CRAB-CORE REDO: Attack Attack! Make New "Stick Stickly!" Video!

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111 Responses

  1. miami rick says:

    at least they kept the synchronized guitar flips. woo!

  2. Adam F. says:

    Who knew that a group could be entirely bland yet piss off every bone in my body at the same time

  3. julian says:

    glad to see the running in place move made it over to this video but i wish the dopey emo kid would have got revenge on the blue hoodied degenerate who denied him entrance

  4. Brandon says:

    The Vocoder on that dudes voice is hilarious. I think he should have a vocoder battle with Zapp. See what you guys think. Here’s the link.

  5. micawber says:

    “Nu Rave” was a good idea in theory…much like communism. I don’t know why all of these bands took the shittiest trance music and combined that with the shittiest new rock music. The Stone Roses should reunite just to show these fucks how its done

  6. blah says:

    yeah, this video came before the other one

  7. asdf says:

    ive been told that this one came first. which would make the other one even worse seeing as it would be their second crack at it. jesus christ.

  8. Yvonne says:

    OH NOOOOO.. a friend sent me this clip a few weeks back and now it crossed your screen. Those muppets look like they’d have trouble pooping. I HATE these poses. In Manchester, Oct.08, at the ITC event I’ve seen a band called ATTACK! ATTACK! and I remember that I found them quite ok. Go figure. BUT.. BUT.. it was a different band. So, this is the clue: There is at least one more band with the exact same bandname. That’s bad. pffff.. I hope I’ll never see nor hear the american A!A! ever again and cheer up for the less terrible british A!A!

  9. ian brown says:

    glow sticks. fuck…

  10. Royce Edwards says:

    Why didn´t anyone came up with a “Crap-Rock” joke ?
    Am I really the first one ? Is that joke to simple ?
    God … Where´s Dimebag when you need him…
    It seems to me that metal in general is slowly losing his testosterone. I mean : look at these gay dudes and then compare em to what Metal Guys used to look like back in the Days (Pantera, Slayer, fuck… even Bodycount). Metal use to be an subculture based on expressing aggression into music. Nowadays they sing jesus-christ gospel songs and flip their guitars in choreo. Religion isnt very metal, is it ?

  11. kt says:

    The crab-core trend is spreading while reaching some terrible terrible new lows. When will people learn that metal and disco don´t mix and never will. Not that these guys would have any idea what metal is nor disco for that matter.

  12. John Holgado says:

    hahahahahha…thanks for more free press, cracka!

  13. Kasio says:

    Hey look one of the band members likes the free press from the head. Too bad this is not the press that will sell you some records. I am not interested in your awful music and unmarketable band, I bet it is safe to say no one who reads this site is interested either. Bad press does not make shit more marketable because at the end of the day it is still shit. I hope the guys in Attack Attack! enjoy the top of the peak now because in two years you will all be forgotten about or in new crappy bands hoping to get an early time slot on the warped tour. (Killer Brah the warped tour peak of the punk pyramid!) Have a nice trip to the bottom your crappy videos will be missed your music and band will not.

  14. R.Flores says:

    Damn, I thought I wasn’t going to bite the hook and join this discussion, but man, after reading the most recent posts on lats week’s Gossip column about “The Attack” and after reading a speech on “Why music matters” by the head director of the Boston Conservatory this morning, I just felt that, as a relatively responsible citizen of the world, I had to jump in and try not to inflict moral damage on this young gentleman named John Holgado, but to try and make an effort and inject some cultural concience into that brain of his that just seems to be rotting away (just like the brains of many other young peope around the world) in the disgusting filth that modern day pop culture is.

    John I know you’re young, I know you dream of stage lights, arenas, tour busses, six figure record deals and amazing record release parties with “important” people cheering for you and your other bandmates, because, sadly, that’s what the people on tv shows, magazines and websites make out of being a musician or an artist in general today. I know it because you like to brag about how your t-shirs and your cds are selling really well at your shows and how you get to slay a lot of youg girls and what not. John have you ever heard of this band from back in the 90s and early 00s called “Limp Bizkit”? I bet you have, you might be young, but not young enough to not have listened to those guys. They got pretty big on their soulless music you know? So yeah, you and your friends might make that big and all (I mean if THOSE guys managed to do it, why the hell not you right?), but have you heard of those guys lately? I sure haven’t, once the novelty wore off, once their audience grew up, that band slowly faded into oblivion and all of their members got lost in the merciless shuffle of the modern music industry. And what got left behind after that? I’ll tell you what: nothing.

