Marilyn Manson is a big man on the internet!


Hi, I'm Meathead.

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  1. CatNIN says:

    cool. you should write the same sort of response about reznor’s numerous bitch fits.

  2. ChristinaDN says:

    Ahahahahah. I love the blogs about Manson. And i’m glad i showed you the blog, because i just had the best laugh in a very long time!

  3. Papa Bear says:

    Mm is gonna come on your face because they allow that here in America too. He’s gonna hold you down and tickle you until you take back all of the hurtful things you have been saying. I would not want to be in your position, my friend. Not even your boy Trent can protect you from the retribution that the God Of Fuck has in store for you. He is stocking up on Cialis and lube and is on his way to your house. Mm is going to do to your anus what he has done to his career. Have fun with all of that….

  4. lmfao says:

    nice work, meathead. anxious to see how this all turns out (aka. tea with manson)

  5. TERNT RESNER says:

    I think it’s actually rather pathetic, Meathead, that you’re wasting time to write the same thing you’ve said about Marilyn Manson over and over and over again.

    I’m not a Manson fan. I make fun of him more than you do (and can come up with better shit than ‘lolomg jeordie’s penis’) but this is just sad. Of course MM gets all butthurt and starts drunkenly rambling about killing people when he’s never even gotten close before. Who cares? Ignoring him is better than giving this crap for him to feed off of.

    Also, Buddyhead isn’t cool, you’re not cool for writing for Buddyhead (The perspective was way funnier) and hanging out with Travis Keller isn’t cool either. It’s just sad… and a little smelly.

    Get new job!

  6. Daddysgirl says:

    Is Marilyn Manson seriously complaining about someone else’s freedom of speech?! Jesus Christ, I’m sorry you got sick of the situation you put yourself in dude. And I’d be more than happy to say that to your face. Why not take some of that anger and turn it into, oh, I don’t know, art? Pfft. Any last shred of respect I may have had for that man was just eaten by the monster of his stupidity. Thanks for the above response, I laughed my ass off!

  7. tim k. says:

    Ternt Resner is not cool for reading buddyhead!

  8. Marilyn Manson says:

    Hilariously true as always, you totally destroyed that dumb white trash!

  9. Andrae says:

    Fail for the idiot writing this blog. And fail for anyone arguing over it.

  10. Stoop says:

    There goes 3 minutes of my life that I won’t b getting back. Even tho I was multitasking by taking a dump while I read it. Still feel cheated.

  11. futant says:

    What really fuckin gets me is that turd has been milkin’ the columbine shit for a whole decade now claiming that he was a scapegoat for society and the media and their blood lust and influence over impressionable unstable teens. And now he is openly advising these pathetic hot topic douchebags to shoot journalists for being mean to him??!!WTF is wrong with this asshole?I’d watch your back Meathead cuz somewhere his acne ridden,pancake makeup wearin,D&D playin minions are sneaking out of their parents basements with a mission…

  12. Alex says:

    Since when did the type of people who say “fail” and lurk lame imageboards (you know who you are) read Buddyhead? So be pasty virgins somewhere else guys. Meathead, keep on rocking.

  13. onebigperm says:

    The trent dork that runs this s(h)ite was doing gaggers offa mansons dick, all the while mumbling about how dead zeppelin is cool. This is printed between the lines in the LA WEEKLY article.

    Then you start in with Mansons MY SPACE?

    Who gives a rats ass? Get in the fucking 21st century fuckhead. First your a queer for being on MY SPACE, second your a pussy for threatening this nigger fuck stick online.

    Give me something interesting, please. You are losing me,fast

  14. Jack F says:

    Why the fuck is “Ternt Resner” reading this if he doesn’t think Buddyhead is cool?
    Rock on, Meathead

  15. ningirl1 says:

    Well, Meathead, you’ve done it again. Another provocative blog about people who should have given up the ghost years ago before they turned into junkies onstage, and the people who follow them… haha

    Coincidentally, there are others who didn’t like what media and fans had to say about them on the Interwebz and consequently STOPPED READING/PARTICIPATING in all the bullshit… Maybe Mr. Mm should take some hints from his former leader…? But oh, you said that already.

    When Manson first started out, I was intrigued by his persona and sound, and became a fan. He just lost all shreds of respect in my book by putting a hit out on the media– You asked for the fame and fortune, YOU got all the side effects that go with it. To add to it an addiction and penchant for barely legal girls, that’s just ASKING for the media to hound your ass. If you can’t handle it, get out! LOTS of people do it all the time!!! Hide in rehab for a while! And YES, I will repeat every fricking word of this to your face if so desired. Keep on bloggin’ Meathead. And I enjoy the tour activity books, as well… 😉

  16. butt head says:

    I’m just glad I’m cool now.

  17. stephen says:

    i usually find rants against the irrelevant to be, well, irrelevant. seriously: marshall mathers catching a clue about his mom’s addiction is more ‘pertinent’ than anything by or about a cokehead joke who’s self-referentiality is beyond insipid. but just one quick read-through of his fans responses to his sub-intelligible blog posts proves that ‘marilyn manson'(tm) is a brand still worthy of mocking (if only barely). one wonders just how tough the man in grease paint would be if locked in a padded cell with his ‘uncle’ charlie.

  18. ev says:

    Poor guy… His life seems to have come full circle.

  19. Ashlee says:

    LOL @ “I’m not quite sure if the “Mm” at the end is supposed to be his initials or if he’s actually saying “Mm” because Jeordie just stuck his dick in his mouth.” WTF is JW thinking?!? More like he has his dick in his ass!! They are so weird. They should totally date each other since no self-respecting girl would ever stay with either of them. It’s like everyone gets what a joke they are but them. Kinda sad actually. Great read as always Meathead!!

  20. The Iron Sheik says:


  21. matt says:

    i realize he’s broke after investing all the money he made into absinthe, narcotics, razor blades, lip gloss, his internet bills, and that now he needs some sort of way to publicly shake things up and be looked at as the rebel he wishes he was, but come on.. death threats in a myspace blog? what is the worst thing you can say on myspace or in a forum?

    so i would love to see this dumb shit mother fucker have a meet and greet type event specifically for the people who would LOVE to say things to his face. after all these years, we would need at least 30 minutes per person to be able to actually say the things built up.

    i hope the next thing we see from brian is an announcement for the “why is marilyn manson a washed up fucking retard” national tour so we can all fill him in on his irrelevancy in this world, and NOT another myspace blog.

    • You suck says:

      I really hope you fucking die in a damm hole while your eyes are being ripped out and your family and childred die a slow and fuckin painful death MANSON IS AWSOME

  22. Dude meathead email me at
    spencer @

  23. JimmyC. says:

    Meathead vs. Manson would make a good Pay Per View special. Great laughs as usual, Meathead.

  24. ruth says:

    fuck you SHITTYBUTTHEAD!

  25. AnotherfatjournalistIpresume??? says:

    Hey numbnuts, why don’t you write about subjects that you can actually parse with some sort of self-proclaimed, accrued acumen?

    If Manson’s non-linear communiques bother you so or come off as languid and non-sensical maybe you might do well for yourself to cede your misguided vitriol since it – his art – obviously goes over your head .

    The guy’s a genius not some irrelevant, hack journalist whose supposedly derisive missives miss the mark – except for those just as braindead – when trying to critique meticulous and diligent art not meant for mass consumption.

    Manson is a studied , supremely cultured and erudite entity which you obviously lack the intellectual bona fides to appreciate.

    I want to see you or any artist try and broach the subjects and philosophies which Manson tackles in such a cohesive and instinctively non-mechanical manner… dream on, cockboy!

  26. David says:

    Sounds like MM is getting his tips from The Onion’s article from a few years ago:
    “Marilyn Manson Now Going Door-To-Door Trying To Shock People”

  27. mp3 says:

    Ternt has a point, but hell, maybe this will screw up Manson publicly even more. Whatever – it’s dirty business but you’re doing some kind of service meaty. Now go make fun of Ternt in a cartoon again.

  28. eugene says:

    revenge of the nerds IV, brian warner fights back. the thing is in his mind he thinks he’s as rock n roll as it gets, thank god we got buddyhead to take the piss out of him.

  29. say10 says:

    I have a feeling this is directed more towards Travis for the LA Weekly thing.(?) Though he may be knowledgable of you from ninhotline as well. I just think the story Travis told embarrased the shit out of him, as it well should have. Either way, funny stuff! Anyoe know if Jeordie has been bombarded with angry calls from Manson yet for bringing Travis to his place?!??!

  30. Mic. says:

    It’s a sad day when you realize you’re no longer relevent and you have nothing left to be angry at. It’s hard to be angry and “raging against the machine” at 40 plus with cash in the bank…

  31. Mic. says:

    P.S. Meathead, the Buddyhead Legion has your meaty back!

  32. FuckYou says:

    I hope you get your fucking ass kicked. Stupid inbred piece of unsophisticated shit! Fuck you! Fuck you in your dead mother’s ass, and if she isn’t dead, then I’ll murder her, burn her ashes, flush them down a toilet in a gay bar, and then fucking make you drink the god damn sewer drain. You piece of fucking shit! Fuck and their waste of space lack-of-talent shitholes that think writing internet insults is journalism. Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you too! Rapist Werewolf.

  33. anna sage says:

    Meathead, I just want to say that your articles always make me laugh. I dig your writing style, but I don’t know why…maybe because there’s a hint of whimsy or aw-shucks-sweetness to it? If that sounds lame, my apologies.

  34. Rapist Werewolf says:

    Wow, that’s a new one

  35. What a crybaby says:

    Boo hoo Manson, I’ll say to your face that you’re a crybaby, a coward who needs his so called “fanbase” to be there to defend him since he obviously needs to hide behind someone when the truth comes knocking at his door.

    And WTF is with the “soon-to-be-murdered” comment? Is that supposed to be a scary threat? ooo ooo! I’m shaking in my boots Manson. LOL what a tard.

  36. HappyDude says:

    Let’s face it, while Marilyn Manson should have been a one-hit-wonder that has somehow stuck around, at some level we’re all a little jealous that a dude who looks and acts like that keeps pulling the kind of girls he’s been dating and boning.

    Really, he should just post pictures of him and Rose McGowan, Dita Von Teese, and Evan Rachel Wood. It’s a sad statement to his mental state he feels the need to even answer critics. I think he sucks, but obviously someone keeps buying his music and making him relatively rich and famous.

  37. Montee Hell says:

    ‘Antichrist Superstar” was the nadir for Brian Whatsiname.Since then,it’s been a lllllooooooooonnnnngggg,
    slow side into the discount bin and the elast pirated “artist,EVAR.

    Dud needs to smarten up,and realize that,at the most,he was a highly publicized novelty act back in the day,and hit the Alice Cooper oldies circuit.

  38. waka waka says:

    uh, who the hells is marilyn manson. oh yeah! the guy with the moustache in jawbreaker.

  39. Squish says:

    Why are we bashing Marylin Manson and his fans when MICHAEL JACKSON’s fans are trying to get him a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE?!

    Sure, MM might have some problems or might be terrible at making threats (I almost don’t want to believe he really said what he said – it is pretty depressing), but come on. Old news. I can actually listen to some of Marylin Manson’s music if I’m in the mood, and I assure everyone I’m a completely normal 20 year old man, I’ve never cut myself and I have friends. I mean, at least the man can appreciate Nietzsche to some degree.

    But Michael Jackson? Does it not bother anyone else that when he was alive, everyone fucking hated his ass and was convinced that their children weren’t safe, and if they didn’t hate him they had to stay in the shadows or be accused of child abuse themselves, but as soon as he died, he is the golden teet that every fucking celebrity and fake mother fucker can suck off of. And not to mention his fans finally coming out of the shadows with their holier than thou crap. Who do they think they are, Catholics?


    Little Timmy doesn’t care. Michael Jackson made me hide under the covers at night, and I’m an adult. And here we are arguing about Marylin Manson. We should all be ashamed. I expect to see everyone here at an anti-Michael Jackson for the Nobel Peace Prize blog somewhere.

    We’re just so lucky that he can’t actually get nominated just from his fans, but the thought of them trying makes me want to throw up.

    I’m going to go listen to some Marylin Manson. Not because I’m one of his crazy fans (and they are freaks, I’ll be the first to admit), and not because I’m rallying behind his manly chest-pounding, but because I actually find him more normal that Michael.

    And The Fight Song really isn’t a bad song.

  40. Squish says:

    Oh, and I had almost forgotten. There was one post from this blog I could resist replying to.

