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  1. Sugarplum says:

    Nice job. Those hipster sunglasses really drive me bonkers. I want to grab them and just stamp on them. And hell, some don’t even have UV protection so what’s the freaking point?

  2. staci louise says:

    I can’t handle this level of retardation

  3. Marty says:

    A perfect example of what you are saying is all in that Van Halen video. That Jack Daniels bass has always brought a smile to my face, even when I was a little kid I knew how awesomely lame it was.

  4. davehog says:

    They look like bizarro versions of the turds from the Mars Volta.

  5. Brian says:

    I hate when bands dress like assholes.

  6. daaaam, next time i have beef i’ll just hire meathead 2 tear em up

  7. Adam F. says:

    I’m gonna go clean my ears with some kyuss. “yeeeauuuuhhh!”

  8. Shmoe says:

    hahah sooo true. Just ridiculous

  9. We’re witnessing some serious hide the pickle with the corpse of music here.

  10. julian says:

    what does LMFAO stand for?

  11. julian says:

    oh wait is it laugh my fucking ass off? nevermind i answered my own question

  12. Socko says:

    Meathead, could you please maybe convince Travis and/or Aaaron to convince Josh Homme to slap the fuck out of these morons? Please?

  13. DJ SLOTH says:

    actually i dj a lot of clubs and whenever any LMFAO song is dropped the crowd goes completely unequivocally insane. they both make all of their own beats from scratch. Its not music to listen to when you are driving to work (squares), its music you turn up full blast when driving to the club drunk with all your friends (if you even have any).

  14. mitchell christopher otmk ent. says:

    lmfao, “haters mad, say i look funny, but how you look funny with a pocket fulla money?

  15. Neuroseizer says:

    I don’t give a shit how they they make their beats of if people at the clubs like it. People at clubs will go berserk over all of this garbage. This shit sucks. Straight up. No questions asked. They should both pull a Kurt Cobain.

  16. LRFS=LMFAO Really F'ing SUCKS says:

    Thank God someone said it. I can’t believe this page isn’t the first page that pops up on google when searching LMFAO. How these guys make any more money than minimumm wage cleaning bathrooms at some walmart in middle america is beyond me…. I’m embarrassed for these guys to think that it’s ok to look and act the way they do!!! WTF?

  17. they suck says:

    She has some big cajones? She has big balls? Fuckin idiots.

  18. high voltage says:

    haahaha who are you ppl? i love ac/dc,sabbath,rise against and some atreyu.i went to an lmfao concert belive me they rocked the fucken place.dont get me wrong i only like half their songs techno sucks but they did their own thing right between hip hop and techno lol what have you fruits done? i assume most of you can play guitar hero songs with a squire. lol keep up the good work.and your right they do dress retarded but they get alot more ass then all of you combined.maybe thats what it is .. your jelouse because they invented a style and get ass while you live in moms basement playing chords you found on ultimate guitar.

  19. you suck says:

    high voltage ur a tool, they did not invent anything, they rap simple rhymes that everyone has heard already on beats that are simple to make. Getting ass doesn’t always mean a good thing either, unlike you I have standards, and unlike you i dont have herpes. I don’t care about their style, they can dress how they want, what I’m saying is if there were two other guys that sang the same songs, would people still like them? Probably cuz their shit is simple. High Voltage, no one cares that u love ac/dc sabbath or rise against, thats a non-sequitur to the issue, ur lame

  20. Darri says:

    LMFAO are the shit!

    Haters mad, say I look funny.. but how you look funny with pocket full of money?

  21. Sean Penn says:

    Just by the discription alone, i don’t even have to bother looking them up to know they suck…

  22. I’ll bet your every single thing I own and will ever own that if you came face to face with them that you wouldn’t say a god damn word.
    Its one thing to review music its another to review music you don’t even like so just leave other peoples musical tastes alone and listen too your old shit that nobody cares about.

  23. Meathead says:

    You obviously don’t know me very well.

  24. jchapur says:

    wtf are you retarded they are actually good… you must have no life to make that whole essay about some music group you hate. like you have no comments or anything on this shit noone gives a shit about you.

  25.  i couldnt agree more, those guys suck donkey cock and there afros are shit too 

  26.  i couldnt agree more, those guys suck donkey cock and there afros are shit too 

  27. Anonymous says:

    For a moment I considered your blog mildly entertaining then I realized you’re not really saying anything. Since you mention “Logic” allow me to impart a basic principle “Petitio Principii” or Begging the Question, in other words circular arguments (claiming X because of X e.g. they suck because they are bad). You say they are shit, not funny, have bad style but never hit what actually makes their music bad, comedy unfunny or style distasteful. I am eager to learn…

  28. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree with Brendan Smith.. If you dont like that kind of music then dont listen to it. Sorry it bothers you i guess but you know everyone is different in their own way and if thats what people like (including me) then thats what they like.
     I dislike some older music and it is still played on radio stations but guess what I ignor it. I also have a life so I am not sitting at a computer typing and entire essay about a band I hate, and you obviously didnt just sit and type an essay. You did some research. Find better things to do then bash someone elses interests.

  29. Chris says:

    I could not possibly agree more with anything else I have ever heard in my entire life. These two pricks are set for the rest of their lives (if they invest their money instead of spending it at the mall (which you know they will)) for a whole mess of crap. Music is supposed to be a sort of artistic expression and they just sort of.. Took a dump in the face of it entirely on purpose because IT'S FUNNY U GAIZ

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