Fuck Michael Jackson

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  1. Holy Smoke says:

    Jackos dying wish was for his ashes to be used to make plastic bags…so he can still pose a threat to children!

    Reports of Jacko having a heart attack are incorrect. He was found in the childrens ward having a stroke

  2. Travis Keller says:

    People are gonna bum on this… I djed tonight and had about 45 requests for Michael Jackson songs in four hours. After a while people who walked up to me I just beat them to it before they spoke anything and said “Michael Jackson? Is that what you wanna hear?” People love them some MJ.

  3. Travis Keller says:

    Also, dongs.

  4. Sir Alec Guinness says:

    Fell so sorry for bubbles.

  5. Dr Kiko says:

    MJ is the secret headliner at Glastonbury this weekend. Best marketing strategy ever!

  6. Dr Sundal says:

    So, are kids now safe?

  7. hugo stares says:

    first david carradine then ed mcmahon then farrah fawcett now mj i love celebrity deaths! these things come in threes so we can look foward to 2 more biting the dust pretty soon

  8. Beau says:

    Good riddance…..Another Molester gone!

  9. Yo says:

    I was watching the news about how a child molester was jailed and how the community was so happy. I downer if that child molester made music and danced well, he would have skipped all the charges…even after taking the court for a joke by dancing, leaving when he wanted, and came in pajamas.

    Fuck Michael

  10. Dick says:

    Goodbye creepy!

  11. ian c rogers says:

    travis, I hope you played Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough. I’m not sure if I’ve ever DJ’d anywhere WITHOUT playing that. why? because I like seeing girls dance, that’s why. it worked 15 years ago. that shit is going to make girls FLOAT now.

  12. Brian Cooksy says:

    Please fill in the blank with the correct answer:

    ____ Runs a shitty blog

    ____ Captured the world with his stellar performances and music

    ____ Tries desperately to get hits with his contentious post titles

    ____ Won numerous platinum awards and united the world

    ____ Will always be a forum for losers

    ____ Will always be celebrated and a winner

    a. buddyhead.com
    b. Michael Jackson

  13. E-brah says:

    I mourn the death of Michael Jackson jokes. My favorite one was:

    What is Macaulay Culkin’s favorite kind of salad dressing.

    Neverland Ranch.

  14. Ted Jahng says:

    you forgot one:

    _____ played flesh pretzel with brian cooksy.

    this one’s easy, brian. only one choice:
    a. michael jackson

  15. fake cockney accent alan strippe says:

    brian, michael jackson didnt unite the world he united a bunch of crazies. did you see the type of people who hung outside the courthouse to support him during that trial? they are freaking mutants

  16. asdf says:

    sigh. i remember when buddyhead was older than me

  17. TERNT RESNER says:

    Fuck you guys, he wasn’t a child molester, it was very obviously a mania he had due to the fact that he had no childhood when he was actually a child. What he did was weird and fucked up but it wasn’t because he was sexually attracted to children, he just wanted to be a child.

    Also, he’s not dead. Black MJ is playing poker with Johnny Cash, John Lennon, Tupac and Andy Kaufman in a trailer in the middle of the desert. There is an endless supply of 40oz’s.

  18. Southern says:

    Thank God this sad time with bullshit songs is over! I Hope he dont disturbe all the real Rockveterans in Heaven! Jimmy show him teh real Rock’n Way! Hell Yeah!!!!

  19. Pat says:

    man buddyhead rules.

  20. Joe says:

    wow on the comment post on youtube, lol im looking for it just to laugh and show my friends

  21. Emmy Darlington says:

    Thank you for your blog post, this is exactly what I have been saying all day to the fucked up “fans” who are mourning the death of a pedofile…”glad he is dead” is my thought today!

  22. bob says:

    die die die stab the bastard make sure he is still dead

  23. Mark Smith says:

    Thank god for this post. Was sick in my mouth reading all the pro child molester bullshit currently being spounted about this freak of nature.

  24. Tito Jackson says:

    “Won numerous platinum awards and united the world”

    -lmmfao- “United the World”.. Now THAT’S fucking funny.

    Good Riddance to bad rubbish. Now it’s Tito’s time to shine!

  25. Mr. Mojo Risin' says:

    Thanks so much for this post. There’s a revolution brewing in Iran, yet the internet’s choked with the death of a child molester.

  26. Law007 says:

    Thank god someone said it, FUCK MICHAEL. I googled FUCK MICHAEL because of how frustrated I was at all the “I love Michael now that he’s dead” Band Wagoners, the world is full of lemmings. Luckily when I googled that, this site came up and drowned my anger with an awkward happiness that there are more people out there that feel the same. Yeah a few of the comments on here are just as intelligent at the Michael followers, but for the most part they are a level headed bunch that want to kick MJ lovers in the nuts as badly as I do.