    So I would like to ask Mr. FuckYou — Jul 27th, 2009 at 9:52 am…

    Are you OK? That was some weird shit. Also, you’re making Marylin Manson look even worse. The author of this blog and all his minions are laughing at you right now. You have accomplished nothing. What you should do right now is kill yourself. Head-butt a bullet. And don’t leave a note. Nobody likes a suicide note that is likely to include the raping of anyone who is dead.

    Nobody loves you. Your parents don’t love you anymore and it’s your fault. You’ll never lose your virginity. Your penis did not get any bigger after you wrote all that crazy shit and hit “submit.” You likely need a shower. Shave your unibrow. Black is not the only color. You make me lose faith in humanity. I’m scared of the future simply because people like you keep breeding in record numbers – with each other. I only say this because you’re the kind of guy I watched get beat up in middle school and didn’t help. It’s good to know that years later, you people can still make me throw my head back and have a good laugh.

    There. I feel better.

  41. luxu says:


    I really don’t know what to say about your message. I think you got it quite personally and perhaps a little too close to the word. Please remember that Marilyn has a great philosophic knowledge and most of his songs have several meanings. Behind the words, there is a whole universe and lots of allusions to some philosophers.

    Of course, he started with a provocative style back in those years and, well as the world gets madder, he has to adapt to keep up with his public who wants more and more provocative things. So, I agree he’s doing stupid things when cutting himself and setting those kinds of standards and images to younger people who would do anything he does. And, matter of factly, he should appear more often sober (but he’s an extremely shy person and alcohol sometimes helps being more talkative, although not always in an intelligent manner). But I’m afraid he wouldn’t attract most of the young people he currently attracts to his concerts if he didn’t act in that way. A very few people come and see him for the message in his shows. This must be frustrating somewhere but on the other hand, it’s the only way for him to make cash (the 2% people who analyze his texts behind the words wouldn’t ensure him a “decent” lifestyle and would certainly not be sufficient to reimburse the costs of traveling and performing.

    This was just to say that his songs are far more complexer than the one of a 14-old-year. That he feels offended by critics, I can understand: critics should analyze, and it is clear when you analyze the critics that they only judge on his style, and if they look at the words, they just pick the buzzwords but don’t go behind the meaning (just have a look at Nietzsche to understand, and read some French poetry from Baudelaire to see some inspiration). Regarding his reaction, I think most of the people took it literally, while we haven’t seen him fight a lot with his fists, but more with his words. Words are stronger than swords. He knows that, and you could have your discussion with him, I’m not sure you won’t stay long before getting completely mad at him, just where he wants to lead you. Anyway, it would be interesting to see. But I may be wrong in my understanding. (Marilyn and I are not close enough to have that kind of discussion: I just try to understand his art, being music, paintings, and must admit that his absynthe really is one of the best one I’ve tasted).

    So, everybody, try not to say black or white, but try to find the nuances.



  42. Thatiam says:

    MaryLynne Manson is a big ol’ internet boo-hoo baby, frow a big ol’ tantrum an’ stamp ‘ims wittle feets.

  43. Nick says:

    I’m on the edge of my seat for the starbucks confrontation.

    Come on manson, take him up on it. And upload the video somewhere of you trying to intimidate him in your clown makeup, I could use a good laugh.

  44. Manson Shmanson says:

    Manson hasn’t been relevant in 10 years. He’s a 40 year old man with a 12 year old mindset. He “cuts” himself? He’s becoming a parody of everything he claimed to be. He’ll be just another dead and bloated rockstar in a few years, and people in time will forget about him completely.

  45. Millard says:

    Your name is Marshal Mathers. I don’t think I’d be afraid of anyone with either of those names, but nice try!

  46. Peterson32 says:

    I actually took the time to post my own not so great insult on that blog before reading this one in full a while later. I liked it so much I decided to cut and paste it onto Manson’s threat blog-I’m not trying to take credit for your work, however-I simply cut and pasted it. Unfortunately, a bunch of the Manson idiots will probably think I wrote it. But I really don’t care that much.

  47. BandM says:

    Writer is a bitch, who thinks he has talent. God save us all.

  48. aa says:

    “This was just to say that his songs are far more complexer”

    wow. i hope english is your second language, luxu.


  49. Leviathant says:

    Oh god, not the “Marilyn Manson is a philosopher” bullshit. I remember when Jim Kenefick pulled that kind of shit on ten years ago. It was less laughable back then compared to now, but still extremely laughable.

    Manson apologists are hilarious.

  50. liza says:

    To Mm…..

    “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool; than to open it and remove all doubt.” Mark Twain

    And Luxu, if everyone hid behind excuses for their behaviours, no one would take responsibility for anything. No matter the reasons for his actions, his music or his choices…he has to be an adult and accept that they were his and not always what everyone else deems acceptable. There is no need for idle threats (online yet) to try convincing the world you or your thoughts are valid.

    Mm has the freedom to express in the manner he chooses. But that same freedom gives us the right to express ourselves. Even if that means we decide we do not like him or his “artistic platform” for expressing. Maybe I should go threaten my neighbour for telling the other neighbour she hated my yard decorations. I think they are artistic and quirky…how dare she say anything bad about them!

    As a sidenote to his wonderful talent you were massaging there. Several of his songs are in fact remakes of classics so, he really only managed to regurgitate all over something that was already done well enough. We should see that as a deep man with philosophic knowledge? Maybe if he had changed the words around at least a little bit…nahhh not even then.

  51. luxu says:

    To aa:

    Actually, it is my third: I’m bilingual French and Dutch, and, although I make some errors when rapidly typing on the internet between some other occupation, I think that my writing is not too bad compared to what I see here. I admit, it is far from the level I wish I had, but, I’m working on it. I should have re-read my copy to write far complexer instead of hesitating between far complexer and more mysterious.
    Now, we can discuss in French, Dutch and German if you prefer. I also nave some notions of Russian (beginner’s level), so don’t hesitate to take whatever language you feel most at ease.

    And, Leviathant, I agree that he is not a philosopher! He translates some concepts of some philosophers (the influence from Nietzsche are clear) into songs.

    Liza, I totally agree with you that threatening people is not an excusable thing. I would just like to know if it is to be taken literally (in which case, it is a stupid reaction of someone losing his nerves which shouldn’t happen, especially when in that position) or if there is something behind the words.

    Besides, I’m not a fan, I’m 28 and discovered Marilyn through my girlfriend. She showed me the universe behind the songs. And, although some songs are remakes (some covers are quite good, although, I nearly always preferred the original), there are lots of songs written by him (I must admit having a better knowledge of the last album, and discovering the others slowly). But, I’m not the kind of person imposing my point of view to others. It is only the way I personally see it and understand it. And I think that the reaction of some critics, I see it to often here in Belgium, is to jump to the conclusions to be able to handle a bigger volume and, well, they use all the same provocative attitudes to create a buzz.

  52. Anotherfatenglishmajor says:

    Hey another fat journalist, quit jacking off with your thesaurus. Also, look up definitions of ¨supremely cultured¨and ërudite¨, I´m pretty sure you meant ¨fucktarded¨.

  53. Fuck You Meathead says:

    You’re a horrible writer. You can’t even be called a journalist- you’re just a blogger like millions of other asswipes out there. If you had any gift at all, you’d be getting paid instead of insulting a man who makes more in a year than you will in your life. Nice knock on the chicks he nails too- at least he’s not in his mom’s basement jerking it to his dad’s old Playboy magazines.

  54. LOL says:

    I will gladly say any number of things to that faggots face. He went from being a dork to putting on makeup and being a faggot that bitches about everything. What a loser. Marilyn Manson isn’t worth the cd his bullshit is printed on.

  55. Peterson32 says:

    Anybody who feels like joining me on Marilyn’s MySpace page who enjoys fucking with retards just go over. I’ve been doing it a couple hours tired of it now so who knows how much longer I’ll go. But if you want to piss off a bunch of retards that’s the way to do it. You don’t need to be his friend to post comments either.

  56. jamshid says:

    Marilyn Manson Now Going Door-To-Door Trying To Shock People
    Stung by flagging album sales and Eminem’s supplanting him as Middle America’s worst nightmare, shock rocker Marilyn Manson has embarked on a door-to-door tour of suburbia in a desperate, last-ditch effort to shock and offend average Americans. …

  57. LoL@yourexistence says:

    What’s worse, all of the exclusively slanderous perspective you try to put toward that person, or the fact that your chunk of your life is entirely a reaction to his existence.

    What a common and pathetic human with no self-control; acting in the name of their own ego and evident ugliness in your treatment of others

    Kill yourself.

  58. Yetzer_Ra says:

    Marilyn Manson mows my lawn and pays me a dollar an hour for the privilege because he sucks and needs to be destroyed.

  59. Farker says:

    wow, self-advertising this blog from – “Hey everybody, come see how RIGHT I am! Look how cool I am for making fun of some internet celebrity while remaining oblivious to what an industrial-grade faceless existence I am!”

  60. Cory says:

    I noticed this got FARK’d and now I’m asking myself why? Why did I read through this sad drivel? It’s unfunny. MM hasn’t been in the headlines for quite sometime and the fact that you would even think that MM would waste his time reading this makes you a douche. Like you’re a bigger man for inviting MM over to say something to your face? Just another internet tough guy.

  61. getFed says:

    Wow. real original to use Marilyn Manson to try to create another Fred Durst all our warfare. That was in the 1990’s haha who even remember you now.

    Grow up and try to get traffic with real articles..

    Laaaaammee buddyhead laaaamme

  62. mfLatham says:

    I would feel the same way if I was a fan of the music featured on this site. One look at your best and worst list screams of loser who needs to step out of his mom’s basement. I stumbled across this site and will immediately delete any temp file or cookies that may be associated with your site just so I can make sure there is no trace of loser on my computer. FYI: I may not be a MM fan but he is 10 times better then the crap that you promote.

  63. and just WHO is marilyn manson says:

    Yeah, i know who marilyn manson is…big whoop-te-do… he’s a waste. The reason he write like a 14 year old is that those are the people who really ‘think’ he plays music… ye-ah… ri-ight…

  64. Bastardface says:

    I, too, came here from (the best damn site on the entire internets!). I am disappointed that Manson has become such a pussy. I used to be a fan of his. It’s ironic that the self-proclaimed Anti-Christ Superstar is whining about the anonymous ramblings of some ‘net tard. What the fuck, Manson? You need to find your balls. Why would you ask your fans to do your dirty work? Now, I guess it makes sense that you took half of your name from that pussy Charles Manson.

    You are a fucking joke, man. You’re hiding behind your monitor the same as the asshole pointing out how irrelevant you are. You’re no different. Maybe if you hadn’t killed so many brain-cells with all of the drugs you’ve been doing, you would still understand irony. That’s probably also the reason that you suck now. The sad truth is that your sound was primarily a rip-off of Bowie (vocals, at least). You were just lucky that most of your fans don’t know who Bowie is; therefore, they wouldn’t know how much of a fucking rip-off artist you are.

    People will remember Bowie for his unique vision. People will remember you, and they will laugh. Congratulations.

  65. There's always reality TV says:

    Let’s put it to a vote. Where will Marilyn Manson appear first:

    1. Dancing With the Stars
    2. Celebrity Rehab
    3. The Surreal Life
    4. Biggest Loser

  66. Will not end well says:

    This will not end well… Mm will surely go over to your house and bring the coffee to your house. Mm will ask you stop writing nasty nasty things about him or else he will make you teabag him.

  67. tim k. says:

    maybe not teabag him, but i imagine he would break out that weird cock IV contraption he had twiggy and madonna hooked up to on the back of antichrist superstar.

  68. mokgohan says:

    I was into industrial music in the 80’s (Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, etc…). Then along came Trent Reznor and ruined everything by watering down the sound for the masses. But the thing is, Reznor actually has some talent so I let it slide. Then along came this guylinerposeurabonimation- who I could tell right away was just trying way too hard. Manson’s crappy music is so bland, you know exactly what you’re gonna get and when you’re gonna get it- ‘Oh, here’s the dark, broody part of the song where he snarls and tries to sound all wierd and menacing. Oh, here the part of the song with the thrash guitar and the screaming’
    This guy was only ever about image. Shocking? Nice try- his videos bounce between predictable cliches and unintentional hilarity.
    Thank god there is still real music out there like WARP and SKAM records.
    Can this guy just O.D. already?

  69. boo says:

    1. Doodoo
    2. Buddyhead who ? Never heard of it.
    3. Marilyn Manson hasn’t been relevant in 10 years… well, okay, more like 15. But maybe post facto trashing about about the alarming rise of these so-called “Juggalos,” or how you don’t really care about Kurt Cobain killing himself, or how Bob Rock ruined Metallica.
    4. If MM truly has a MySpace profile to which he posts, he shouldn’t. Nothing but stupid teenagers and creepy stalker-type adults there.
    5. To paraphrase the song lyric: You’re so vain, you probably think his post is about you. You’re writing on the internet – spitting in an ocean of spit.

