Travis Michael Keller

Travis Keller is a pretty good liar. Email death threats & love letters to: tmk@buddyhead.com

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287 Responses

  1. ev says:

    I dunno, this guy’s answers seem a little too practiced. Then again, if I had to do 13 questions, or some kind of interview, it would probably turn out the same way. That said, I like his record more than the Black Lips.

  2. PBC says:

    Travis: Congrats on sucking this dude’s cock. Hope his publicist paid you well. Would never have heard of him but for your constant hard-on for the little guy. You’ve lost all credibility. This site for a hot minute WAY back in the day USED to be cool in that you exposed people to new things and attempted to tear down fake B.S.. But it’s not the year 2001 anymore and your attempts to “stay relevant” are pathetically and obviously product placements for trust fund douchebags. Apparently regurgitating press releases serves you better. You may as well go work for Pitchfork now, OR: Give it up.

  3. Well there PBC, if I’m not “relevant” then what are you… the comment guy on my site? Well to me you’re a hit, which means an ad sale… so I must thank you. Thanks for still coming here and supporting me, even though I still suck at what I do. Thanks for paying my rent dick breath. Woooo!

  4. T says:

    Blah blah blah you make money off us blah blah blah and so on and so forth. Doesn’t change the fact that you just spent a whole post and numerous responses shitting on dude’s name and now you’re getting all in depth and personal with him via some boring questions. Lame. I guess some of us become posers for money, the only fact that’s kept you guys from ever being truly respectable.

  5. Atom says:

    Stop bitching about stupid shit.

    If you don’t like this site because of the ads or because you think their getting paid off by shitty bands and sucking cock, then make your own site without any ads using your parent’s retirement money or some shit.

  6. MoistNoises says:

    it’s true, though… Make yer money, man, but you guys were trashing this kid pretty hard about getting beat up, throwing a hissy fit, spelling Wavves with two fuckin V’s, etc. You were evven making fun of how he had someone paid to report that he stomped the shit outta that guy from Black Zits… So why didn’t you make fun of him to his face, or at least address some of that shit? Who you gonna have on next? Chris Cornell?

  7. Tim says:

    This article was extremely relevent as it presented two very important and practical pieces of information: First, Dog the Bounty Hunter is a narc. More importantly, Mayyors rules! And I’d put money on Mayyors in a death match with Black Lips or Wavves any day.

  8. cat dirt says:

    Hey Travis- I thought this was real cool of you.

  9. maattt crryyysssstttttaaaaaalllllll says:

    I like wavves and black lips, but natedog seems like a dick. I’m betting on jared in the boxing match. Whether in the ring, or just the next time wavves rolls through atl.

  10. maxwel says:

    fuck who he interviews! you’re not even supposed to “know” the band until after the interview. I can’t believe youre shitting on waWes when the most offensive thing about this article is the content. Those are some lack-luster questions, man. Even in the realm of this being the driest joke OF ALL TIME, it makes me want to read something better like..Twilight, with my eyes closed for 100 years. And if it’s serious than i’m even more serious: BORING.

  11. Travis Keller says:

    @maxwel Here’s your big break dude… write your own 13 questions. It’s pretty easy. Will only take you 10 minutes, tops. Have at it Mr. Excellent.

    @Ridiculous You nailed it dude. Thanks for getting it. At least one dude does.

    @catdirt Thanks dude, like I’ve said before these questions are meant to blow minds… I tried to keep em general, it’s like a form that lets people shine if they want to… all depends on how creative you can get with your answers. Duh.

  12. morgan says:

    There is something wrong with you cunts who are actually taking this website seriously.

  13. Jingo says:

    Morgan gets it and sums it up using only 14 words. Love all the people who comment in the middle of a road-rage about how everything sucks. Don’t worry though, everyone’s good at something! Just because you’re useless with words doesn’t mean you suck at carpentry or math. Go give those a shot!

  14. T says:

    Come on you really buy that? Buddyhead lives off pissing contests with bands they’ll never meet and celebrities far out of their league, regardless of how much they suck. Jealous rage runs through Travis’ blood and this just proves that when put face to face (or phone to phone) with someone, he has nothing harsh to say. Kind of been the game all along. When behind the screen no tongue goes bitten, but enter the real world and… well he might as well tuck his dick between his legs and the rest is history.

  15. Travis Keller says:


    Have we met? Did I fuck your mom or girlfriend? “Jealous rage runs through my blood”? Pretty dramatic dude. These 13 questions are a form that I email to people… everyone gets the same ones… that’s why there’s nothing harsh to say. What about that doesn’t make sense dude? Fuck I feel like I’m dealing with special needs here. I might add that you’re behind a screen too there “T” and not even using your real name… who’s dick is really tucked between their legs? You’re Silence Of The Lambing it up dude and I love it. Keep em coming Mr. dramatic who knows me so well yet is too scared to tell everyone here who he really is… ha. You guys crack me the fuck up. I love you all.

  16. Ryan T says:

    nathans the man back off everbody ive met him twice in chicago and hes cool as fuck. the new album will prove everybody wrong cool jumper rapes. if youre interested in good music check out http://www.myspace.com/ryanandrobert

  17. anton newcombie says:

    hudson mohawke!!

  18. Hooker says:

    Of course Travis is gonna be all over this Nate dork. That stupid Brooklyn fight probably generated more hits for Buddyhead than fuck. I’m sure American Apparel is loving that shit. Gotta ride the “wavve” while it’s still hot.

  19. Egore T. Odelay says:

    Travis, I just saw Wavves. They’re sick. Your questionnaire wasn’t the most interesting, but, then again, nor were his responses.

    I’m sure the demographic that your website targets are pubescent teenagers with angst oozing from their oily pores– which explains the ridiculous and pathetic attempts at banter over something as trivial as an interview.

    It’s like, if you don’t like the interview, cool. If you like the interview, cool. Either way, you’re still making $$$ (currency, US dollars, I assume).

    So, uh yeah. I haven’t perused this site at all, except this interview and this comment box. But, I guess that’s it.

    People love to pick fights over the internet because they’re the easiest ones to pick and there’s never any clear distinction who wins or loses, namely in part because its not a real fight over a real topic.