  27. Steel says:

    Michael Jackson was a leech, just like every other rich and famous person. He didn’t deserve most of what he had. He was a scam artist who did a few things that got people’s attention and then got overpaid for them over and over again by millions of saps. Besides, his songs were meaningless fluff pop.

  28. 1 – Great musician.
    2 – Dickhead.

    I’m still breathing a heaving sigh of relief over Jeff Goldblum.

  29. -P says:

    ____ Blames all of his mistakes on his shitty childhood.
    ____ Worshiped as a saint by a select group of idiots.
    ____ Disgraced the Beatles.

    a) Michael Jackson
    b) Charles Manson

  30. Sleddog says:

    Now I can worry a little less about my 7 year old son. The Andromeda galaxy is closer to the Earth than Michael Jackson is to being a roll model. He was a homosexual pedophile, (might as well have been a cannibal too)who was so fucked up that he should have been placed in a mental institution for life. His music was mediocre at best, and his style was nothing more than thinly veiled transvestism. I don’t wish anyone dead; however, he should never have had the fame he received.

  31. burndownradio says:

    Is plastic biodegradable?

  32. Brandon says:

    I agree, fuck Michael Jackson. I happen to be a very tolerant person, sometimes to the point that it makes ME sick. But, Jackson is, well was, a fucking CREEP. WHAT THE FUCK could you be thinking getting all those botched up plastic surgeries. Lets see…HE WAS A FUCKING PEDOPHILE! If this was anybody else, everyone would say “Oh, great, one more molester off the streets!” But, since it’s Michael Jackson, Fat white chicks that graduated high school in 1988 and black people that think the “old” Michael Jackson was a completely different human being, will ALL mourn and make a big fuss. But seriously, does this come as a shock? FUCK MJ, he was the biggest creep I have ever laid eyes upon, and he was a fucking junky just like the rest of Hollywood. I plead to the public, stop whining. And in honor of MJ, the next motherfucker that asks me if I head Michael Jackson has died, I am going to punch them in the fucking mouth. PS. Thriller sucked

  33. Brandon says:

    correction * If I heard Michael Jackson….second line from bottom.

  34. Jason Waul says:

    mikel jonsen es sposd 2 b molest of cheldrin he tuchs there penes.ef i seen heem i wood say hey mikel! why joo tuch em’s penes? than i tuch hees penes

  35. whatever69 says:

    michael who?

  36. cookey says:

    Goodbye you sad squeeky voiced nonce…..hope the devil has a place reserved for you……alll you sad assholes who feel sorry for him should fucking follow him……

  37. derf says:

    Don’t worry if you already bought your tickets folks. I’m sure he can pull off a James Brown inspired worldwide corpse tour. Snap that plastic mug on a mannequin and booya, immortality.

  38. MKC says:

    Not a child molester, of course not and Hilter didn’t kill any Jews! Come on, this guy was as sick as they come and the only reason he wasn’t behind bars being someones bitch is because he had money. So, yes I agree FUCK HIM and the sick bastards that supported him.

  39. MKC says:

    PS. His music sucked

  40. b dubb says:

    Yeah, fuck MJ. I don’t care if he had an excuse for molesting children, HE STILL FUCKING DID IT.

    He was sorta talented, but so are so many other people…

    Whatever. Hope the worms don’t get sick from his corpse. Then again, with all the chems in him, he’ll probably not need embalming.

  41. Stephen says:

    Children around the world are celebrating his death. A tearful Robin Williams vows to pick up the torch where Michael left off with pedophile glee.

  42. KMA says:

    Fuck that child molesting white ass nigger

  43. KMA says:

    now the worms and maggots can ‘eat him eat him’ burry his ass and eat him.

  44. KMA says:

    now he can jam out with Tupac and Big e smalls in Nigger hell.

  45. The Lord God says:

    Fuck Michael Jackson and Fuck Perez Faggot Hilton – Jackson, a great wasted talent, will and should rot in Hell, as will Perez, hopefully sooner than later… so long, shitbags

  46. whodamann says:

    The guy produced one good album, which went stratospheric cos of Jon Landis’ film, then he went tits up – all thi sbullshgit about being the greatest songwritewr ( he didsnt write the shit he had a contract that said he did) the greates singert (fuck me) and the greatest entertainer (ohg where have peop;e been) is shit – and as for being ahead of the curve – Jackson 5 followed Osmonds, his disco p[hase followed disco,m thriller foolwed dANCE..er what ther fuck did he do afterthat????

  47. Tr says:

    Another wacked out individual bites the dust. Now stop all the tribute to his messed up soul.

  48. asdff says:

    Did we all forget he was a pedophile? Fuck that creep, I hope he burns in hell.