  70. Thradly Thrempston says:

    Marilyn Manson is lame. He’s queer too. I vote that he drives his car into a volcano.

    • Manson rules says:

      thrandly thrempston I personally hope your whole imbreed wife and epesialy your kids dies a slow painful death while there screaming your name but you all you can do is wach and after there dead I will slowly cut your chest open then tear your eyes out while pouring sulfuric Acid in your open chest while your alive same for anybody who’s agaist Marolyn mason!!!!!

  71. David says:

    I like Mm’s old music. His new shit really sucks though. But all of you are faggots. I will personally KILL all of you. Because you are gay. Love, The coolest Guy on the Interbutts.

  72. jesuschrist says:

    if someone uses the word “relevant” ever again i’ll shoot myself !!

  73. jesuschrist says:

    do dorks like Aquabats

  74. Kymi Mathias says:

    Fuck you, fuck your blog, and fuck all peoples of this shit!

    Marilyn Manson are the JESUS are the GOD, are ALL of world.

    fuck you idiot!

    Manson = Perfect

    suck my dick motherfuck

  75. Herb Ingram says:

    I am Marilyn Manson fan and I am of reasonable intelligence, and as far as I know of sound mind, albeit a twisted mind. Have you served your country, been in hostile environments? Just wondering you invoked the bill of rights and the image of our brave fore fathers to reinforce your message. I did serve this country as a United States Marine and I continue to serve as a public servant besides this web site of hate, what have you done for this country? I get it you don’t like Manson and like you I will make judgments based not of fact, but observation. You are probably a self righteous christian that finds the demonic message MM addresses in his music and stage act offensive. Am I right so far? So MM cuts himself it is not only brave of him to admit that about himself, but allows other people that cut know they are not alone, and before you get self righteous I challenge you to research the reasons behind cutting. What have you created besides this lonely, sad excuse of a daily rag? MM has not only created a world known music act that millions of people love, but he is an accomplished writer, and a professional painter. In other words MM is a creative genius, where as you are not. It is easy to ridicule much more difficult to create. I understand how MM and other artist’s simply tire of people like you, people that invoke the bill of rights, imagery of this countries founders, and bash everything not christian. Not everyone in this country is a christian, I for example am a Satanist. You are right about one thing the First Amendment protects assholes just like you.

  76. meat_tornado says:

    “head like a hole, fine, whatever…”

    hahaha, very funny.

  77. jesuschrist says:

    kymi, bitch-poser!

    herb, sadly seems like serving in the military hasnt made you any smarter, ohhh

    unlike SOME, I can have it both ways. 😀 peace. (not in the arse though) ….

  78. Lemons says:

    You are probably a self righteous christian that finds the demonic message MM addresses in his music and stage act offensive. Am I right so far?

    These comments are getting pretty amazing.

    Oh, Meathead, we love you.

  79. The Jackyl says:

    Meathead delivers again. Nice work.

  80. Travis Keller says:

    So Herb Ingram,

    You actually believe in a little red guy with horns that lives in a place called hell? And you think he’s on fire all the time? Please explain!!!

  81. VegetableHead says:

    Oh fucking Christ, you’re so funny and intelligent! You’re probably more well-known than Manson will ever be! What has he done anyway, besides write seven albums and cause thousands of narrow-minded idiots all over this nation (that has wiped it’s ass with the bible and constitution more times than he could count) to make their stupidity obvious by headlining him in the news as a legit “Antichrist”!

    That’s all crap, isn’t it, compared to sitting at your computer all day and typing up hilarious blogs about celebrities who couldn’t give two shits about you because they’re rolling in their own self-satisfaction for actually doing something with their lives. When I grow up, I want to be just like you! I want to make silly degrading comments about boys sucking off other boys just for fun and using my extensive vocabulary (Trent “Protein Shake” Reznor, OMG TOO FUNNY LOL ROFL) to, not get out there and improve the world by throwing their stupid methods of guilt to make everyone conform and hide who they really are (who the fuck would waste their time doing that? Oh yeah! Marilyn Manson! What an idiot, right?) or help thousands of teenagers accept who they are in a society that is always cutting them down (LOL HOW STUPID), but sit in a cool swivel chair and explain to people WHY a 40 year old man making music is RIDICULOUS.

    Because you can’t be middle-aged and still put on a good show, right? You have to young and willing to suck on people’s dicks to get ahead (especially yours, right, Meathead? Get it? A HEAD? ROFL LMAO THAT WAS A JOKE ABOUT BLOWJOBS LOL).

    Yeah, you’re awesome, man. Really. And because you’re so cool, I really hope you know that well, Manson’s fans might be freaks and weirdos and stuff (omg, srsly, they’re totally lame) but they will do a lot of crazy things in support of their favorite artist (even though he wears clown make-up which is wicked GAY because he’s GAY and everyone who wears make up is GAY LOL GET IT IT’S A JOKE ABOUT HOMOSEXUALS). I mean, I know some fans that’ll go really far with this whole “defending” thing. Because they’re freaks.

    And freaks don’t give a shit, y’know? (LOL THEY’RE SO WEIRD RITE?)

  82. Jordan says:

    Wow dude. You’re so fucking cool! You have such a REAL career unlike Marilyn Manson, don’t you? You’re fucking pathetic and maybe one day you’ll see what he’s trying to say. He may be irrelevant in today’s world but you’ll NEVER be relevant no matter what the fuck you try to do. Continue to suck dick.

  83. Your Mom says:

    HAHAHAHA. How did all these Hot=topic poser mansonites find out about this site? I found this article to be funny as shit. MM is indeed a pedophile, whiney 12 year old, drug addict, trapped in a disgusting 40 year olds body. Also his music is pure poo poo. Not very artistic or creative either.

  84. Tim Guzman - wait, I mean "Ennui" says:

    Hi there. Um, listen, this is really awkward, but I’m here with Marilyn Manson, Herb Ingram (aka “Demonic Shadow”), and Mm’s other six fans in a van somewhere in your neighborhood. The big guy called us as soon as he read your blog, so we gathered together all the weapons we could (mostly knives, since we’re all cutters, but Stan “Vermilion” Lipshitz has some brass knuckles he stole from his dad) and hit the interstate. I can tell you, it’s been an interesting ride. Herb, I mean Shadow, keeps accusing me of religious oppression, and Dawne (the only girl, a svelte 250-lb honey who has blue hair and an extraneous “E”) keeps dropping farts that smell like eggs. Anyway, when the Big M makes a threat, he means it, so we’ve been ready for this sort of thing for a while. It was just a matter of time.

    Well, the reason I’m writing is that the directions didn’t come out so well; I’m used to Google Maps and Vermilion printed this thing on Mapquest. We really want to kick your ass (although I think Dawne just wants to tell us all about her bondage fetishes), but we’ve been lost in your subdivision for over an hour. I’m worried about Herb. He’s been cutting all the way here. There’s blood all over the floor, and he’s starting to look pretty woozy.

    We were wondering if you could give us directions to your house. You’ll know us when we get there, it’s a maroon minivan with Little League stickers on it. Vermilion borrowed it from his mom. I’ll understand if you don’t feel comfortable helping us find your place, but honestly, I don’t even think Marilyn wants us to fight you anyway. You didn’t hear this from me, but I think he just wants someone to talk to.

  85. @MMdefenders says:

    Wow some of these responses/people are retarded.

    Good job guys.

    to quote someone else on this:

    “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool; than to open it and remove all doubt.” Mark Twain

    Some people should really take this to heart.


  86. @MMdefenders says:

    Oh and vegetable head needs to get his head out of his ass.

    PS: could people stop using the same defending comment:

    “He makes more money than you and sells more albums”

    Really? That doesn’t mean jack shit. I am a better musician than half the less-then-medicore bands to come out of the 2000’s yet I still do other things with my time rather than tour 365 days a year and make albums (the latter of which I actually DO btw with my home studio).

    Fuck MM, he’s a douchebag who couldn’t write a good song if his skinny ass life depended on it.

    Let’s move on shall we?

  87. Your Mom says:

    Except for the fact that these are thoughts typed into a computer and not spoken aloud genius.

  88. DavidTehGnome says:

    Hmmm, a spindly, seven foot tall, shock rocker, jew, dressed like a clown….no thank you.

  89. Whoopi Goldberg says:


    Turn the oven on I’ll be home in 20 mins hun


  90. Josh says:

    It’s hilarious to read these thesaurus-wielding pseudo-intellectual Manson fans attempting to hammer you with a seemingly endless stream of big words and wayyyyy over the top sarcasm.

    Kudos Buddyhead. I remember reading your “Gossip” page a few years ago, and it was pretty novel and funny at the time, but then it seemed like the whole blog revolution came along and really sucked the wind out of your sails. It’s good to see you guys back to riling up idiots.

    “I am Marilyn Manson fan and I am of reasonable intelligence”

  91. Your Mom says:

    Whats with the racism? Are you all really that dense and idiotic to think that the color of your skin or your religious preferences actually merit someone to hate another person over it? It purely shows how un-intelligent some of you are. This is 2009 AD not 2009 BC. Grow a brain and stop hurting society please.

  92. Josh says:

    Also, it’s hilarious that a man who parted millions of suckers from their money as a cut-rate “provocateur,” is now getting his panties in a bunch because some nerds with a blog make fun of him for being old and stale.

  93. Plastic Soul says:

    OK, kids, story time-

    When I was 11 years old, my mother tried really, really hard to get me into Marilyn Manson. She’d been aware of him since our days living in Florida, and had kept tabs on his career after we hit the west coast.

    I’d been into NIN for a while at that point, and she hoped that the Reznor association around the time of Antichrist Superstar would get me to see whatever the hell she saw in him. And it kind of worked!

    For a while, at least.
    Sure, I thought the lyrics were dodgy, but since my ideas of *good* lyrics in those days were a bit questionable, and the production and arrangements were cool, Little Plastic Soul became a genuine Marilyn Manson fan.

    This all fell apart when she took me to a show in 1997, getting me in through some mystical ‘DJ connections’. I remember it was in some building at the Del Mar fairgrounds, a place that had no business being a concert venue, but that wasn’t the problem- the problem was, in the words of 13 year old me, that I didn’t expect Manson to be ‘such a fucking clown’. Even to an adolescent version of me, the whole production seemed overblown and desperate for attention. I kinda hung on as a fan for a while after that, but it was never the same.

    By the time he decided to glam it up with Mechanical Animals, I’d lost interest all together. But the memory I still most associate with Manson is being a kid, watching him performing behind his AS podium, and being bored out of my mind.

  94. Sputnik Shanks says:

    “Mm” or whatever was lambasted by the media in years past for being too controversial and is now getting offended from an article on an online music site?

    Good job Buddyhead and way to bring back the fire.

  95. Scholomance says:

    Dear Marilyn Manson,

    Don’t feed the trolls. They are busy masturbating to life while you rape it. We know the score.

  96. I had a run in with Manson where he threatened to end my life. So you know what I did? I gave him my fucking address. And you know what happened? Nothing. Dude called me on the phone and said he was gonna beat my ass and then did nothing about it, just like he’s gonna do nothing about this. Manson’s a boy trapped in a forty year old man’s body with the musical curiosity of a fucking dung beetle. Poser. To the fucking max. And hey Bri-Bri if yr read this, because I’m sure you, I don’t take threats kindly so if you ever wanna meet up and be a fucking man put yr money where yr garish grill is.

  97. Amy says:

    so I have a pretty good idea of what a psycho this mother fucker is and I can’t stand him. My friend Amber, who works in music biz and hears all this shit, is actually friends with Evan Rachel Wood’s family. She knows all the psychotic details that could easily put him in jail or otherwise. He is NUTS people!! I obviously can’t say details but people don’t really know the truth about what happened between Evan and him. Not to mention his music is pure shit now.

  98. Sean says:

    Murder me to death? Ha Ha :)

  99. Amy, I had the same experience. Evan’s a sweet heart and that guys is sucha fucking psychic vampire it’s ridiculous. Hit me up on email for the full story
    spencer @

  100. ev says:

    Hey Meathead,
    can you write something about the gathering of the juggalos next? I think you could do it some serious justice.

  101. Amy says:

    I emailed you Spencer :)

  102. Herb Ingram says:

    Tim Guzman “ennui” -Interesting response to my comment; however I am known as “LORD BELIAL” and not “DEMONIC SHADOW”..but that name is appropriate. Much Evil Love And Wicked Respect, Belial.

