Cobra Starship: For people who find Fall Out Boy too esoteric and inaccessible


Hi, I'm Meathead.

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  1. lmfao says:

    meathead, you need a positive post once and a while. it’s depressing hearing about all these shitty fucking emo bands that are spawning out of assholes. to read was very funny, but i’d like to see recognition of a GOOD band too, amirite. what about jj’s new album? it has a lil wayne cover! like ecstasy! no but seriously check that album out.

  2. Erica says:

    I’m not sure if I should pat myself on the back or stab my eardrums for making it to 2:27 on “Good Girls Go Bad.”

  3. Holy fucking christ on a cracker! I didn’t realize that these blowhards were even around anymore. This is what happens when pro-lifers block med clinics! Someone should have aborted every member of this band before they were born and could do any REAL damage. More Autotune?!? Get some fucking talent dorks. What the fuck is this guy “singing” about in this song anyway? Is this some sort “how to” on spiking some chick’s drink? Yup. Date rape 101. I would pay 100 bucks to watch this guy get butt fucked by a bear.

  4. Con says:

    Once Pfizer start marketing roofies. you know they’ll use this crap in the advertisement.

  5. Socko says:

    Who in the fuck is “Leighton Meester”?……nevermind, I don’t care anymore. That is one unfortunate “kid born in the Midwest after 1988” name if I ever saw one. I bet she has a friend named Carter Riley Sbodachk or some shit.

  6. Towelie says:

    Why do I feel like going outside and choking the first person I see?

  7. Arg says:

    no, they aren’t as bad as fall out boy. but they still suck.

  8. Someone says:

    I love Cobra, but this was brilliant.

  9. thanks meathead says:

    Awww man. I’m gay now. Thanks meathead

  10. ev says:

    I would be genuinely interested in knowing how exactly this dipshit makes good girls go bad, and what he considers bad.

  11. tim k. says:

    where’s John Holgado with his thoughts? I’m betting he believes that this band represents the end times.

  12. @tim k.
    I’m with you on that one. It might just be the first thing that John and I agree on.

  13. Janae-Anexa says:

    This should GodDamn illegal! Cant any1 do somthing about this…oh god I think I’m going to throw up

  14. bearface says:

    these dudes blow.

    but pop has always had a part in punk rock. the ramones played pop songs. the descendents played pop songs. the queers, screeching weasel, mr. t experience, pansy division etc. all played pop songs and were great bands.

  15. dude says:

    At least the didn’t call it Holiday in Cambrodia

  16. Patrick says:

    I think bearface is onto something. But anything associated with “Decaydence” is certifiably NOT punk.

  17. Lena says:

    There is not enough alcohol in the world to make this okay. Supreme Court justices say that they know obscenity when they see it. Yet, they’re awfully quiet right now.

  18. Lydia says:

    this should make me really mad, some random pessimist bashing my favorite band…

    but it really just made me want to laugh.

    “holiday in cambrodia.” *snergh*

  19. Theresa says:

    I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I find it very stupid that anyone (especially a journalist) would be paying attention to stereotypes more than anything in a piece. Besides that, this whole thing is extremely pessimistic. Thank you for being arrogant.

  20. Represtentative of the cult of Androgyny says:

    It’s rather hilarious when a bunch of people gather together to flame someone or something…Congratulations for exhibiting sheer ignorance. Regardless of what musical following a “meathead” might follow, There is someone out there who doesn’t find it appealing and frankly they aren’t wasting there time bitching about it…So I suggest you figure out how to abort yourself, its not too late in Switzerland assisted suicide is legal >]

    -If not that enlighten yourself get the fuck over what you don’t agree with and stop wasting your time-
    (I should have named my self care giver to increasing hopelessness, or possibly Mr. charity for the sick and those without something legitimate in their lives)

  21. smartchick says:

    cant decide who is more annoying, cobra starship or their stupid preteen fanbase

  22. Zara says:

    erm this meathead personss a prick ?
    cobra starship are awesome.
    they like having a joke and just fukckin about a bit.
    hollaback boy is just a ledgend song.
    you might not like them cuz there a shitty “emo” band.
    well at least there not some stuck up chav like everyone on here.

  23. perfan says:

    para arg tu no sabes que es fall out boy y lo que representa no es solo el clsico grupito d muchachos locos es mas que eso tienen que tener un poco de sentido comun para habalr y mas un periodista que solo es un payaso x favor en que mundo estamos con periodistas como estos no se necesitan los circos

  24. afellayFTW says:

    looooool. ummmmm i feel sorry that u have no comments? so im giving u one ^___^

  25. allison says:

    someone's a little bitter…

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