    Today no one talks about Limp Bizkit (unless you’re gonna make joke about it, which makes things even sadder) yet you find people talking respectfuly about all those “lame old bands” (as you like to call them) for some reason. Maybe it was because they actually meant something. It makes me sad to read your posts where you compare yourself to the the punks from back in the day. Those punks from back in the day, at least the one’s that are remembered with respect (So no, they’re probably not the ones that come to your mind) had the conviction of defying society’s status quo, not that of making some sort of fashion statement. Old punk bands like The Clash, The Stooges, The Buzzcocks, they all had their own sort of integrity and an identity of their own before they became famous, and that’s why (some of them at least) they continued to make great music and awesome documentaries about them were made.

    John take a look at your band’s videos and photos and give your own records a spin and then do that same thing with the final product of the other bands in your “scene” , you know, your peers, and then ask yourself “Are we defying the status quo?” Sadly, you’ll find yourself answering “No”, you’ll find yourself realizing that you are part of the status quo, you are part of a bi-product of the trash today’s media feeds to the new generations, but at least you’ll be aware of it and maybe you’ll get rid of the manufactured identities some store sold to you and your friends and you’ll start trying to create some meaningful and unique, and you’ll start seeing why a lot of people, old and young, respect those “lame old bands” you talk about.

    I used to listen to some really crap music in my younger days, fortunately, curiosity made its way into my musical life and I started not only looking forward but also back to the history of music and found myself surrounded by unmeasureable amounts of great records from every era of rock n roll. So yeah kid, give it a try, get rid of your “metal/death/emo/hardcore” uniform and just live the whole spectrum of music and maybe your band wont only be remembered as a mere joke like Limp Bizkit.

  15. kt says:

    Also when trying to catch that elusive rock n roll dream pleas remember that this type o shit is neither cool our clever. Try doing massive amounts of drugs our play the STD roulette by banging mid western groupies. Because if thing go the way they usually do (the way most music fans sincerely wish, hope pray they do ) you don´t have the opportunity to do them in the future. The world moves on little girls find a new guyliner wearing 17 year old whose poster to but up on the wall, groupies find a another bass player to suck off and buddyhead another horrible crime against music to make fun of.

  16. tim k. says:

    the autotune is ever present.

  17. Chip Norman says:


    Why are you barely visible in either of the videos? Just wondering.

    – Chip

  18. joe dick says:

    baahahaha. these guys were at warped tour and completely fucking cut up by the other bands, specifically Gallows.
    i went to warped cuz i got a free ticket and thought, fuck why not? so there i was watching Frank Carter talk a whole lot of shit about how Attack Atack, brokencyde, and jefree star among others were ‘complete fucking shit’ [said in brit accent]. fucking great.

  19. joe dick says:

    oh and your favourite band, 3OH!3 were there as well, and received a well deserved tongue lashing from the other bands about how fucking shit they are.

    the guy in the purple hoodie has huge tits.

  20. Towelie says:

    Forgive me but I’m over this bashing. I think the chicks in the band are hot.

  21. John Holgado says:

    im just a guy in a band who likes good music, and works hard making music and touring. i quit high school for this. we can all agree to disagree, get over it

  22. tim k. says:

    you might want to consider re-enrolling at your previous school. this shit ain’t gonna carry you through sonny.

  23. what the fuck says:

    did that genetic disaster really just say he quit high school for this?

    my cock is bleeding to purge the sins of the retarded

  24. Franklyn says:

    “i quit high school for this.”

    The world needs more ditch diggers. Good for you.

  25. Mark says:

    You might want to take:
    “Bio Im John! I Play bass for Attack Attack!”
    out of your TwitPic profile there bro.

  26. Dan says:

    “i quit high school for this”
    good luck with that, buddy!