  103. Herb Ingram says:

    I truly enjoy all the insanity MM has created on this insignificant page. christians are such fun, but I wonder are you really acting in accordance with the dictates, (sorry big word for some), of the word of your god? My research into the holy bible indicates jesus christ would not treat MM or anyone with such disrespect as you do. To answer your question travis keller no I do not believe Satan is a red, horned devil living in a lake of fire in hell. Simply Satan is a fallen angel that decided a long time ago haven is not for him or his third. Do you believe god is a little old man with a white beard siting on a holy chair in the clouds? jesus christ would treat MM with respect, he may try and cast out demons, which would be fun to watch, but I am certain he would not use such profanity towards MM. Only you wanna be christians do that. Oh yes my little jesuschrist poster you make my point as clear as a bell. I doubt you ever served in the military and if so my guess is you were luke warm at best, and more likely simply a poor solider. MM has created a world in music, written word, and painting that no one on this page has. Get your small world in order before you take on an ICON like Manson.

    Much Evil Love and Wicked Respect, Herb a.k.a Lord Belial

  104. Thomas says:

    This whole thing is pretty damn hilarious. Nearly as funny as The Crabcore Kid bitching an moaning, but not quite.

  105. imafag says:

    i guess its funny to write shit about people you dont like, just about everyone here is a fuckin dipshit asshole talking bullshit about some famous cunt theyve never met… FUCK YOU ALL!!!
    i dont keep up with the manson news seeing as hes so “irrelevant” or whatever you say he is but he sucks balls when it comes to live shows and is clearly a whiny bitch ass internet toughguy (much like pussy meathead who can say what he likes about reznor cause hell never read it)so… FUCK HIM TOO!!!!!

    and of course fuck me for being one of the miserable pricks commenting on this farce of an article (but not as bad as the loser who wrote it, mate id kick your fuckin ass for being such a douche. so come holiday in beautiful new zealand, ill be your tour guide). FUCK ALL OF YOU, PEACE OUT.

  106. Tim Smith says:

    If I could take this post seriously, I’d say that Metalhead is flattering himself that Marilyn Manson cares about what he writes.

  107. John says:

    Fuck you, Buddyhead! You’re an idiot trying to gain relevance. Go suck your buddy’s head, cocksucker. Manson rocks!

  108. Velma says:

    Marilyn Manson is a fabricated character in a costume. Not so very different from another costumed character with the same initials. Hey, boys and girls, who cares?

  109. Peterson32 says:

    Herb you obviously don’t know your fucking Bible or you would know its full of bloodshed, judgmental crap and more. And Jesus is hardly a fucking peace maker-he would be more inclined to be a piece maker. And calling this psychotic fuckwit an ICON is abso fucking lutely riidiculous. Fact: David Bowie has 26 charted singles plus ten album tracks worthy of being called all time classics (Source: Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2008) Nine Inch Nails have 8 charted singles and 6 classic album tracks. Marilyn Manson does not get a mention in the book whatsoever (while nearly 15,000 other artists do) because Marilyn Manson has ZERO charted singles and ZERO classic album tracks-Hardly a fucking icon. More on the musical talent level of Tila Tequila who also has ZERO. Even douchebag cunt Paris Hilton has ONE. Repeat Marilyn Manson has ZERO. The same amount as me but I haven’t been trying all my life like that douchebag loser has.

    Further he has publicly stated he thinks about killing Evan Rachel Wood constantly just because she had the brains to break up with his worthless ass.

    Also I’ve taken great pleasure and many laughs in pissing many people off over at Marilyn’s MySpace blog by writing my own posts and copying and pasting some from here including the original article.

    Marilyn Manson is a douchebag I knew that but even I was shocked at just how big of a loser douchebag he/it really is.

  110. Peterson32 says:

    Oh and by the way Jesus would hate Marilyn Manson. Just take a look at the part of the New Testament where all the people who will not enter the Kingdom of God are listed and see if this Mighty Mouse Mental Midget Mayhem Murderer Marilyn Manson doesn’t qualify in nearly every single way possible.

  111. mic says:

    You think the self-proclaimed “God of Fuck” would be a little more thick-skinned than this. I mean, journalists have been writing negative things about him in the press since he first stumbled upon the scene…

  112. deadboy1313 says:

    ok seriously i’m just super bored by this now… We all know that marily manson is music for midwestern morons to pound beer to i really would love for this fuck to show up and confront travis and spencer i’d actually roll out and hang with my friends despite being broke this week just to join in the stomp fest of a moron who has created sooo much drama… seriously bri come out i’d love to bitch slap you for the drama you have brought the kids i care for… even my 98 pound girlfriend could kick his ass on her break from managing a hot topic… she regularly talks people out of buying your tshirts and into walking out with a black dhalia murder shirt… not that thats a whole lot better but anything is an improvement over a candy ass make up wearing shit heel… the funniest thing about all this is if and when we ever get to bitch slap this guy around we would end up with makeup all over our fists like we beat down a mime… I’ve got a great idea mr. manson why don’t you forward your email up to them and we can just nock on your door pretending to be bible salesmen who bring the way the truth and the light of a hail of bullets… pretty please with sugar on top come to coffee and walk home the bloodied pulp that resembles your career

  113. Heeeheee says:

    I was looking around on MM’s Myspace to see all the angry emo’s shouting NOT FAIR and the BEST fan reply has to be thus:

    “I am a HUGE Marilyn Manson fan and I am also a Accountant.”

    Well, if thats not going to make you go in a corner and rock back and forth with fear..

    (I want you all to just, shout that in your head a few times to make yourself squee with laugh.)

  114. surforia says:

    Herb, do you really think serving in the military entitles you to greater use of the 1st Amendment? That’s fucking retarded. Thanks for serving and all, but that doesn’t give you greater Constitutional protections than any one else. And Christianity has nothing to do with the First Amendment – in fact, it’s the opposite. The U.S. is the only country with an establishment clause, which forbids Congress from passing any law regarding the establishment of religion, in the 1st Amendment. Nice try – tho. It sounds like you should obviously keep listening to washed-up, nerd rock, because it keeps you so well informed. That being said, if I were Meathead, I’d be waaayyyy more scared of you than skinny-ass Manson.

  115. Saw Manson play this past weekend in Indianapolis. I wasn’t expecting munch, heard he was fat, heard he’s a sad clown. Had never seen him before.

    His kad a kick-ass set that reminded me how many hit songs he’s had even if the majority of the stuff from everything after Columbine was lackluster. Great stage presense, although I must point out that he has reached his Elvis Phase, meaning he had two guys on stage in between songs, one guy would hold an icepack at the back of his head and the other would feed him oxygen. Bigger, but not fat, like he’s 40, give the guy a break. He blistered out the hits and did what we paid him to do, be Manson. That’s entertainment. Skilled Vaudvillians who know how to make a buck.

    As far as founding fathers, military and all that talk, that has no relavance to this conversation, neither does all your assupmtions about what Jesus would do. Like George Carlin said, “never assume a friendship.”

    I grew up with people saying I was going hell because of what I listened to. Now the world is still here and those are stuggling to come to terms with why God hasn’t raptured them yet. Ignore them. Their greatest asset is your attention.

  116. Another thought says:

    At least MM produces something that some people find value in. He makes music, even if you don’t like it. You on the other hand produce complaints about things you don’t like and a forum for teenage boys to say things like “he’s gay”, etc.

    No matter how well written your whiny bitching is, it’s still just whiny bitching. Your blog would not exist without the people you dislike to complain about. I think you should pay them a royalty.

  117. Royce Edwards says:

    Just read some comments that MM Fans wrote under his Blog.
    Stuff like:”Hand over the Adress and I´ll do it”.

    Never argue with an Idiot.
    They´ll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  118. tim k. says:

    “Great stage presense, although I must point out that he has reached his Elvis Phase, meaning he had two guys on stage in between songs, one guy would hold an icepack at the back of his head and the other would feed him oxygen.”

    i thought that deserved restating.

  119. Peterson32 says:

    On wanting to kill Evan Rachel Wood
    My lowest point was Christmas Day 2008, because I didn’t speak to my family. My walls were covered in scrawlings of the lyrics and cocaine bags nailed to the wall. And I did have an experience where I was struggling to deal with being alone and being forsaken and being betrayed by putting your trust in one person, and making the mistake of that being the wrong person. And that’s a mistake that everyone can relate to. I made the mistake of trying to, desperately, grasp on and save that and own it. And every time I called her that day — I called 158 times — I took a razorblade and I cut myself on my face or on my hands.

    I look back and it was a really stupid thing to do. This was intentional, this was a scarification, and this was like a tattoo. I wanted to show her the pain she put me through. It was like, “I want you to physically see what you’ve done.” It sounds made up but it’s completely true and I don’t give a shit if people believe it or not. I’ve got the scars to prove it. I didn’t want people to ask me every time I did an interview, “Oh, is this record about your relationship with your ex-girlfriend?” But that damage is part of it, and the song “I Want to Kill You Like They Do in The Movies” is about my fantasies. I have fantasies every day about smashing her skull in with a sledgehammer.

    Cutting Confessions Blogs

  120. Peterson32 says:

    Trent Reznor is pulling no punches as of late, with the Nine Inch Nails mastermind taking swipes at Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, Prince and Chris Cornell. But in a new interview in Mojo, Reznor saves his sharpest venom for one-time protege, Marilyn Manson. “He is a malicious guy and will step on anybody’s face to succeed and cross any line of decency,” Reznor says. “Seeing him now, drugs and alcohol now rule his life and he’s become a dopey clown.”

    While Reznor does have some kind words to say about Manson, saying, “He used to be the smartest guy in the room. And as a fan of his talents, I hope he gets his s— together,” the disdain is evident. In the interview, Reznor says the feud dates back down to the ‘Downward Spiral’ tour in ’94 and ’95. “During the Spiral tour we propped them up to get our audience turned on to them and at that time a lot of the people in my circle were pretty far down the road as alcoholics. Not Manson. His drive for success and self-preservation was so high, he pretended to be f—ed up a lot when he wasn’t.”

    Still, Reznor accepts a some responsibility for the bad blood, sorta. “Things got s—-y between us and I’m not blameless. The majority of it though was coming from a resentment guy who finally got out from under the master’s umbrella and was able to stab him in the back.”

    And before you say it, Reznor recently proclaimed his own doucheness: “I might be happy and engaged, but I’m still a prick.”

    Yup but at least he’s a talented prick who takes his art seriously. Marilyn Manson is just a fucking sociopath.

    Cutting Confessions Blogs

  121. Daddysgirl says:

    If you don’t believe in freedom of speech for those you hate, then you don’t believe in it at all.

  122. jack says:



  123. jesuschrist says:

    they have free speech to tell you to shut up, so yes they do believe in it

    and the practice of free speech continues.

  124. I will personally dispose of anyone who mocks my boyfriends, i mean, band.
    You are all a bunch of jerks and I hate you.
    Don’t make me call my make up artist and have my make up done for 5 hours, put on a grey suit and march down to your house and vomit on your daffodils.
    I will be rich forever thanks to hot topic selling my lunchboxes and laundry bags.

  125. Hey Andrae!... says:

    “Fail” for you being a dumb cunt!! =)

  126. the TRUTH says:

    What about Dali Gaggers?

  127. Aaron North says:

    No! I was never in Manson’s band. He invited me once but then said he must suck my cock to see if I had the “Devils Power”. True story. Why would I lie to you? What?

  128. Herb Ingram says:

    Thank you all from the bottom of my black heart, this has been fun, but alas I have grown bored with this topic and really it is going no where. I would like to point out that some of you are interesting. Surforia I never claimed my service to our country gives me any more right than you, or the jackass that operates this site, however I admit I may have come across that way and thank you for pointing that out. Peterson32 please re-read your abridged copy of the children bible, I am certain jesus would not hate MM since after all jesus hung out with whores, homeless, and the occasional demon possessed man. When referring to your holy book try to use adult words and not profanity I mean really WWJD? But you are interesting Peterson32 keep cutting up that face of yours. Royce Edwards nice quote, I like it not very involved though. Thomas you are right well put. As for the rest of you some deserve to be mentioned but really the rest of you bore me, not much thought put into your comments just hate and mockery, which for me brings a smile to my black, evil, heart because THAT is excatly what HELL is all about. See all of you in your NightMares.

    Much Evil Love and Wicked Respect, Herb a.k.a Lord Belial

  129. Herb Ingram says:

    I forgot if any of you want to talk, rant, scream, or engage me in any conversation on any topic please email me at I love endless, mindless, irrelevant conversation and I would be happy to take you where your little heart wants to go.

  130. tim k. says:

    everybody knows this is nowhere.