  49. Nate says:

    People are too sad. After all he is made up of 30 percent recyleable plastic so he will live on in our water bottles.

  50. lipreader says:

    His “music” sucked but people who don’t like music bought it so they could hear him dance. I’ll be glad when all of this fake hype is over so he can be forgotten again.

  51. bonus egg says:

    Michael Did not molest those boys, he made love to them.

  52. Wally inth' Beav says:

    BRAVO! You guys made my morning. More dead jacko jokes, please!

    I heard a judge said they have to bury him at least 100 yards away from the nearest school, and that his gravesite must be registered with the sex offender database.

  53. Dougie says:

    Glad to see the whole world isn’t full of brain dead, let your governments walk all over you, idiots.;)

  54. Paul Mosley says:

    Jackson was NOT the
    biggest influence in ‘Pop’. Whoever said that, has a very shallow idea of what Pop(ular) music is. Now that he’s dead it’s gonna be a steady media diet of ‘Michael Jackson till you puke’, and then some. Disgusting that Farrah Fawcett’s death was denigrated by such a clown as Michael Jackson.

    Paul Mosley

  55. Arg says:

    haha nice youtube comment

  56. Al Sharptown says:

    Michael bees the king of pop. He loved children and fondled them in bed. Why cant you people remember that he just wanted to plat with young boys to get them erect?

  57. fono says:

    I’m riding in my friends new caddilac. he says “rock” and a zeppelin comes on the radio. He says”country” and george strait comes on the radio. He says “hip hop” and coolio comes on the radio. Just then, two kids run out in front of the car. He slams on the brakes and says “fuckin little boys”…Michael jackson comes on the radio!!!

  58. Marion Barry says:

    Michael loved crack and we smoked it. So what, the white man is trying to keep the black man down. You all should just try and give us the reparations. Or we may just go back to africa!

  59. Patrick says:

    “Wah, wah, wah, Iran! Child molester dead, who cares? Wah, wah, good riddance! Wah, wah, Iran… why is this child molester’s death news when there is a ‘revolution’ brewing in Iran? Wah, wah!”

    Jesus, some judgmental assholes will carp about anything to make themselves feel better or have their views on the world seem more relevant. Who said anything about Iran in this article? Don’t you belong on Twitter, “tweeting” your life away lamenting the pop-cultural gutter society has become?

    Anyway, good article.

  60. pisspisspissmoanmoanmoan!!! says:

    what was black and came in little white cans?

  61. Bobarian says:

    F’king pedophiles deserve to die. I regret three things about the death of Michael Jackson: 1) that pedophilia isn’t a capital crime; 2) that Jackson wasn’t convicted of it; and 3) that I wasn’t on the firing squad……Okay, make it four: that it didn’t happen sooner.

  62. Claire says:

    THANK YOU for this!

    I feel the exact same way! I’m so fucking sick of all the hyprocrites coming out of the woodwork now that this guy is dead.


  63. Jason says:

    I just hope the public outcry for O.J. Simpson is the same when he dies. If everyone is going to celebrate a child molesters life of achievements, then why not a murderer?? As long as neither were convicted, must mean neither did it huh??

  64. Marko says:

    So we’re supposed to have respect for the deceased. However, I can’t bring myself to induce any respect whatsoever for Mr. Jackson. I realize the man was mentally ill and lived an abusive, abnormal childhood; aside from that I positively loathe anybody who can turn around and abuse others in the form of Mr. Jackson molesting pre-teen boys while sleeping in his bed with him! And the bull**** of him claiming his innocence in terms of “passing” a polygraph test and, get this, the fraudulent Russian “psychic” Uri Geller who “hypnotized” Mr. Jackson claims he asked Jackson, while under hypnosis, if he had sexual molested a particular boy. Geller “adamantly” claims Mr. Jackson said he didn’t molest that boy. What a crock! Uri Geller and Michael Jackson had been very close friends for many years. How much did Jackson pay to have the polygraph results skewed in his favor? How much to he pay big buddy Uri Geller for “results” in his favor? Most of us know Michael Jackson was a liar. Remember when he denied evrt having plastic surgery other than having his nose butchered over and over?! To sum it up: Jackson was NO hero, he was NOT a positive roll model (what pop star is?) he could wail away into a microphone in his falsetto warble while grabbing his crotch and dancing backwards all at the same time. Wow that’s talent, baby!

  65. Marko says:

    Excuse the typos in my post, I’m dog tired!

  66. Dem Nuts says:

    Are you as tired of hearing about the deceased boy-lover, Michael jackson, as I am? He wasn’t that good. What a freak. He got more weird as he got older. I feel bad for his kids and having to admit having that freak for a parent!! I guess they can overcome it with a few years of therapy and a some good drugs! Hopefully his memory and all the media attention will follow the words of one of his songs and “BEAT IT!”