  27. Mike says:

    Proves that any kid with a guitar can be made into a hipster rock star with slick production and auto tune. Riffs suck ass.

  28. ryan says:

    I know it’s a music (and I use the term loosely) video and shit’s overdubbed anyway, but did anyone else notice that none of their amps are turned on? Dude’s (and I use the term loosely) keyboard isn’t plugged in either. I’m betting they do the same thing for their live (and I use the term loosely) show (…and again), as playing chug-chug-wee bro-core riffs is just too hard when you’ve gotta keep your dance moves synced with the rest of the fruitcakes on stage. Whatever the reason, it’s kind of appropriate, almost poetic, in the sense that anyone who likes music is completely turned off by their vacuous douche dribble.

    And John… try to remember that you’re still just a fucking bass player, by and large the most useless, least respected and expendable part of a band, especially yours. Nobody can hear your lame ass in the mix anyway, and I’m sure they don’t want to, so can it girlfriend.

    See you in a couple months when my lawn needs mowin’ champ!

  29. Zee says:

    I don’t know what compelled me to do this, but I searched Attack Attack! on wikipedia and found this highly amusing:

    “Nick Barham – screaming vocals
    Johnny Franck – rhythm guitar, heavily auto-tuned vocals”

    You know your band has no talent when wikipedia acknowledges the shitty auto-tuning on your songs. Anyways, that video and song were terrible. I’m now listening to Tool to cleanse my ears of the audio diarrhea.

  30. BROshua says:

    Wow… That is seriously the worst fucking thing ive ever seen!

  31. tim k. says:

    i also notice it mentions not just auto-tuned vocals, but HEAVILY auto-tuned vocals. sometimes it takes more work to polish a turd i suppose.

  32. I managed to watch most of this video, however; I could not possibly make it through all the way to the end. This kind of horse shit make me seriously consider never listening to music again. I think I’m going to go and have a nice little stroke now……

  33. E-brah says:

    You guys have seen the new Brokencyde video right? If not:

  34. E-brah says:

    Shit…if you wanna see how Brokencyde does it in the studio there’s a whole series on Youtube. Shitty hardcore screams at 1:37.

  35. E-brah says:

    !!!!!!!!! I couldn’t resist referring you to Fred Durst’s latest “reminder” on

    GFY haterz!

  36. Sylvain Cecile says:

    Its like a fucking abortion of linkin park fetuses. these fucking poser losers cannot be serious!!!! they look pretty hardened, with all those tatoos
    fucking twats There is still good music being made though…it is out there, and so is garbage like this, sorry to say

  37. Doomlund says:

    Never heard of them before, but just saw the video and thanks to Attack Attack, I am now an avid supporter of depopulation.

  38. Ashton says:

    You all need to shut up. I doubt any of you actually play an instrument. Attack Attack! is playing shows around the United States and has a spot on Warped Tour and what are you guys doing? Sitting on your butts at a computer all day. Music is music. There is different styles for different people, if you dont like it fine. But quit the bashing.

  39. Nick says:

    “Music is music. There is different styles for different people, if you dont like it fine.”

    That was quite elegant and very apropo Ashton.

  40. Garrett says:

    these clowns are from my hometown and they kicked the other dude out cause he would get drunk every night and fuck 15 year olds when the dude is like 23. He wasn’t christian enough… these kids are not only the laughing stock of anyone with good taste, but a complete joke in their own home town. Supported by tweens who just wanna put baby powder in their hair and get fucked by some twats on stage wearing the same clothes as them.

  41. Ashton says:

    hey thanks Nick!

  42. Rob says:

    i think he got kicked out because he was too christian

  43. Robbie says:

    woah…seriously, attack attack! is a great band and as for the auto tune isnt used because he cant sing its because they wanted to mix techno with screamo…..also there look is just a look it doesn’t mean there emo…..even if they are, who the fuck cares…..if you don’t like them don’t listen to them and don’t bash them on the internet, thats so fucking stupid…..and idk how austin got kicked out i tried finding it online and i heard either he was drinking too much or he slept with johnney’s girlfrined….idk if either of those are true

  44. Pissed off says:

    Chip Norman, you have no fucking clue what you are talking about, as a critic your opinion should be valid provided you have support for your judgment excluding low blows and insults as well as racist comments. You may not know this but the band doesn’t have much say in the video making process, hmmm I think that’s what a director is for… Trwoing out terms such as “goth” and “emo” made me laugh out loud at your stupidity, you don’t even know what they mean do you? “And don’t let your weird Asian dork’s mom find out about all the f-bombs he keeps dropping. Wouldn’t want you Rockers to be grounded during Warped Tour 2010!” You should go fuck yourself buddy that comment wasn’t necessary and very unprofessional.