  131. michelle s says:

    spencer/other girl: you’re right. the only ‘act’ about him is the amicable if arrogant guy he acts like in interviews. i don’t care to post a lot of tell-all shit, but people will be shocked again when the (posthumous) biographies come out, for the wrong reasons.

  132. asdf says:

    um.. so.. any of you over 12? god kids are dumb now. this is why we have brokencyde, attack attack, millionairs etc. the internet has made everyone under 25 retarded.

  133. Melanie says:

    I agree with you!!!!!!!!!! :) “marilyn” is sooo overrated and he thinks he is cool his fans are losers and they are committing suicides listening to hes songs.

  134. Melanie says:

    AND BTW do you care so much that you talk smack? Or you love him so much you cant think anythig else than marilyn manson



    YOU= talking so much about deepshit i am becoming one! LOL


  135. Tim Guzman - wait, I mean "Ennui" says:

    Herb –

    Bwahahaha…oh, man. Lord Belial? You’re right, that is way funnier. Awesome.

  136. casey says:

    I’ve been a Marylin Manson fan since the Wonder Years and this post infuriated me. Marylin Manson is not only the most talented musician and artist alive, but also one of the most intelligent people of all time. Plus, he is a real cutie. And he even wrote a book. We all know that only smart people read books – and Manson wrote one! So he must be even more smart!

    But Brian Hugh Warner (A. K. A. Marilyn Manson) has always had trouble with ultra conservative religious fundamentalists who want to silence him and his “message.” It is quite obvious from reading this article that the people behind Buddyhead are these same whacky right wing religious nuts. They are afraid of Manson’s subversive message so they resort to mocking him. They fail to see the massive amounts of talent and cerebral prowess in his possession – the talent and intellect which his fans can attest to (just as they have been doing oh so very eloquently on here). So Buddyhead and others mock and attempt to silence him. But Brian will never stop shitting on bibles and wiping his ass with the American flag. Because that is his message. And it is a message that needs to be heard. Because it is an extremely important one and stuff.

    Actually, I think I’m going to start calling him “Hugh.” He looks more like a “Hugh” than a “Brian,” if you ask me. Although technically, he looks more like a “Kirstie Alley” now, I guess.

    Whatever. I’m going to go drink some Mansinthe now. (Because I really want something called “Mansinthe” in my mouth.) Then I am going to insert a bible into my own ass as an act of defiance. Fuck Led Zeppelin! Viva la Manson!

  137. Peterson32 says:

    Here’s what set this idiot off on this tangent(portion of original article from LA Weekly which set him off to post the murder the journalists shit-by the way the writer is a woman recounting the experiences of one of the writers of this column):

    To the bar we go, and after another round of whiskey we are talking over each other, cursing way too much for the children lurking about, and gossiping about the night in 2007, when Keller first met “Antichrist Supertard” Marilyn Manson.

    It was Travis Keller’s strangest Christmas Eve on record; the writer and music know-it-all, whose merciless skewering of rock’s elite made Buddyhead the most loved and feared source of music criticism online, was enjoying the comfort of his couch, hanging out with a friend and watching some stupid holiday movies when the phone rang. “Can you get us some cocaine?” asked the voices on the other end. Keller was sober and declined. But it was Jeordie White and Marilyn Manson and they pressed on, urging Keller to come hang out anyway.

    When Keller arrived in West Hollywood at the Le Montrose suite, Manson answered the door, nearly unrecognizable. The shock-rocker stood in the doorway, wearing a Von Dutch trucker cap — sideways — and a white shirt covered in stains, pulled over his beer belly. It was a far cry from the pancake makeup, flamboyant gothic attire or bondage gear associated with the frontman.

    Keller busts into laughter as he retells the story, “I was like, ‘You’re Marilyn Manson?’ I remember thinking he’s going to come out with some kind of cape on. I’d never met him before and thought he’d be hanging out in a coffin. He’s nothing like that.”

    Inside the suite, Keller recalls cocaine spilling off the kitchen counter while a superparanoid Manson ran around in circles repeating, “Travis, don’t try to fuck my girlfriend. Travis, don’t try to fuck my girlfriend.” The off-limits girlfriend was a certain young actress, then just 20 years old. “They called her ‘Snowflake’ because I guess when they played shows, she’d hold all the coke,” Keller claims.

    While the rest of the party hoovered cocaine, Keller plugged his iPod into the stereo and cranked up Led Zeppelin. Manson told Keller he’d flown to the U.K. for the one Zeppelin reunion gig that November but got bored after the band played “Stairway to Heaven,” because it was the only song he knew. At that moment Manson may as well have painted a big, red target on his Von Dutch trucker cap. Keller exploded, “Poser! You’re in a rock band and you don’t know Led Zeppelin?”

    To the bar we go, and after another round of whiskey we are talking over each other, cursing way too much for the children lurking about, and gossiping about the night in 2007, when Keller first met “Antichrist Supertard” Marilyn Manson.

    It was Travis Keller’s strangest Christmas Eve on record; the writer and music know-it-all, whose merciless skewering of rock’s elite made Buddyhead the most loved and feared source of music criticism online, was enjoying the comfort of his couch, hanging out with a friend and watching some stupid holiday movies when the phone rang. “Can you get us some cocaine?” asked the voices on the other end. Keller was sober and declined. But it was Jeordie White and Marilyn Manson and they pressed on, urging Keller to come hang out anyway.

    When Keller arrived in West Hollywood at the Le Montrose suite, Manson answered the door, nearly unrecognizable. The shock-rocker stood in the doorway, wearing a Von Dutch trucker cap — sideways — and a white shirt covered in stains, pulled over his beer belly. It was a far cry from the pancake makeup, flamboyant gothic attire or bondage gear associated with the frontman.

    Keller busts into laughter as he retells the story, “I was like, ‘You’re Marilyn Manson?’ I remember thinking he’s going to come out with some kind of cape on. I’d never met him before and thought he’d be hanging out in a coffin. He’s nothing like that.”

    Inside the suite, Keller recalls cocaine spilling off the kitchen counter while a superparanoid Manson ran around in circles repeating, “Travis, don’t try to fuck my girlfriend. Travis, don’t try to fuck my girlfriend.” The off-limits girlfriend was a certain young actress, then just 20 years old. “They called her ‘Snowflake’ because I guess when they played shows, she’d hold all the coke,” Keller claims.

    While the rest of the party hoovered cocaine, Keller plugged his iPod into the stereo and cranked up Led Zeppelin. Manson told Keller he’d flown to the U.K. for the one Zeppelin reunion gig that November but got bored after the band played “Stairway to Heaven,” because it was the only song he knew. At that moment Manson may as well have painted a big, red target on his Von Dutch trucker cap. Keller exploded, “Poser! You’re in a rock band and you don’t know Led Zeppelin?”

    Too Funny!

  138. Peterson32 says:

    Woops made a mistake and posted twice-here it is AGAIN (sorry) with the last paragraph that I meant to paste here instead of pasting the first part twice:)

    To the bar we go, and after another round of whiskey we are talking over each other, cursing way too much for the children lurking about, and gossiping about the night in 2007, when Keller first met “Antichrist Supertard” Marilyn Manson.

    It was Travis Keller’s strangest Christmas Eve on record; the writer and music know-it-all, whose merciless skewering of rock’s elite made Buddyhead the most loved and feared source of music criticism online, was enjoying the comfort of his couch, hanging out with a friend and watching some stupid holiday movies when the phone rang. “Can you get us some cocaine?” asked the voices on the other end. Keller was sober and declined. But it was Jeordie White and Marilyn Manson and they pressed on, urging Keller to come hang out anyway.

    When Keller arrived in West Hollywood at the Le Montrose suite, Manson answered the door, nearly unrecognizable. The shock-rocker stood in the doorway, wearing a Von Dutch trucker cap — sideways — and a white shirt covered in stains, pulled over his beer belly. It was a far cry from the pancake makeup, flamboyant gothic attire or bondage gear associated with the frontman.

    Keller busts into laughter as he retells the story, “I was like, ‘You’re Marilyn Manson?’ I remember thinking he’s going to come out with some kind of cape on. I’d never met him before and thought he’d be hanging out in a coffin. He’s nothing like that.”

    Inside the suite, Keller recalls cocaine spilling off the kitchen counter while a superparanoid Manson ran around in circles repeating, “Travis, don’t try to fuck my girlfriend. Travis, don’t try to fuck my girlfriend.” The off-limits girlfriend was a certain young actress, then just 20 years old. “They called her ‘Snowflake’ because I guess when they played shows, she’d hold all the coke,” Keller claims.

    While the rest of the party hoovered cocaine, Keller plugged his iPod into the stereo and cranked up Led Zeppelin. Manson told Keller he’d flown to the U.K. for the one Zeppelin reunion gig that November but got bored after the band played “Stairway to Heaven,” because it was the only song he knew. At that moment Manson may as well have painted a big, red target on his Von Dutch trucker cap. Keller exploded, “Poser! You’re in a rock band and you don’t know Led Zeppelin?”

    He laughs. “Even my mom knows more Led Zeppelin songs than Manson. I wouldn’t let it die all night. I would turn on ‘Black Dog’ like, ‘Ever heard this song before, dork?’ The guy is a fucking retard. He should be working at a 7-Eleven in Florida.”

  139. @peterson32

    Stop posting what everyone here has seen several days ago. We KNOW! Fuck, you’re just as obnoxious as these fucks with their rehearsed response to christian websites who still apparently give a fuck to protest Mr. Warner (and who mistakenly have a belief that this site is part of said christian anti Marilyn Manson websites). I know it seems hard for you dorks to believe it, but no one in a religious practice cares about Manson anymore. You don’t have to be part of some blind religious fanaticism to dislike his “art.”
    Some of the people who frequent this site, just plain think he’s a poser.
    I have to admit, without shame, that I liked a lot of his early work up until ” AntiChrist Superstar”. After that though, it just felt like a gimmick within a gimmick. That’s just me though. A lot of his lyrics (very early on) used to paint a messy picture that I enjoyed, however he has been extremely lazy since then; and I just grew up i suppose. It only appealed to me when I was a mid aged teenager. That’s just my point of view on it, and I think it’s very sad to watch a 40 something year old man call out on his fans to seek out revenge for him, instead taking his music far more serious for his own age. The fact that he didn’t grow with his audience, and instead decided to continue to appeal to a younger more impressionable audience; shows his true colors as a commercial commodity rather than a true artist. A true artist grows, and he has yet to prove that he has even grown at all.

  140. Petron says:

    I wipe my ass with the bible every chance I get. I’m almost 40. I hate redneck amerika. I think habitual bloggers are losers. I think MM is allright. At least he’s done something unique with is life. Whether you appreciate it or not is irrelevant, much like your life. Now move on to your second double cheeseburger you p.o.s. waste of oxygen. By the way, you all suck and I hope you die.

  141. WAP says:

    Manson replayed to you using your same methods. The both of you are hiding behind your computer. (we all are dioing it, to be honest). I don’t know who started this thing, but it’s rather pitiful. Oh, and maybe you should stop bringing up this joke “Manson is cutting himself”: it isn’t funny, is just SAD. There’s much more to make fun of speaking of him. It’s like shooting on a one great flashing target.

  142. Reminder to the other genius lovers. spencer morgan rollins is kicking major manson ass and he is also having a big band bash this weekend for his bro’s (down syndrome, don’t laugh) passing the driver’s ed. Now he can be our designated driver, (esp. if weez get oded on heroin and all that fun shizzle).

    i’ll get spence dog to post the flier tonight.

  143. Michael says:

    I hope he goes after you and makes you pay all the words you’ve said about him you stupid asshole.

    Die motherfucker

  144. The God of Fuck indeed. Someone down there sarcastically mentioned this rather accurate nickname. Marilyn Manson is a genuine artist and yes, he seems to drink to the point of wanting to kill someone, but if I were in his position, I’d honestly be making the same threat. The media is a joke. Manson is not the first victim of “celebrity gossip” and I’m sure he won’t be the last, but I rather enjoy hearing these victims lash out at the so called “journalists”. It lets me know that they too get sick of all the propaganda bullshit I have to see in line at Walmart every fucking time I go shopping. So yea, make fun of him, talk shit, call him a loser. You’re obviously so “cool” with your exchange of words for ratings. Fuck you for standing up for the very thing that breeds then feeds on people like Marilyn Manson. In the words of the God of Fuck himself, “It’s not rain you rapist werewolves, this is God pissing down on you”.

  145. just a thought says:

    I think we have reached the end of the universal interwebs. One douche bag bitching about another douche bag bitching about the first douche bag bitching about the last douche bag etc…

    Do not collect $200. Return to Go.

  146. Peterson32 says:

    It says here you’re retarded and your shits all fucked up.

