Foo Fighters doing stuff while I drop names…

Travis Michael Keller

Travis Keller is a pretty good liar. Email death threats & love letters to:

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  1. surforia says:

    Foo fighters' first album was awesome where DG played every instrument. After that, meh.

  2. Chris was cool when he was in NUFAN wearing that straw hat by the pool table for the Making Friends tour in Austin, Cursive sucks but 1986 song "Mechanical Dreams" fuck Keith Moon, anyways that piece about recording on a 4-track is better than computers suck my dick Dave Egg Roll for that bullshit at the Grammie's bitch I would rather listen to Taylor Swift (fuck you too Travis I need exposure more than you need a job at the LA times). Anyways the new Chromatics single kicks my ass, I killed for love too. Ritualz sucks. Witch-House isn't shoegaze at all but it would be dope as fuck if it were. I like Hot Topic faux foxes too, Travis don't disappoint me again. By the way Robert Mann of Recover deserves to be canonized for playing "Lightning Crashes" all eerie to warn me that my mom was going to die when I was 11 and Dan Keyes looks like Gummo and I think you all know by now that fancy ass 1st 144,000 Revelations mother fucker's mom is a maid. William Windsor is my brother and I am the second coming of Christ. Suck my dick hipsters I'm a scenester still. By the way, anyone that wants to be a rebel and talk shit Windsor… just keep in mind that all this hearsay about the Mayan Calendar (Winter Solstice 2012) was implemented to predict his counterpart to my Messianistic semblance because he's choice, Christ's public office at 30 Wills' Summer Solstice 30th bash. Talk about public office. Fuck the L.A. Times. Just kidding.

  3. Let's help me prop some choice ladies, a gender war in your FUCKING FACE! I'm new school for mysticism so I know the soul is not collaterally transgressive, but we all have grandma's and girlfriends we don't want to see hurt. See I lost my mom and she was perfect. I see that happen again and its not gonna look any prettier than 9/11. Here's the rule, you want to be in with Order of Skull and Bones and Barbara Pierce Bush' crew on the underground then you box out with Russian hand fighting any jock or punk being tough with a girl and not being a gentleman, and if someone you love gets raped you handle it with carbazochrome, sodium sulfolate, or oxidized norepinephrine otherwise known as adrenochrome because it comes from the glands next to the kidneys, as soon as you take it out it works and when it works not only is it supposed to feel like LSD (never tried it, not even the raw chemical you buy in bulk from Switzerland) its a hemostat. That's just the rule, but the clique is comprised of 5 guys and the Spade and Grave Queen bitch herself Barb, Gray Fuller the kinda punk, down with Clarksville skaters, captain of the lacrosse team that doesn't smoke, Mister David, Cully from 1986 the drum massah, Aljosha Nakzinski Moussa the Berber son of Natty K from Tess and Roman Polanski's first kill that all you turned that bitch ass blind eye to (he's ATX Mister David's friend from retardation jail 101), and none other than Johnny Whitney the straight pimp couth mother fucker. Our motto is "You want clique shit? Go to Yale." Our clique doesn't give a fuck about clique shit. Suck my dick. Egg roll don't front on my girl Sonja I know her father and we bring the heat hot.

  4. lol wut? says:

    good luck with your coherent train-of-thought goals in 2012, breh

  5. keblon john says:

    Wow I miss this band, I hope there concert will be fine.. Goodluck guys.
    CZ 858

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  7. edwin winnipeg says:

    chris was in me first and the gimme gimmes which is in my opinion a better band than no use for a name (and the icarus line) and they just play covers.

  8. Awesome band. Great people. I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to interview in my previous job in London as a writer for the Sun in the UK

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