does what he does, but it's really weird to me. I'm all for success, but the rawness has left the building. Anybody agree?

    -Oh Robot

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  7. kane hipolito says:

    I think this man is a trouble maker.. look his face..

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