  147. this is getting kinda lame.

  148. Name Blank says:

    You’re going to die for what you have said my friend. I hope you get hit by a car and die at that moment. You don’t know what his music is about at all. You just hate him because of his looks. Ever tried to look inside someone? Looks like you failed at that, just like you did here in this shit article.

    You are going to be DEAD!

  149. kmfcm says:

    People still make fun of this guy???

    I thought we were all ignoring him.

    *has nothing against dude, but found this pretty funny anyway*

  150. Retarded Fan. says:

    lol i had so many intelligent points to make but i didn’t post them and now i’m drunk and i can’t remember them…. but he said bad things about God (Read: Trent ‘Protein Shake’ Reznor) too, and that i cannot abide.

    Seriously Meathead, i sit here at my computer all day like a loser the same as you, difference is i don’t feel the need to share my … Read moreopinions of people i don’t even know with the entire world, just so it makes me feel ‘cognisant’ enough to use a word that pretty much died out with middle english. If you want to talk shit about Mm maybe you should be prepared to accept the harsh realities about yourself as well. You come across as a 14 year old still pre-pubescent boy still struggling to find time to masturbate in private and so vent your frustrations by “flaming” the “noob” that is Mm. Oh haha did i mean Marilyn manson? or did i mean “Mmm” like i just ate a very tasty sammich? You figure it out dickhead. Anybody old enough to figure out how to fit the triangle block into the corresponding shaped hole should also be able to figure out that Mm probably came about from the accidental release of the SHIFT key, which Brian himself then decided he liked the look of. Who gives a shit? Lamest payout ever, meathead. And YES Manson has a myspace. He has done… Read more for years. ZOMG wtf? a musician with a myspace? NO WAI!! Yes wai. Get over it.

    It’s not that i agree with or pay attention to anything Manson says on myspace or anywhere else.I don’t care. But i take exception to the fact that you refer to fans of his as retards. I consider myself a manson fan, not because i want to portray a certain image of myself or because i want to fit in (or not fit in) but rather because i enjoy listening to his music. on some level it makes sense to me and sounds good. and that’s my opinion. but i don’t need to share that with the entire world.

    I’;m very drunk right now and have lost the point of my rant, but i think what i’m trying to say is who give a shit what you think? i am a manson fan, and i’m not ashamed of it. i’m not proud of it, but i;m not ashamed. who cares if i listen to him or not? i enjoy it. pretty sure that doesn’t make me a retard. on the contrary i could prove to you that i am quite far from being a retard, and quite far above average … Read moreon standardised IQ tests. but again, i don’t feel the need to tell everybody about it. I;m not a 14 year old boy still jizzing his pants because “ZOMG i must show you my new POKEMANS!!” well, maybe i am, cos i like pokemans. but i don’t feel the need to smack talk or make fun of celebrities in order to get attention on the internet.

    Right now i’m listening to 17.5 hours of Phil Collins… does that make me a retard? by your standards probably yes. by most standards probably yes. but do i care even a little? no. i love listening to phil collins. and Mm. so what? fuck you. i’m drunk and have completely lost the point now. i swear i had it up until the fuck you part… anyway, i’m hungry. i’m going to get food. kthxbai

  151. marlyn monsooon says:

    yeah ya know meathead i really think you need to get some new material like asap because this manson shit is getting old. Your a broken record dude. I remember back when buddyhead was arron north… erm i mean… back when buddyhead was cool. i can see why arron does’nt want to be a part of this place anymore. this shits lame. thanks for wasting my time reading this. I thought maybe it would have been mildly funny but turns out your just writting the same shit about him that you usualy do.

    yeah his fans are loosers, yeah he is a joke, do you realy have to reapeat it over and over? I think anyone with eyes and ears can see this.

    I bet you are some 14 year old kid who is bored and gets picked on in school so you take out your frustration on here by making fun of other people.

    yeah manson sucks now… but at least he has had a carrier… what the hell have you done besides sit at your computer and shit talk?

  152. Darryl says:

    monsooon, did you just say that ‘Mm’ has an air craft carrier? does he have fighter jets to match?

    maybe buddyhead really is in danger…

  153. marlyn monsooon says:

    yes. he does have an air craft carrier. man dont you read the intnernet? oh and he also has a music career. hahaha funny. lets insult someones typo since we cant find anything else to pick on :p

  154. jelzkj says:

    monsoon, Buddyhead can joke and manson can’t (1-0). why are you wasting your time reading this? nobody asked you to, quit reading and go praise his “kareer”

  155. Betahead says:

    this is all fucking stupid.. but looking at the world and putting myself(or trying at least) in mansons situation, i don’t think he is trying to be a ‘scary psychopathic-rockstar-gone-crazy’ just because it fits him (or doesn’t, whatever, you know what i mean..)
    try to understand this: he’s been marilyn manson since 1989. if you think he’s fucked up, try to think what it does to a human to explore those sides of the human psyche in that manson-extreme-manner for 20 fucking years, add drugs, alcohol, pills(uppers-downers-lefts-rights – you name it..) sleep deprevation, depressions +++

    what i’m trying to say is, i think manson has actually come to a point where you should take both his album- High End of Low and his threats and laughs more serious than you could ever have.. I think he is capable of killing someone..hopefully starting with you…the fucking army is capable of destroing an entire village without twitching and Manson wouldn’t? or his fans? you don’t know his fans..i’m one of them and I’m just waiting for an oppurtunity. Aaaaaand CUT CUT CUT CUT….
    And no this is not a threat, since i don’t live in america i don’t have the oppurtunity.. but if i ever visit, sure then it’s a threat;)

  156. Tarot11-justice, MWG says:

    Brian Warner lacks the stones to even go to an ATM to get his cocaine/opiates/crack/meth/etc… cash. He “hires” assistants to take the fall, while boo-hooing his way into the pathetic hall-of-fame. He, and/or the fragmentary remnants of his dwindling fan-base, are about as threatening and dangerous as the Confederate Air Force. He should not be so utterly mindless as to threaten journalists, especially considering his own lack-luster career in that very field, as “HE IS SUCH A PROMOTER OF FREE SPEECH AND THOUGHT”–What a load of sh*t! Secondly, he or any of his “fans” (this means you betahead) can come TO MY ABODE any f*cking time you got the balls– be prepared for a 7.62x39mm welcomming party…ha, ha! Just kidding, it’ll be 30-06 and 40 calibre.

  157. Betahead says:

    Perfect. Do you really think i give a fuck if i die on your ugly ass lawn? like i said, we got nothing to lose..and as long as we’re going down, might as well stir shit up… so be my guest! i will dress funny just for the laugh, so you can see me die and brag to your cool friends about it..
    that’s not even the point..when one of those journalist face a loaded gun, his internet blog is gonna be the last thing on his mind.. no really, i hope manson gets his laughs on his way down..

  158. Betahead says:

    i am not one of those you need to impress and neither is manson.. this is not about being cool. it’s the high end of low. we’re all amused with your pain…

  159. Tarot11-justice,MWG says:

    “We” got nothing to lose? “We” who? Everybody thinks death isn’t sh*t until their head is held underwater forcibly. “As long as we’re going down”–what are you 80 yrs old? “Oh, nihilism don’t leave me now… how else can I bitch about the world and still do nada to help?” What a trite excuse for inaction. If you love MM sooo much, maybe you should read more 19th century German philosophy (maybe you could help him UNDERSTAND it for once). Believe me you don’t have to dress “funny” (your code word for “cool”), and I have no desire to kill unless threatened (as your “CUT, CUT,CUT” would imply); also, f*ck cool friends and manson will never get his laughs on his way down–Pogo will as he sues MM into the next decade. In addition, journalists in Russia, Iran, etc… have guns in their families faces, so I’m sure MM is just a paper tiger. Apparently, you don’t even know Brian H. Warner: to him, it’s all about impressing others and believing your cool (or making others believe so).
    Finally, “the high end of low” is the singularly and simultaneously most painful amusement that I can imagine. PS: I’ve known HIM for 20 yrs, you fool.


  160. Peterson32 says:

    Hey Tarot I reposted one of your posts over on Marilyn Manson’s blog didn’t know you’d be checking in here frequently sorry if that is not cool with you check my posts out over there and shoot me an E-Mail if you like.

    or through MySpace

  161. death boy says:

    The apple has fallen,it’s on it’s way.

  162. Lola says:

    Marilyn was already uncool when he started turning Hot Topic

    Buddyhead is kind of American Apparel

    What’s worse ?

    Like your new arty touch though

    Let’s hope it won’t end up on Tshirts

    that look like been thrown up on

    and sold for 15 Bucks at *insert noo fashion mainstream market*

    So, I think I got everything in

    Oh shit, it actually has an AMERICAN APPAREL ad at the bottom


  163. ballsrad says:

    i dont even know how the writers of buddyhead still have motivation to write with you jack asses commenting.

  164. kayla mcpherson says:

    i find it really fucking funny how all of you people can judge marilyn manson as an artist when none of you have the talent or creative mind to make music, art or anything else. most of you are probably just following the crowd. have to agree with everyone else because you dont have a backbone of your own to disagree and say something different than the others? meathead, you are really fucking pathetic. youre a stupid cunt that needs to shut the fuck up. you need the attention and found your way just to get it. i didnt even read all the bullshit you wrote. i found it rather retarded. go fuck your mom or actually try and write something clever.

  165. kayla mcpherson says:

    okay so i read the bullshit. poorly written and not even slightly humorous. i hope a marilyn manson fan finds you and kills you :)

  166. LMXV says:

    Who’s Meathead?

  167. maryland masonite. says:

    jelzkj ya know the same thing can be said about you. why are you wasting your time telling someone on the internet not to waste there time? im not really wasting my time. i am at work bored. so that was why i read this. i thought maybe it would have been really funny but yeah… FAIL. I think maybe meathead should find a new person to make fun of.

  168. Marvin Music says:

    Nah, I don’t really like this rant. But I guess maybe I don’t get it really? The whole celebrity obsession. Not for me. I like music.

    Sounds like you’re an awfully tough guy though. Good luck with that.

  169. nothing says:

    Meathead, didn’t your friend Trent have a drug problem? Didn’t he throw white makeup and flour all over himself when he was chemically out of his mind? Yeah…drugs will do that to you. Fortunately, Trent wised up, got help and sobered up (after he almost over-dosed to death). MM has a drug and alcohol problem. I hope he can get his addictions under control and get his life together. I think all of the music from both Trent and Manson is amazing. They both create music deep from the soul. Most people have no creativity, so they are left with writing blog comments tearing people apart. Or the talentless can make a funny drawing/8 bit graphic video poking fun at those that can create. I’d take a Manson or a Trent over a sarcastic, kid-drawing attention whore any day.

  170. Ashes says:

    Do you really think Manson keeps an online public blog?

    Get Real. Seriously. Someone with that much money has far better things to do then write an online blog for the masses.

    The blog’s you are reading are fan or management written, therefore you are only helping them publicize him by whining that you think he is a whiner.

    Personally, I am a fan of Manson, but your complete fail at logical realizations just warrented me wasting my time to type something your going to ignore anyway.

  171. Sara Lee says:

    Hey Marilyn Reads This Blog Right?
    That’s What I Heard Anyway
    I Really Really Hope He Sees This Because That’d Be AMAZING…



    To Brian,

    I Was Wonderin
    Do You Remember Me At All?
    I Was At The Signing At HMV This Year. Yeah I Know That The Place Was CHOCK Full Of People Screamin “MARILLYYYYN!” And All But As I Was A Looking A Little Urm…Upset…I Stood Out More As Everyone Else Was Smilin Etc. And You Looked At Me(?)But Only For A Second Or Two Before You Went To Shake That Girl’s Hand.
    And That Boy With Me Wasn’t My BF (bleh)
    Nah He Was One Of My Close Friends Whom I’d Chosen To Come See You With.
    His Name Is Brady Lol.
    And This Is Sara.

    I Mucked It Up Again Because People Were Takin The Piss Out Of Me In The Girls Bathroom & Because I’ve Had That A Lot In My Life I Got Really Paranoid & Fed Up With Everyone That Next Thing I Knew I Was …….Urm…….




    Urm That’s All I Was Gonna Say Really…..
    There’s Too Much On My Mind To Say Everything…
    It’d BeGreat If You Did See This Though…

    Then i’D Feel Happy For A Moment.



    And Please Don’t Cut Yourself Because Of Your GF Because It So Isn’t Worth It.


  172. Sara Lee says:

    But I Doubt You’d See This Anyway
    I’m Wasting My Time…

  173. Russel says:

    I bet you feel pretty proud of yourself. Causing all of this commotion and such. Happy that you’re getting so much publicity for insulting a guy who has sold millions of records? While you’re sitting on your ass talking shit.