    Go educate yourself, then post something worth reading

  45. Pissed off says:

    P.S maybe go fuck yourself then educate yourself…

  46. chris says:

    even IF, just IF someone wanted to objectively LIKE this music or considered this abortion of a style “good”, Attack Attack can’t even put together their songs together in a way that doesn’t resemble Terry Schiavo’s community college entrance exam scores (post-accident).

    all of these deplorable examples of “song parts” (the 8th-generation Meshuggah breakdown rip-offs, the autotune fag parts, etc.) are just stapled together, one after the other without any regard for making a “song” (ironic, since this stuff could be primed for being really famous soon). this band is like a free, broken vending machine that accidentally keeps spitting out cheap and popular gimmicks over and over.


    i’d rather get felched by Bin Laden than listen to this afterbirth.

  47. MK says:

    “woah…seriously, attack attack! is a great band and as for the auto tune isnt used because he cant sing its because they wanted to mix techno with screamo”

    Ohhhhh, I get it now! Like when I want to mix putting my dick in a blender with insulting Mike Tyson to his face, two great tastes that taste great together!

  48. Christiancorrell says:

    It’s suprised me how much hate their is for a certain style of music.Trust me I’m not the biggest fan of this type of “mixin” either,but put into consideration tthe fact that before any of the groundbreaking bands got “big” they were also massly hated.All I hear on this blog and comments is how gay the are for being “emo” and “young hot topic kids” seriously?
    And making fun of John for dropping out of high school when in reality there’s a crap load of kids that do that and have nothin. So make fun of them all you want until you’re in a band that has as many fans as them(and I have checked they have a mass amount of supporters)then you can talk cause John may have dropped HS but at least he’s making money loving what he does and having thousands of screaming fans on his nuts while you guys are at home in front of your computer with nothing but a mininmum wage job.So ease up

  49. Garrett C says:

    haha alot of hate for Attack Attack!
    I love the band, HATE HATE HATE the music video. Just cheesey on top of cheese with more cheese and crap.

  50. Mike says:

    If u guys hate this band


  51. Robbie says:

    brokencyde sucks i dont even see how they are close to attack attack!…attack attack! is amazing….and yes the video does suck but its not there fault its the director and maker of the video….so ppl need to chill fuck out….its a music video and band not some worldwide problem…….and i agree with Christiancorrell….even though john dropped out he still has a great fuckin life

  52. Andrew says:

    Some people are acting like the music they listen to is ao better than other music. Everybody has different tastes and thats a good thing. So quit being fucks and be thankful that you dont have to suffer through the same terrible genre over and over again.

    Quit bitching and learn to play and instrument or go listen to the music you like. I wouldnt listen and watch shit i didnt like, id turn it off. Dumbasses…..

  53. Danny says:

    This group leaves such a bad taste in the mouth

  54. Michael says:

    Hey John and Attack Attack, keep up the good work with touring and making new music. You guys are an amazing band. Your show at the St. Louis Warped Tour was amazing, you guys killed it. Looking forward to the new cd!

  55. TFish says:

    Ahahaha these guys are fucking lame

    They ditched their original fans here in columbus and the lead singer that was actually good as soon as they were signed. This was one of their worst songs but they still used austins vocals in it which I find hilarious as it further proves that this new fat little faggot can’t do shit.

  56. Kayla says:

    i actually thought the first one was good.
    but then they remade it and it was the worst thing i had ever seen.

  57. Nick says:

    wow this place really hates attack attack! the reviewer guy is pretty much an asshole. the terrorist part at the end was definitely way too far alot fucking people died and hes fucking joking around about that shit. i like attack attack whether everyone here hates it or not.

