Buddyhead Gossip #134: Liam named his new band, Vampire Weekend = Target and some phone numbers!

Travis Michael Keller

Travis Keller is a pretty good liar. Email death threats & love letters to: tmk@buddyhead.com

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58 Responses

  1. Marty E. says:

    I think Liam, Gem, and Andy will make a worthy album….I’ll definitely be picking it up. I hope Noel’s comes out first though.

    That’s the only Offspring video anyone ever needs to see.

    Thank you,

    Marty E.

  2. wahwahwah says:

    good shit, i look forward to the next gossip coming out in what, october?

  3. Red Foreskin says:

    My foreskin itches.

  4. dickless tracy says:

    you know, this is awesome and all, but what i really want from buddyhead is for them to STOP SENDING ME FUCKING EVENT INVITES AND MESSAGES ON FB!! updates are great, shit going on in homo LA when i live elsewhere, no.

  5. Luci says:

    If I could tape his mouth shut, I could take one from Leto. Shit that comes out of that man’s facehole is ridiculous. Then again I’d be a little jealous if his vagina was prettier than mine.

    But check out the titty rug on Vinnie. It’s kinda like what would happen if you shaved a bear, got it drunk, taught it to play drums & put a tiny hat on it.

  6. snarf says:

    best. reel big fish. joke. ever.

    but you give them waaaay too much credit by assuming anybody knows who the fuck they are anymore!

  7. argh argh yep says:

    still don’t get this oasis/noel love, oasis suck balls

  8. Pordorf says:

    Fucking Magnets, How do they work ?!

  9. Who fucking gives a fuck? Thou shalt not worship Czech charlatan whores. What do you want to do tomorrow, shit in a plastic bag and place it in Maddox’ lunchbox, on Angelina’s driveway with your gang the Cowboys all each, wrapped in Syran, with M&M’s and sprinkles? Ok. You don’t blame Keith do you? I bet you that Angelina overdoses on Baraq’s secret service. Do y’all remember when he was named Baraq? I hate Iraq Osama. Go hate.

  10. boner says:

    you’re mentioning the ICP video now? that’s old news.

    I hate to say it, but Buddyhead’s slipping big time. no wonder people don’t really care any more. not really trying to be a dick, but… it’s sorta true.

    those DVS shoes are ridiculous. will they be selling at Hot Topic?

    just sayin’.

  11. uglyfacade says:

    vinny paul’s oven is on sale…peter steele is dead.

  12. Sabine says:

    Lydon DOES look like an old Bart Simpson… That’s pure genius!

  13. Jameson says:

    those fags have the same Silvertone amp as me. fuck.

  14. Dirty says:

    I chuckled a few times. I know the music world’s pretty dry these days but could you guys try to hunt down some cool shit to talk about?

  15. No Damn says:

    By God damn it is not MGMT who could care less it is Amazing Baby who disputed Baby Geniuses with who, Gray Fuller… Cully Symington… AND, GENE REILLY? Well MGMT and “Amazing Baby” got shown what washed up means, and MGMT is pretty fucking spectacular at that. No damn.

  16. Edward Norton says:

    “We seriously wanna go off on this dude like Edward Norton did in Fight Club.”

    Absolute highlight of my career, even moreso than the black guy curbstomp scene from American History X. Which was pretty badass in it’s own right.

    Punching people are fun.

  17. Noel is Better says:

    Surprising that you haven’t mentioned this..


  18. too bad allie foster got knocked up by that douchebag…

  19. reconcile says:

    This website isn’t funny anymore. You need Aaron back.

  20. Spencer Rollins says:

    even if that chick from paramoore had a killer rack, which she doesn’t, her band alone would prevent my penis from come anywhere close to her.

  21. lookiehere says:

    The Offspring. Funny, I just heard one of their songs on the radio today and wondered why they’d be playing it.

  22. Candis says:

    Those “Wolfpack” kids scare me. They can’t be friends without having tails??

  23. Show Some Initiative says:

    jesus, people are fucking masochists. here’s an idea guys, if you don’t like the site DON’T COME HERE. Aaron’s never coming back and there’s nothing you can do about it – furthermore yr bitching and moaning about how Travis isn’t doing it for you is just boring for all of us. Also can one of you guys please take a rudimentary english class before you comment.


    WHAT!??!?! I have no fucking idea what this person is trying to say. Come on people, you got some gossip that you want up here? It’s not like Travis’ fucking email isn’t all over the internet

  24. dishwalla59 says:

    wow….just…pathetic. oasis sucks 2010 keep hope alive

  25. Scroticulus Smakidianus says:

    B/head, re clown pussy vid link…..pls make parody vids ‘stead of linking the real fukt up ones…..we cannot unsee or hear what we have now seen and heard…….

  26. Ivor Biggon says:

    Why is it everytime I decide to visit Buddyhead gossip there is always some ass-licking Oasis post talking about how “cool” Liam Gallagher is or how Oasis are a “great” band? Yeah, we get it, you know Liam Gallagher personally and you think a shitty primitive pub rock band are the second coming. Change the record.

  27. boner says:

    because it’s Buddyhead and Travis can’t come up with anything to write about these days. he’s been jocking Oasis/Bobby Gillespie/Ian Brown for years now. it’s so tired. i agree, change the record.

    @Show Some Initiative
    personally, the only reason I still check into Bhead anymore is some small hope that it might return to it’s former “glory”. but, with Gossip being updated twice a year now (and shitty content at that), it seems unlikely. that being said, it was sort of a guilty pleasure.

    now, it’s a total snoozefest.

  28. boner says:

    oh, and you’re stoked about TOOL? yeah… rad.

  29. dickpurse says:

    Interpol new bass player is Dave Pajo

  30. Towelie says:

    Hey “boner” et al., I’d advise you to chill your asshole.

    If you want to call someone or something out, you gotta do better. But, by all means bring it.

  31. boner says:

    hey Towelie, just calling it the way i see it. not even trying to be funny about it, but the way i figure, bullshit is bullshit. and buddyhead is way gay now. it’s a bummer. Tool and toddler shoes. way to be on point, guys.


  32. commodore sixty four says:

    tool is a great band and im all for you having your own opinion and everything but basically if you dont like tool your a MO. but telling a guy who named himself boner that he’s a mo is redundant.

  33. boner says:

    what’s a MO?

    Tool is a great band, alright.

  34. boner says:

    oh, you mean HOMO? CLEVERRRRRRR!

  35. Ryan Fucking Mc says:


  36. Towelie says:

    Hey “boner” kiddy dumbass. Everybody has different tastes and opinions.

    Taste this: I don’t give a fuck about your worthless opinion. Welcome to Grow Up, Shut Up 101.

  37. Duke Rabbit says:

    so my GF comes up and puts her head over my shoulder and asks why im watching the jonas brothers.I reply and say its VW.she sais no go back a bit ,whoop there it is a fucking jonas!they could all be jonas bros to me i dont know what they look like!anyway i told here it was a Target commercial BC i was under the impression that it was .i was wrong its an actual video. I knw poeple have been saying how great this band is …but why?WHY?

  38. Duke Rabbit says:

    sorry for my bad spelling typos and crappy writting!

  39. boner says:

    hey Towelie, it’s Buddyhead. welcome to Talking Shit 101.

  40. boner says:

    what i do in my free time is my biz, meathead.

  41. Towelie says:

    By the way commodore sixty nine, I forgot to thank you for the randomly nice thoughts/comments. Cheers dude. IOJEW a beer.

  42. gene says:

    It was worth the wait just for that Wolfpack shit!!

  43. Tom Mack says:

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