  174. joao says:

    keller go fuck your self !!!

  175. Travis Keller says:

    @joao why should I go fuck myself? Meathead wrote this, you know that right smarty pants…?

  176. a huge fan says:

    grow up, buddyhead. stop being ignorant, and get a life, please.

    you haters are pathetic.

    MM lives on forever, in minds of teenagers than you both will ever.

  177. a huge fan says:

    scratch that—meathead, buddyhead as well.

  178. fuck you dipshits says:

    manson is a fucked up wierdo, i have little to no respect for him as a person cause he cant perform his stuff live and because he aparently talks a lot of bullshit.
    as for the music, (contrary to what you believe) its all subjective, maybe the lyrics are bad but that doesnt make a song bad. if you think it sounds good its a good song (you dont then it aint). FULL MOTHA FUCKING STOP! no doubt fools, call me an idiot for respecting peoples opinions and not being some poser hipster buddyhead dipshit… whatever.

    manson was at least smart enough to take advantage of legions of retards (if thats what you think they are) and make millions plus earn the love of millions.
    MM – 1, MM haters – 0

    no matter how much hate you spew out on the web youll never damage his career as much as his best friend cocain has, thing is if hes doing coke he clearly enjoys it. ive always been a “whatever makes you happy” kind of cunt so i got no beef with him (only i wasted money on a ticket to one of his shows). how happy are you? does sitting at home writing pointless bullshit make you feel better? it makes me feel better.
    MM – 2, MM haters and me – 0

    this is getting old (not that it wasnt old 10 years ago) so im gonna stop here. but who really is the loser??? seriously SOMEBODY ANSWER THIS. who is really the loser here?? (besides me of course)

    For the record im not defending manson, he does definately do some stupid shit. manson defenders are pretty pathetic but so are you buddyhead asswipes and thats the purpose of my comment. also for the record i like a few manson songs

  179. To put to rest any doubt that Marilyn Manson is a serious artist who puts a great deal of thought and emotion into his work, please explore this website:

    Onto the meat of the discussion here, Manson is clearly a frustrated and angry man for many reasons, be they the stalling state of his career, the failure of numerous relationships with gorgeous women, familial strife (his mother was institutionalized in 2007), drug addiction, or perhaps some or all of the above.

    What I think we have here is a case of the man becoming the art, and vice versa. Manson was consumed for so long in creating, maintaining, and inhabiting his image that now the man has been lost. And without mainstream conservative society taking the bait at his more recent attempts to use shock to create headlines (which is what I suspect the whole myspace blog threat was meant to induce), he has become a ship without a rudder, a villain without a hero, left whittle his days away in the mire of the ego-centric universe that he has created for himself. The saddest part of all of this is that I think Manson realizes how he’s fucked himself. The audience that should be listening to his records (besides the uber fans, I’m talking the hardcore metal/industrial crowd) won’t go near him due to the many ways he’s been branded and also branded himself. I think the best future in store for Manson would be to do a farewell tour, retire the Manson persona, and delve into the world of painting, perhaps poetry, and maybe film making, where he wouldn’t feel so isolated and martyred by the world that has scapegoated him as he requested.

  180. danyle says:

    I am a fan of Marilyn Manson and I am in no way a retard. You are talking about his fans like we are not worthy to be a part of this world. The only thing your doing is proving him right. You said he is a “40 year old who writes like a 14 year old”. What are you doing that is any different? Don’t you think that name calling is a little childish? Oh and by the way I am not a satanist, I have a family and I do very well for myself. Also of all the things you have called Marilyn Manson and his fans, you left out HUMAN!

  181. JustAnotherFan says:

    Meathead, I neither agree nor disagree with you. I personally like MM’s music but I do not like the image he portrays of himself. And I was slightly offended when you insulted his fans. I personally am a christian girl who is inspiring to become a nurse, and later join the army and become a doctor. I am not a mindless Manson following zombie. No one I know who listens to MM is like that. So I say go, bash the guy all you want, let all your frustration out so you can finally chill out. But next time, leave the fans out of it. All because Manson lives in a dream world where he believes all of his fans will run to his beck and call doesn’t mean you should encourage him.

    Thank You

    Just Another Fan

  182. Elf says:

    Meathead, I understand that you feel offended for what Manson said about coming to your home and speaking personally and this makes you try to prove what a great intelligent guy you are, compared to his fans and Marilyn himself.
    Hope you do not mind when people disagree with what you think. And disagreeing is not the sign they’re retarded.

    I am one of the “retarded fans”, a 38 years old person, well educated, quite popular in my country and regularly appearing in our mass media. So, I would like to disagree with the word “retarded”, applied to me. I know other fans of Merilyn Manson, who are very intelligent and deep. I like his art, his music and his personality – because he honestly portrays things people prefer not to see in themselves. I like his courage to be honest and to break stereotypes and preconceptions, which real art is supposed to do. So, I see him as a person who is not afraid to see beyond superficial “need to” and “ought to be”, he is very creative and talented. I like that his art is highly visual and stylish. What he does is very important to me, it helps me grow.

    I know that laughing at someone is a socially accepted form of aggression and I hope that you feel less tension after insulting Manson and his fans. So I understand that what you have written is not actually about Manson at all, it is about the way you feel and your urge to prove that you are strong and he can’t get you.
    I also understand that you must be very hurt and that’s why you did not think about other perople’s feelings.

  183. john says:

    meathead? what have you done in your life to make your mum feel proud of you? Say nasty things about other people? I think the world could do without peeps like you.
    I have a feeling that you would rather be a famous rockstar yourself, but…. no talent? Too ugly? What happened there meathead?

  184. maskeraid says:

    Manson FTW. He’s a human like the rest of us. He makes amazing music. End of story.

  185. Tusk'd Makes no sense... says:

    I did find some bits hilarious… And oh my… Guess what? I like Marilyn Manson… and I found this funny? Yeah, sure he makes some good music… BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t bag him out… All the celeb’s get b^tched about… Just Marilyn Manson gets the most of it… Besides Britney Spears… I suppose she can’t get away from it… unless she agrees to go christian? maybe she’s already done that though… I went off topic… Yeah Marilyn Manson

  186. sammy says:

    Almost 200 comments on this one. Nice one MEATHEAD! Love your work. More record reviews please?

  187. Atom says:

    Is it 200 now? Yeah, awesome. You’ve struck a nerve with 15 year old Hot Topic fatties. Manson doesn’t need the help of “journalists” to make him look any more pathetic – any time he pushes aside his three chins and opens his mouth he ends fucking it up for himself.

  188. artist says:

    Who is this buddyhead guy?
    People really read this?

  189. Caligula says:

    “Yo, fuck Marilyn Manson, I’ll snatch him out his truck, hit him with a brick and I’m dancin'”

  190. Guy says:

    It would be pretty awesome if Manson murdered you. This website would shut down and I might have something interesting to read about.

  191. alisha says:

    Oh leave Marilyn Manson alone. The guy gets ragged on all the time… but you know what, he is just a person, like you, making a living. The only difference is he is famous and you are… well, not.

    I am not a die hard fan but I like some of his music. Especially his remake of david bowie’s “golden years” which is played at the beginning of my fave movie Dead Man on Campus.

    I think he has a lot of issues but then again, the media always blows shit out of proportion.

    I would like to have “tea” with him… as weird as everyone says he is… he fascinates me. I would love to know why he is the way he is and whatnot.

    He is a lot more interesting than this blog.

  192. Heav says:

    I don’t even want to refute this here, although you are one bastard that really needs to lose your own internet confidence. Do these people a favor and stop your narrow-minded criticisms.

    His fans are retards, huh? I, along with the number of people displaying similar opinions, really don’t think you have any right to automatically call any group of people that because it’s not what you support – unless you’re singling out the few number of his fans who actually do overdose in their “darkness” and cut away with strong belief that Marilyn Manson is, in fact, encouraging them with his (at most times) unexpectedly deep lyrics. But then again, I have no authority to judge those people on my personal opinion, right?

    I really wanted to end quietly, but I guess I’m not capable. I hope Manson does track you down one day, take you out and buy you that coffee. And whatever happens afterwards, you would have brought it onto yourself, with your incredible lack of rationality and of at least some respect for those you don’t even know enough to criticize in the way you do.

  193. badluckshadow13 says:

    You should post some of his angry 14 year old girl styled blogs, or rather the ones he did right after the Pogo/Manson lawsuit wrapped up.
    I think he took down the one where he offered to share Pogo and his family members addresses though.

  194. meathead stinks says:

    u are really lame. jeese. wtf is buddyhead. u americans need to get a life. pfft! if u dont like him keep it to urself u loser. And yeah ur a wimp for being scared of him. u pussy

  195. fuckyoumeathead!!!! says:

    do you honestly have anything better to do in life…….fucking idiot

  196. lol says:

    I am sure you know a lot about being irrelevant and retarded. Just as I am sure this blog has gathered more attention than…. whatever the fuck it is you do.

  197. Comatose says:

    Meathead! Has Manson taken you up on that cup of coffee yet? I’d like to. Your treat though. See, I’d like to know just how irrelevant he is and why all of us (his fans) are retards. Oh, and thanks to whoever it was (Spencer, right?) for letting me know he phones the retards up and threatens them after posting shit on his Myspace. I’ll be sure to bitch at him about himself, and then give him my address. Strangest thing about me- I’m both a fan of his and a critique. Yes, I will admit some of the stuff he’s done was stupid. Unfortunatly, I can’t be like other fans and believe that he is what he looks like. He isn’t, I know it’s all a game.

    Am I still retarded, or have I moved up to ape level? Oh, get this, I’m probally smarter than you, and yet I’m 15. Sad sad world. Back to the address thing, the fan in me would be controlling that as a ploy to get Manson to my house so he can do dirty things to me in my bed. I heard he likes to fuck us teenage girls. What was that? You haven’t been in his room while he was doing it with a 14 year-old and therefore you have no proof? Wow, you almost make me want to cry. Would you believe I used to skip school untill I started listening to Manson? Life just likes to throw us some real weird shit, doesn’t it?

    I also have a question: why the hell are we bitching and moaning about Marilyn Manson when we could be stopping the real fag, ahem, dead real fag Michael Jackson from getting awards? Guy is dead now, and when he was alive most people hated his gay ass anyways. Now the world all-of-a-sudden loves him? What the fuck is with that? Oh right, we’ll love him like we loved Elvis after he O.D.’d on drugs in his tub.
    Oh what? Manson likes to read these idiotic posts? This just in: Marilyn Manson reads comments and blogs about himself then bitches and whines about it on his Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook making himself more popular because we all know that, the less popular he is the more.

    So, Mr. M, would you like my address now or can it wait untill I get my new computer which, I have to wait for longer because I decided I was going to waste my, ahem, my mom’s good money on your albums with songs that seem to repeat themselves. Would you like to stop using the Columbine shootings as an example for your lyrics or will we be repeating ourselves. “Shoot up the mall the school *beeeeeeeep* and whoever wants to fight!” Yes, I have just completed my collection of studio albums on Saturday, not with The High End Of Low, but with Eat Me, Drink Me. I would’ve enjoyed the live album more, if you weren’t so doped up and tired to forget your own lyrics. First you forget them, then you can’t even sing them because you need to sit down. No wonder you got fat. The fan part of me says “Ok, so he forgot some lyrics, so what?” and the critique, well you’ve already read that, haven’t you?

    Not to mention, I bust my fucking ass drawing and taking pictures of them to put on my Myspace hoping you’ll take a fucking look, but no. You’ve got better things to do like fucking around with girls, drinking beer, and shooting some drugs into your arm. Oh, don’t forget the cutting. That’s a very big part of your life. You take our money through concerts and albums, then don’t even have the decency to keep yourself healthy and maybe, just maybe, not act like something you’re not. You just like to look all fucked up, when we both know you’re just putting on a show. Getting enough money from the millions of fans you’ve aquired for your drugs, or would you like to start going door-to-door selling girl scout cookies for that extra buck or two?

    So, do you like my drawing of your face, my drawing of you from Antichrist Superstar, my drawing of you form Mechanical Animals, or all? Oh right, too busy bleeding all over the floor from your wrists. Maybe tomorrow? Nope, busy threatening the retards like Meathead on lame sites like this one. I’d say “go to hell”, but if there even is such a place, I’ll be going there and I don’t want to see your poser-ass in my fire fountain.