  58. Lambshank says:

    To be fair, if you don’t like a band, you don’t like them. Going round slinging shit isn’t doing anything other than causing arguments.

    I’m a fan of Attack Attack! because they combine two loves of mine: electronica and metalcore. To chunner on about how metal’s goin down the bog or whatever is completely irrelevant as metalcore takes more genre influences from hardcore PUNK, the word is a portmanteau of metal and HARDCORE after all. Most hardcore, by its very nature, tends to be discordant anyway for those pointing out the “randomness” of the music. The majority of people commenting here scream to me that they’re music elitists who only listen to one genre (and its sub-genres don’t count before you say you listen to more than one). I don’t think that qualifies people to comment. My collection ranges from classical, through psychedelic folk and electro all the way to black metal and I’m not qualified to comment, I’m only a music fan. I find that many of the best musicians are all results of experimenting and Attack Attack! have experimented bringing two different genres together, whether they were successful or not is objective.

    Perhaps Attack Attack! will disappear from everyone’s radars in the future, who knows? At least allow them their glory days now if so but music is heading in their direction. There is an almost 80s electronic revival in the UK Charts and people are loving it. Enter Shikari, who combine “techno” and post-hardcore (albeit a little better in my opinion) are having huge success globally so these guys may well be around for a while.

    What I will agree with is the quality of the two videos. The DIRECTOR who is responsible for the video, not the band, should never work again or should maybe try and help P!nk with her whole “Look at me, I’m punk” bollocks because the kids seem to believe it a bit more with emos and lame ‘symbolism’ thrown in the video. What I don’t agree with is the entirely objective journalism of Chip. If you’re trying to persuade people off the band, provide some positive points then argue them down. Its basic journalism/discussion tactics. And never make it personal. Overall, I can’t help but ignore all said and wave it off as it sounds an awful lot like the ranting of a jealous rival.

    Please don’t waste any time directing any responses at me because I’ve said my piece and not everyone will be pleased with it. Its inevitable you’ll argue but you really are just working yourselves up over nothing if you don’t like the band.

    Latronic, P

    P.S To quote Frank Carter is pointless because the guy just seems to spew shit non-stop and in the UK it doesn’t really shock anyone anymore, rather it makes us roll our eyes and ignore the ginger runt as he goes on with his image trip.

  59. gwd says:

    I’d just like to say that the dramatic failure R. Flores, who left an essay on how a hardcore bass player in a CHRISTIAN band needs to get his life together and start living with morality, is a pitiful excuse for a man and needs to put some research towards all future shit-slinging. That review was probably written from a viewless cubical where the author makes minimum wage and wishes he had pursued his dreams of music rather than become a bitter old fart. Also whether this band is your kind of music or not is out of the question because it is blatantly obvious that they have at least some talent (likely more than the geriatric that wrote this blog/review) and deserve respect for having to put up with the intolerance of people like you all whilst trying to spread the word of christ through their songs.

    I’m just saying in the future have a little respect for the abilities of the musicians you are jealous of rather than thoughtlessly bashing them…

  60. luke harvey says:

    CRABCORE FTW. this is a great band and there videos are sooo funny lol. the guy who wrote this is obvi as old as my dad and like my dad he has no idea what good music is. and why would you use the lanuage that you used, whoever wrote this is obvi stupid, but he is from USA what can you expect

  61. Nick says:

    luke harvey is funny

  62. BELT BOY says:

    When I saw this video I called the label owner, in complete confusion, to ask what the heck was happening with these guys and why he put it out. To my shock, the guy knew who I was and I was busted. I hope to see one or two of these guys pantsed at a show. Someone should make sure they play with the Cro-Mags ASAP! Crab DEEZ!

  63. BELT BOY says:

    I just read lambshank’s comment and realized there are more idiots than anticipated. The world is getting full.

  64. JimTheHateMonger says:

    “To each his own” is absolutely correct, and what I like about Attack Attack, is that they are very entertaining. Not as a musical group, mind you, but as a comic relief. Some bands are U2, Pink Floyd, Tool, Slipknot, The Clash, The Ramones..

