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100 Responses

  1. Sexy Julian says:

    Nice! Definitely going to that halloween show!

    -pain don’t hurt

  2. Butler says:

    Swayze = Legend

  3. Judy Feinberg says:

    OMG IMPCHIN ROXORZ!!!!111!11!1!

  4. KB says:

    Matt likes big boxes of porn.

    Also, his band is awesome.

  5. M Hoyt J!!!!! says:

    Looking forward to the show. You’re not hard core unless you live hard core.

  6. Uncle Fister says:

    These dudes rule. Saw them with These Arms Are Snakes a while ago, and was blown away… then taken to the shitter and blown.

  7. Sweeney Has a Wart says:

    I saw these guys in NY a while back – they are great live.

  8. Butler says:

    Via Con dios BRA

  9. I sat in gum says:

    I have two words of advice for Sabertooth, i mean Imperial China, “Splash Cymbal”

  10. TP Sharted His Singlet says:

    Foxcrotch loves Imperial China.

  11. Jeggler says:

    Jello Shots, trivial pursuit and Imperial China = I Had the Time of my Life

    Once again, thx swayze

  12. Father Jim says:

    Yes, I am a priest, and yes, I like weird experimental rock. While I disagree with the treatment of children in China, I certainly AGREE with the sounds of Imperial China

  13. Huh? says:

    I heard their new record a couple months ago, shit is sick.

  14. mosquitonetandmetallicacd says:

    i saw them play in nyc, these guys are good

  15. Brew Dees says:

    Dual Drums will someday heal the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Paul says:

    Imperial China is rad and a big supporter of other bands in DC, which is even more rad.

  17. Mr. Santilio says:

    The DC rock movement is in full force and Imperial China is leading the charge. Their music is orgasmic

  18. Dr. ALI says:


  19. E-brah says:

    Damn…thank Krishna good music is cropping up again in D.C. The world really missed out on Len Bias. They never made headlines, but they were one of the best mathy bands of the scene when I was living there. Imperial China appears to be picking up the slack.

  20. Amber says:

    i think ill move to Washington D.C man…
    whuts up with Washington always being the place of rad music??
    both Wash. Btw?!

  21. Ralph says:

    minor threat is for pussies but i’ll check these guys out.