Noel Gallagher LIVE In The States! Lots Of FREE Mp3s!

Travis Michael Keller

Travis Keller is a pretty good liar. Email death threats & love letters to:

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5 Responses

  1. Damn, I wish I could go for tonight's show. That's pretty fuckin' sweet you got on the guest list.

  2. @buddyhead says:

    The show was amazing… wish I could have attended both nights… but one was lucky enough. Dig any of these rare tracks?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for some mp3s I actually didn’t have. Totally agree with Noel being one of the greatest songwriters of our generation. He totally blows me away with his music. If I wa you I totally would have had a major fan-gurl moment if I’d been on his guest list. Do brag!!!
    I’d love to read a full write up of the amazing show @ UCLA. I saw some footage online. And it sounded very good.

  4. mattq says:

    thanks for these boss!

  5. thanks for sharing these information!

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