Jay Peeatard Just Pissed His Band Away

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29 Responses

  1. ev says:

    Does Jay ever not have a chip on his shoulder about something? This guy is like the next Casey Chaos.

  2. Con says:

    And the award for douchebag of the week goes to…… Go on, take a wild guess.

  3. Nathan says:

    This guy’s music doesn’t even have any redeeming qualities. I am a sucker for 95% of what Matador throws at me, but this is awful.

  4. drunkwithpower says:

    It takes genuine effort to make such simple music look so difficult to play. And speaking of boring rich kids, who does he think 95% of his audience is? Only the most gullible suburban weiner could be convinced that this crap is in any way dangerous, fun or interesting.

  5. j says:

    firework-dancer. HAHAHA

  6. Huh? says:

    I don’t know what’s worse, the Gossip ad or this douche pawning himself off as a musician. The guitar player is a close second, the fool is throwing Aaron North kicks in between songs.

  7. buzzoven says:

    gee, i don’t see what the fuss is all about. that show looked pretty gosh darn fun.

  8. fuckyou says:

    I’ve seen this guy drunk/coked up insane, and bragging about beating girls. I mean really enthusiastically bragging too..what a cock sucker, I’m sure he was a major dick to the band, and they quit. not surprising coming from this tool academy reject.

  9. HAHA says:

    What a creep. Maybe after he realizes EVERYONE hates him, he’ll blow his brains out. Wouldn’t that be awesome? BACKLASH BACKLASH BACKLASH!

  10. Figures... says:

    I saw Jay at the Amoeba instore in L.A. He was so rude to all of the employees of the store, bragged about how rich he was, cursed profusely in front of lots of little kids. I’ve never really been embarassed for someone in a popular band before, but this display was truly disgusting.

  11. nik says:

    Why is he rich? i dont get it

  12. Ted Tedson says:

    Wait…so Buddyhead accuses Pitchfork of being afraid of rock n’ roll and then criticizes Jay Reatard for being rock n’ roll? What musician isn’t an asshole? Being mean to fans and bragging about being rich. At least it makes for interesting reading.

  13. Travis Keller says:

    Hey Ted, get a sense of humor….

  14. Nathan says:

    My name’s Ted, I take everything literally. Nuance and tone are not things I can detect. Have a good day!

  15. smallpoxchampion says:

    2:28, the best.

  16. Ryan Fucking Mc says:

    This guy and his shit band is one huge shipment of failure. SOMEONE GET THE HUNCHES BACK TO BLOW THIS FAYGOL AWAY!

  17. Andrew says:

    What really needs to happen with this guy is for people to stop putting up with whatever crap he decides to do just because he is Mr. Super-cool Garage Rock Star or whatever. I agree with Travis that I wouldn’t have just acted like a dumbass if the guy pissed on me, but I’d worry about vaccinations or whatever AFTER I kicked his fucking ass. He’s a skinny little tweaker, I feel certain I could take him. And when he decides to take swings at the audience at his shows, they should fight back too. If he got put in the hospital by his own fans a few times, he’d start thinking twice before he pulled the stupid bullshit that he pulls. I mean, I do like this guy’s music, I admit that. But that doesn’t make him god. He deserves to face consequences as much as anyone else.

  18. Andrew says:

    Oops, it was Chip that wrote the original post, not Travis. My bad.

  19. Atom says:

    Did you see how small that douchebag’s dick was?
    Neither did I.

    His micro-cock is likely what’s driven him to be a pathetic asshole. He deserved a bottom strap button straight to the fucking dome.

  20. miles says:

    man that guitarist tries his hardest to look cool, but it’s a hard thing to do when you’re chubby, you have the same haircut as the guy who’s worked at the library for 23 years, and there’s a loud, ugly dude with a tiny penis urinating on you.

  21. OMG I says:

    Hey Jay, it seems your’re finally living up to the “reatard” aspect of your name. good job man! not only did all your band quit on you, bit it also seems you’re still stuffering from teen angst! cool! well to show my appreciation for your music I did what any great fan
    would do. first, i downloaded your album FOR FREE off the internet, please did you acutally think people would ACTUALLY support this shit? I proceeded to then take said disc, and play some frisbee with my roommate. I then had the sudden urge to take a huge piss. So I the most rational thing one could do with a physical copy of what you deem “music”, i peed all over the FREE copy of your SHIT album. Wake-up bud and look at the reality; the only people listening to your shit-hole music are 14-19 year olds living in the suburb who hate their parents, who wear extremely tight jeans, and probably secretly likes brokeNCYDE, or 20-something year olds who are still suffering from “teen angst” and use the “my parents got divorced when I was 8 years old” excuse to make-up for their lack of proper social skills. Fuck off.

  22. basement says:


    here in germany at the concert the guys who watched this where only twelve year old punks, only teenies, the oldest guy must be about 15

    at lost sounds shows here
    fans where also only teenies
    oldest fan 12 years old.
    teenie music

    someone told me reatards fans back in the good old days where even younger

  23. Jughead says:

    UPDATE: Reatard got some dudes from the Danish band Cola Freaks to be his new band.

  24. Danny Mumms says:

    Great now he’s going to corrupt those great danes. Cola Freaks are fucking awesome if you’ve never checked them out. I saw Nobunny & Jay a few weeks ago and Nobunny totally blew him away, he shouldnt have even come on stage after that.

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