    Have a nice day dealing with those stupid-ass fans who think you’re a God, who call you daddy or uncle, and who leave insignificant comments on your myspace updates. Oh, and Manson, thanks for lieing on the interview where you ‘rarely’ say “fuck”. To think, about 6 months ago (when I became a fan) I wanted to fuck you, now I just want to fuck you over. Keep in mind, if you do happen to read this and phone me up, I’ll probally let out the fan-girl squeel.
    Then, fan-side of me taking over, I’d apologize, all the while thinking “Holy crap, Marilyn Manson just phoned me!”. Do us all a favor, stop calling yourself Marilyn Manson off-stage. It’s lost it’s zing.

    P.S. Meathead, This comment is far better than your article.

  198. Charles says:

    Ok, not true. I just read everything.

  199. Comatose says:

    Scratch critique replace with critic. Realized after posting I had misspelled it.

    Oh, and do us another favor Manson, wash your hair. It looks like the rat’s nest has turned uglier than it already was. Hm? Oh, right. You have a wig now.

    Would you like to put that album-making in high gear? No more 11 song albums please. Eat Me, Drink Me has some really good songs on it, too bad it’s so short. THEOL I have found to be, quite… flat. Will the next one blow our minds, or will we just be watching Jeordie blow you again?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Jeordie, he actually did something with his life away from you. He didn’t just curl up into a fetal position and sing on the floor. You’re being called a shock rocker, now shock us. And get some rock too.

    And would you please do your poor friend Johnny Depp a favor and watch him in Burton’s Alice In Wonderland? You may not be curious to see it, but I sure am. I wonder why you aren’t curious? It looks rather good. You don’t have very good taste in movies though, do you? I heard you got scared by The Exorcist. That’s for childeren. The actual scary stuff hasn’t even come out yet. It should be soon though, if you get back to filming Phantasmagoria: The Visions Of Lewis Carroll. You without your makeup is far more scary than anything else. I know your acting will be good because you’ve already done quite well for about, 15 years.

    Go on, finish filming Phantasmagoria. Haven’t you started 4 years ago? Oh right, you decided to tell us 4 years ago what you were doing, then proceeded to actually succeed in hurting your fan’s feelings by not filming it and postponing it and doing other shit while we sat at home and prayed to the fake God of the christians that you’d finally finish filming it and impress us. I enjoy your art, and your music. You however, have yet to do some good in my mind. If I knew you better, maybe my opinion of you as a person would be changed. Till then, I’ll continue bashing you in my head and imagining you’re actually nice to ginger Fish. It’s a wonder Ginger has even stayed in the band so long.

    Oh, and we share January 5th as our birthday. Happy Fucking Birthday.

  200. Comatose says:

    Hi Charles.

  201. Adrienne Affliction says:

    Ok, whoever finds this blog “like totally true” is ignorant. Maybe you should get a life and live it not judge other people’s beliefs and ways. Hey you don’t like Marilyn Manson HERE’S A CLUE! Dont talk about him? Ever think of that? *gasps* I’m not here to start trouble but to knock sense into your hollow minds. Marilyn Manson believes in what he wants to and doesn’t really care what other people think, he has courage to be himself and help others be themselves and not care about what people like YOU think. When people like YOU talk about him it just makes him get more recognised.
    TALK YOUR SHIT YOUR ONLY MAKING ME FAMOUS (Ect from songs) When unjungmental people, like me and his fans (Even some ppl tht aren’t his fans)see this they’ll be saying the same thing. We aren’t stupid and lame enough to bag on him when it just makes you look immature and publicity starved. Get a life and stay out of his, your just helping him get more succesful…

  202. manson4ever says:

    ok, manson is worth 2000000 of yourself. and the rest of the bastards that type shit about someone they dont know and dont understand. Manson is human and therefore is intitled to get upset. hes not un-emotional, so grow up a bit before judging someone on something you probably did last week. Marilyn manson is not washed up, and what is it to you about his private life and realationships. At least he can get a nice young girl friend.And do you know what type of therapy that man is? its like you get put on happy drugs he has helped so many people and made them feel uselful and wanted and you are saying hes washed up? Hes evolved and he doesnt brag about cutting himself. He explains himself its not in an emo way. if you did any research for the piece of shit you call an article you would be aware of that. It was like a tatoo. Your complaining about him complaing! do you know how much of a fucking hypocrite you sound like? and also, you must have nerve to say he writes like a 14 year old, did you read what you wrote? or was it to deppresing? to see what a washed up shit bag you have become? seriously get over yourself and grow a pair. manson is an amazing guy but he has his faults.

  203. anonymous says:

    If Merlin didn’t care what people think explain the “cavalier” statement?

  204. MaRiLyNMaNsOn LoVeR says:

    hello Meathead i just wanted u to know….. GET an Fing lif e u idot go die!! marilyn manson is GOD!!!! so shut ur fugly mouth!!! …. thank you :)

  205. anonymous says:

    Marilyn Manson is a god indeed! A god of sellouts!

  206. anonymous says:

    No, NO, No, i take it back he is the god of suck (dicks)!

  207. MaRiLyNMaNsOn LoVeR says:

    Fuck you than manson is the best damn person in the enitire world and u r and idiot who sux a micro dick!

  208. MaRiLyNMaNsOn LoVeR says:

    oh and FYI marilyn manson (bryan hugh Warner) is the god of fuck!!!!! :DD PRAISE MANSON!!!

  209. anonymous says:

    He is still the god of SUCK! (dicks)

  210. Wordsworth says:

    Instead of getting your claim to fame talking shit about a well known celebrity why don’t you try and make a real contribution to society. Kill yourself. The suspense is killing me.

  211. not a hater says:

    yall need to stop making fun of marilyn manson…haters!
    yall are so bored with your own meaningless existance that yall dick heads dont have anything better to do than make fun of someone you dont understand so if yall want to keep making fun opf marilyn manson go ahead but FUCK YALL HATERS!!

  212. anonymous says:

    Marilyn Manson is just beating a dead horse at this point. Kind of like his fans.

  213. not a hater says:

    u wanna talk about beating a dead horse all of yall talkin the same shit about him so he aint the only one and maby if u listened to this is the new shit song it says everything

  214. You know they say what comes out of the mouth of man lies somewhere within their heart… Don’t take lightly what one says… For a journalist to meet Manson face to face shake his hand means she too must indeed be in love. All for the sake of attention. How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people? You sure do like riding on the hem of his garments. Marilyn this part is for you. Keep shinning. If being you consists of hiding behind dark mask to reach the ones who slumber in darkness.. you do what you got to do to continue to reach them. Apparently its the world who is fucked up in that they like the Shock of it all. Life has grown to be a repetitive boring place. Without Marilyn Everything would be without inspiration. *Dead* Rock on Marilyn Rock the fuck on!! Its better to burn out than to fade away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I see you masturbating while looking at Mansons video over there Miss Hag. lol

  215. Dennis says:

    I love the fact that you have a 9% popularity! You are a loser and your name is Meathead, neither original or clever. It must be nice for a talentless prick to be able to talk trash about artists actually accomplishing something in the world. Ah, First amendment. Gotta love America, and losers with their unwanted oppinions

  216. meathead says:

    Thanks, Dennis! So, what’s your popularity %?

    Oh, and it’s “opinions.” One p.

  217. KC says:

    Kudos to Papa Bear :)

    Marilyn Manson is a very intelligent individual. I am shocked that you would have the nerve to even diss him. Who are you of all people to write this about such a wonderful person?

  218. KrystiAnn says:

    Yeah I’d like to say. I’m a Marilyn Manson fan, but I’m pretty fucking awesome. And here you are going to criticize him? I know for a fact you aren’t perfect either. What he does with his life is his choice. & Honestly, that’s bullshit, if he came to your house or anything, you would be fucking happy to be seen with him BECAUSE he’s famous. Sure, he does things that some people do not like. But it is not you who is doing them. So get over it. Sure, call me an idiot because I personally like him, call whatever you want. But just know he has amazing music. And He’s UNIQUE something you surely aren’t if you’re gonna say this shit about him. I even admit, it is weird about some of the shit he’s done, and I personally wouldn’t do it. But that’s his choice, && that’s him. Damn, atleast he’s being himself & he’s not some fake. And it’s good for him, because he’s not ashamed of who he is and the choices he makes. And I personally think he’s amazing for that because taking a guess , what % of people could you say are happy with themselves and aren’t ashamed to admit something or aren’t ashamed of atleast something that they did? No, I do not know him personally, and no, I don’t know you personally. But I wouldn’t go around saying a bunch of shit about you because of what this says. You can grow up and get over yourself. I know you’re obviously not one to like people who are ”freaks” or different, but there’s a lot of people who think that that kind of stuff is sexy. Yes, you don’t like him. And other people don’t either. But I think it’s bullshit you can sit there and type up all this shit about Marilyn, or if you know his real name, Brian, When I know for a fact that you are no where near perfect, no one is. I’m not saying I am. Because I’m far from it. Just like you and everyone else in the world. But I honesty think you’re pretty fucking pathetic to sit there and type all this shit about someone who’s actually famous, unlike yourself, and acually has a shitload of people who admire him. One perosn like you won’t break him. I can assure you that. He’s gonna keep doing his own fucking thing, and he doesn’t give a fuck if you like it or not. He’s happy with himself. And that’s all that matters. Get a life and stop saying shit about other people, and possible famous people too. And your name on here is actually quite interesting, ”meathead” explains a lot:)
    Get at me.

    • KrystiAnn says:

      Who are you calling a dork? Me. Hhaa. I bet.

      • Anonymous says:

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  219. Ayla Hess says:

    how about everyone leave Marilyn Manson alone he didn’t do anything wrong , quite making up stupid lies that like his music,image,or religious veiws are hurting our childrens future or some crap like that , cause really its not if we choose to listen to his music or follow what he does that’s our choice don’t blame him .He has nothing to do with it . I love his music and his style I support him on the things he does . Hes being himself whats wrong with that don’t critisize him because he is not afraid to be different . I personally think he is a good roll-model . If u r the parents that r against Marilyn , grow up if ur kid(s) like him let them listen to him . If u don’t u r putting into kids minds that there is a certant way that they have to live . Well there isn’t kids should be able be the way they want to be , if they get picked on for the way they look thats on them maybe one day they will get the curage  to stand up and fight for themselves and others who r like them . Marilyn is doing what most people should be doing , enjoying their life their way . Marilyn is a very intelligent man , he knows what he is doing and hes doing it for a reason . And maybe ur kid(s) like Marilyn because his music speaks out to them or maybe his music helps them during bad times whats so bad about that ? People u need to loosen up and really get to know marilyn manson and u need to see things his way hes had a pretty bad past but i dont think he regrets anything he did . If u dont like him dont talk about him dont say anything about him just move on with your life theres no need to critisize someone because they r different or r into different things !

  220. That random Freak says:

    I gotta say.. I am a manson fan, and in my weird, confused, fucked-up, sense of humour i did actually find the article rather amusing. I mean, dude.. it is pretty well written, but it also begs the question, do you actually have a life? i mean what the hell? I know i don’t live in america (well at least not the last time i checked anyway) but isn’t it a free country? and arn’t people in free countries entitled to free speech? I mean what do you do, stalk his myspace and troll the internet for references of his name or something? Or do your ‘retard fans’ just forward it on to you?

    And as stated previously, yes i am an early manson fan, and i’ll also excersise my right of “free speech” and admit that yes, after the early 00’s mansons career probably did begin to go down the shitter.

    Anyways, to sum it up, nice article, stupid subject.

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  226. hannah says:

    all of you haters are dicks

  227. Definitely not Mm says:

    I remember this article way back when it was first posted, and it still never fails to entertain me. Meathead, you've always had a gift with words, even when you were doing The Perspective. Keep writing shit, man.

  228. 123 says:

    Manson is a talented artist with millions of fans. What is with the article? It's disgusting. Are you serious? Can't you find something better to do? Shame on you.

  229. zebra says:

    I am a Manosn fan. I'm not stacked to shit but I do do martial arts, four years now, and think you wouldn't have a feckin clue how to react if I got all up in your face. P.S. when was the last time you saw someone stacked up to shit done for murder, it's normally the less built guys going totally psycho that are the problem. Don't worry though there's no danger of you actually giving anyone a real chance at you by actually giving them your address now is there.

  230. Meathead's Rent Boy says:

    …only Manson is of some relevance and you are nobody. It seems like the only people who read your article did so for a laugh. And as for "I just don’t like hanging out with losers"? Who the fuck do you usually have show up at your house? Let me guess: your mum and the occasional rent boy? Put that pen back up your ass where it belongs.

  231. Lolololol says:

    Bahaha, nice article, totally agree with everything you said, anyone that says otherwise can go suck on a big floppy donkey dick =)

  232. trucks says:

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  233. pope says:

    This is hilarious.

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