    … and some are Enuf Z Nuff, Winger, White Lion, Crazytown, Brokencyde, Tokyo Hotel, and Attack x2.

    Some are creative and intelligent, and some are just freak shows worth watching for shits ans giggles.

    Some are Amazing musicians, who create masterpieces, and some are just master PIECES, who create spectacles…

    My advice…
    Ditch the makup and dualing haircuts. Ditch the syncro line-dancing and guitar feats. Lear to play. Learn to write.

    Then again… what do I know… I’m just a consumer.

  65. Pope says:

    Lambshank this is hardcore? THIS SHIT IS NOT HARDCORE MUSIC.

    People need to realize that. HARDCORE MUSIC is a SEPERATE GENRE! It still sounds like hard punk music. you wnana hear HARDCORE? Go listen to have heart or ruiner. THAT is hardcore.

    THIS IS SCREAMO. Screamo mixed with shit. Mixed with shit and auto tuner. Because everyone knows you don’t need a lick of talent to use auto tuner.

    You know how i know? I used to be close with the band back when they were big in columbus. They are all, minus austin, are douche bags who just wanna follow and not lead.

    The SCENE is a giant turntable filled with the next IN BAND that a bunch of 12 year olds and get wet to. simple as that. The music sounds like devil wears prada which in turn was stolen by some other fag scene band.

    They won’t be shit in a few years. They’ll be too damn old for 13 year old girls to wanan fuck them or they’ll be so coked out of their minds to realize where they went wrong in life.

    Attack Attack gives the columbus music scene a HORRIBLE fucking name, and in FACT gives the beautiful 614 a BAD name in generall. I apologize on behalf of my city to anyone who can’t stand this mindless shit. I am sorry you have to live in a world where originality is so original anymore.

  66. Donjuan Reyes says:

    k, SHUT THE FUCK UP. Attack Attack is a great band, JUST CUZ YOU DON’T FUCKING LIKE THEY’RE STYLE, DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO BASH THEM. get the fuck over yourselves you fat sacks of scary pants wearin CUNTS. “Oh man, the guitar doesn’t sound anything like Dimebag’s! it’s shit” yeah, ask me if I give a fuck. He’s dead. NOBODY WANTS TO SOUND THE SAME, MUSICALLY. WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT OF HAVING EVERY BAND SOUND THE SAME?? I would just like to say FUCK YOU to all you haters out there. Crabcore for the fucking win.

  67. Donjuan Reyes says:

    p.s. Lambshank is completely right. fuck you.

  68. STEEN CULLY says:




  69. Luke says:

    Steen Cully: Not only is your grasp of the English language atrocious, you’re also stupid enough to put your MySpace address here.

    Kurt Vonnegut will be spinning in his grave to know that a cretin like you is quoting him.

  70. Wowwww... says:

    Haha, I was trying to find some information about this band when I found this. I actually like Attack Attack unlike… every other person to comment on this page, but here’s my problem. EVERY single one of you wasted your time shitting on a band that all of you no NONE about. Yeah who gives a shit what the videos about? You wasted your time watching it and you wasted your time commenting it… CONGRATULATIONS! you’ll never get it back. And for everyone comparing them to Slayer and Metallica and shit, since when the fuck did they say that’s what they are trying to be… you guys are retarded and if you don’t like someone’s music then don’t fucking listen to it, you don’t have to make a hate column.

  71. Amber says:

    aww fresh blood.
    he/she clearly doesnt know who hes bitching too.



  72. Mark says:

    I love Attack Attack!, but even I have to admit that their videos are pretty bad. It’s definately the synchronized head banging that kills them.

    Still, I can’t believe one idiot photoshops crab hands onto a music video, and the whole internet jumps on the hating bandwagon. You guys are idiots who obviously have nothing better to do with your lives. Kudos to Lambshank for saying it like it is.

  73. Ben says:

    Attack Attack is made up of musicians more talented than any fucks bashing them on this page. You people need to get a fucking life and make something of yourselves rather than sit on the internet bitching about a group of people who have already accomplished more in their lives than any of you 40 year old virgins

  74. Chris says:

    What the fuck is wrong with all of you people? Oh, you think you’re so cool, just because you think you’re “the shit” with all your deathcore! I bet you all have no life and stay home all day just to hate on videos like this? Well guess what, get a mother-fucking life!!!! Just because they use auto-tune and they dress differently than you would, doesnt mean that you can hate on them!! Go wear your fucking Aeropostale and Abercrombie clothes and leave Attack Attack alone, they’ve never done anything bad to you! So go listen to your fucking gay-ass Greenday and Paramore you fucking deathcore posers!!

  75. Samuel R Burd says:

    Chris, maybe you and your friends can start a support group?

  76. JarredCook says:

    why the fuck does everyone keep saying A!A! is metal?

  77. Andy says:

    I found this very unprofessional review looking up Attack Attack! On wiki (I look up bands on my phone when im on long drives) the comments left on this page are very ignorant. How can you compare them, like previously stated, to Slayer or Metallica? Really, that’s like saying “Between The Buried And Me suck because they aren’t like Black Sabbath” well BTBAM are awesome and talented band as is BS, but you can’t compare apples and oranges.

    I agree that a lot of people on here listen to one genre of music and aren’t open to anything. For the Critic to say religion isn’t metal, he is a fucking idiot, is there specific guidelines for a band to be metal? You have to be anti-religion? No you don’t, music is a form of expression. Look up August Burns Red Or Demon Hunter (both are openly religious bands) and tell me they aren’t talented.

    Also how can people bash these guys on how they dress? What the fuck! Does it matter what people wear? If it annoys you, people wear “goth/emo” clothes, then grow some balls and man up.

    You (Critic) can have your opinion about this band, but don’t make unthoughtful and racist comments you bastard, people died in this war and you make a joke about it? Its not funny at all. I bet if someone you loved died in this war you would think twice about that joke. As for the Asian joke that wasn’t funny either because it is in a review. Had it been in a light hearted conversation that might have been funny.

    Bashing John about dropping out of high school. Again unthoughtful, he is doing what he loves and if that means dropping out of school then so be it. I bet he is having a hell of a lot more fun in his occupation than most of you losers are. You don’t need to have a college degree or be super famous/rich to be happy.

    I like Attack Attack!, as long as they stay true to who they are. If any of you guys are reading this, keep up the great work :] can’t wait for the next album.

  78. Darryl says:

    hey Andy, watch the road. Driving while dicking around on yer phone isn’t cool. Driving while looking up the worst bands in the world multiplies that by about 12.

  79. Robby says:

    Attack attack you guys kick ass. Keep up the good work. I would like to see any of you people talking trash to do what they have done. You worthless dumps wouldn’t accomplish shit. If you don’t like it don’t listen to it and shut up.

  80. Robby says:

    Attack attack you guys are awesome. I love your stuff. You losers talking trash just keep it to yourself. I would like to see any of you accomplish what they have. They have thousands of fans and you don’t have any. Just don’t listen to it if you don’t like it, and keep the comments to yourself

  81. Amber says:

    Andyyyy your ESSAY is cute.
    your taste in music is shit.

    if one can put their ipod on shuffle and it just so happens that a stones song comes on and then an AA song comes on right after that i really do not see how you can tell yourself that this boy band is good.

  82. Kyle says:

    Kicking the door won’t open it when you need to pull..

  83. Deborahh says:

    its funny how disgusting some of you guys are bashing them. while you guys hide behind a friggin computer screen, AttackAttack! gets big money. Maybe this video wasnt was crappy but that terrorist bit was unneccessary, like someone else said. I watch a couple of vids of them live and i was dissappointed. after hearing their album, i expected something just as good. But still, at least they play music worth hearing. unlike bands like Brokencyde & Hollywoodf Undead. Oh wait, i like Brokencyde a tad. oh well…but still. some of you guys take music WAAY too seriously. YOU GUYS ARE TAKING THIS VIDEO TOO FUCKING SERIOUSLY. you wanna listen to music thats a joke? listen to Lady Gaga. she may be a great singer but her songs are fucking stupid. Shut up and give AttackAttack! a fucking break. id like to see you guys do better.

  84. Brian says:

    Fuckin’ A, this band gives me a rash, man.

  85. Cal says:

    Deborahh, are you sure you weren’t dropped on your head as a kid?

  86. Cal says:

    cal, yes I’m sure. Deal with the fact that I along with many other people, like AttackAttack!

  87. Deborah says:

    uggh. that lost comment i made…i meant to put down my name as Deborah. but i put Cal instead. THAT was an accident..hehehehe.

  88. jason41224 says:

    damn. some people need to get a life.

  89. Awesome says:

    This song is awesome. end of. it has everything!

  90. Dr Leipzig says:

    This review is overly harsh.. the crabcore is ridiculous but it sounds jokes in my ears so i couldnt give a f*k how they play their instruments as long as they play them!

  91. Billy says:

    Okay. Crabcore? A little silly. But seriously. You dont have to like everything you hear. Not always are bands serious when they do shit like this particular crab stuff. They are kidding around. And its no big deal if they are or not regardless. I play in a pop punk band cause it is what I love. So what? Hate on me. Cause its not what you listened to when you were 16 whenever that happens to have been. If someone is buying cds, shirts, show tickets then bands will make their music cause its what certain crowds like. Fuck it if you dont like it. If you think its lame then dont listen but its no reason to go off the topic of the genre to make fun of how they dress or their race even. Its unnecessary. Respect them for working hard at what they do because theyre having fun with it. Nothing more.

  92. Deborah says:

    Billy is 100% right. This article is disgustingly rude & disrespectful. It’s racist and discriminative, as well, therefore it should be taken down. Somebody should write an article about the author of & see how he likes it. Wait no, assuming he’s a mature adult, he’s not going to let it bother him. Bullshit, sir. attackattack! is a fucking band, regardless of the fact that 10 insignificant people don’t like it. The fact that Iran hates us for a stupid reason is irrelevant to the topic, as well.

  93. Billy says:

    After reading these comments I went out and bought the album. Its fucken rad. Look at that. I like them. Do you? No. So why bother making a big deal about it? Seriously guys go do something useful with your lives.

  94. AttackAttack! is badass! says:

    This is a great band. Period. They’re out there writing/recording music, selling out shows, simply doing something productive with their lives…what are you haters doing? Slowly back away from your computer, laptop whatever the fuck you’re using and go out and get some fresh air…possibly a job! Stop wasting time butchering a band that most definitely has more talent you will ever have!

  95. maxwel says:

    I cant believe i just stayed up all night and read these comments. what the fuck. I’ve never been so compelled to disconnect myself from the internet. We’re already, all, AttackA-who???

  96. armenia4ever says:

    You do realize that Attack Attack IS NOT EMO? If Attack Attack is emo, then Bury Your Dead is hip hop.

  97. Ryan says:

    Attack Attack charted with an amazing CD, with another one releasing in less than a week. You run a crappy website. With posts that get 4% popularity.

    The winner here is pretty obvious.

    The sad part is people in comments talking about how great musicians were in the “old days” and how much Attack Attack sucks. These are the same people who buy a set of drums from Wal-Mart and pay some guy $25 to change their guitar strings. Any slight knowledge about music would lead you to the obvious conclusion that these instrumental parts are much more challenging and musically complex than the three chord riffs written by your beloved idols who died of heroin overdoses.

    I’ll be fair. The video concept is really stupid. But you can’t base your entire knowledge of a band on one video. Videos don’t tend to be designed by the band members themselves. Play the video and then don’t watch and it will be easier to understand why people like this.

  98. Kanye Wesley Snipes says:

    Ryan, you’re either 12 years old or a virgin. Attack Attack sucks. You can finally accept that your music taste is sub-par compared to ours.


  99. Voivod says:

    This is really not good music by any standards.
    The video speaks for itself…

  100. Xxblonde_emoxX says:

    Now I still have no idea what genre this band is. I mean the first song I heard by them was “you and me” and I loved it but then I heard this shit…idk wat to say. This remake is no better then the old one I mean they have no story to them at all. They need to kick fat ass out the band cuz he can’t do shit. Then they need someone who can actually sing unlike this autotuned fagget.

  101. this guy says:

    they are post hardcore and just so you know fat kid (caleb) is now vocals and the lead singer moved on to another band

  102. Anonymous says:

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