    What about Farrah? I will miss her!!!

  67. Titonotthepervsbrother says:

    Thank you for stating what many wish to say to the world…FUCK that Pedo piece of crap. You morons that don’t want to admit that he is a PEDO…guess what if your innocent you don’t settle for millions out of court. If I could, I would shit on his grave. Good riddance freak….great singer and dancer tho. Ohh and another thing black people…..you all disowned him and called him an uncle tom until his greatful death.

  68. bob 36 says:

    Jacko was a sick fuck he should be tossed into a cardboard box pushed into a large pot hole and paved over. Fuck the memorials and shit for this sicko. They should burn down the Neverland Ranch to rid the world of his sins. There should be a massive town to town burning of his Shitty music in town squares as well … Good by sick fuck Karmas a bitch ! Was he talented? no. fuck his pointless bubble gum electronic style disposable pop music too. Its just plain shit its sad videos sell music. with out video he would have amounted to nothing.

  69. julian says:

    will paul get the rights to those beatles songs back now? maybe i wont have to listen to some pussy versions of thier songs in dumb commercials anymore

  70. Goerge Likes Spicey Chicken says:

    suuuureeee. Mike wasn’t a molester. He just paid a kid 15 mil, his parent 1.5 mil a piece, and THEIR lawyers 5 mil for “neglect” GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!!!! Why is it that any schmuck that has millions and fucks up gets a free pass. He was a freak and a pedophile AND, apparently, a really good drug addict. Didn’t go for the Oxycontin (actually, he did) and percocet, naaaa…let go for GENERAL ANESTHESIA! That’ll fry my nut sac really good. Fuck you Michael Jackson. May you never touch another child again.

  71. Steel says:

    Michael Jackson’s still all over TV, a week after his death. It’s amazing how much singing and dancing can make so many people forget about body mutilation, lying about such mutilation, and being delusional about thinking you can make people believe you only had one or two operations and your face simply “changed” (see interview a few years ago). I forgot about talking in a baby voice and having your supposed biological children (likely another lie) wear masks in public while they go around believing they have no mother (even though she’s still alive).

    This is the great hero who makes so many people weep over his passing.

    The masses are idiots. I need to find a new planet.

  72. ihate mj says:

    good riddens to the fucking talentless kiddy fiddling freak

  73. Good Bye Michael, I love you....FUCKING NOT! says:

    Latest news is MJ didn’t die on his bed. He died in the bath blowing bubble. But it is all OK. The monkey will be fine. Thank fuck this site exists.s We are getting “Americanised” news bullshit here in Australia about this freaking wierdo, we have had enough!!! I hope someone digs up his rotting corpse and does to it something as bad he did to kids. Rot in hell you freak!

  74. marianella says:


  75. pjl says:

    MJ’s last wish was to be melted down into lego blocks (made of plastic), so that all the little boyz could play with him….

  76. bob 36 says:

    Jako did not die of a heart attack he died when his plastic nose caved in causing him to suffocate to death.

  77. Dave says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel like throwing-up whenever they see Michael Jackson’s freaky face on TV?

  78. james mf reising says:

    Another one Bites the nuts?

  79. james mf reising says:

    I celebrated like it was 1999 upon hearing of his demise. Sadly enough, monkeys everywhere (al sharpton) are scrambling to re-write TRUTH and make him an IDOL that he never was. The only KING OF POP is Coca-Cola.

  80. Val says:

    I am totally baffled about the sudden adoration here in the U.S. towards MJ just because he died. He was washed up here in the U.S., dubbed Wacko Jacko, and his last album flopped, now folks are buying his stuff frantically. So after all the molestation charges, he goes to live in Europe. Europeans don’t give a shit about nut jobs and embraced him.

    I went and viewed a series of YouTube videos about a documentary done by Martin Bashir with Michael called “Living with Michael Jackson.” Apparently, this was done over the course of 8 months. I think Martin was much kinder than I would have been but MJ didn’t like the outcome because he came off not as he had envisoned it would come out. If you view them from the beginning to the end you clearly see some of the contractions and outright lies coming right out of MJ’s mouth. Even with that, people are leaving comments such as Fuck Bashir and I love MJ.

    One thing which struck me was out of Michael’s own mouth he said he had a sexual relationship with the mother of his last child “Blanket.” He would not reveal her name, blah, blah. He asserts that that relationship resulted in Blanket and of course that child is biologically his. Then in a later video in that series, he said that Blanket was conceived with a surrogate mother, he didn’t know her but he used his sperm and something to the effect that he wanted the surrogate to be intelligent, have good physical features, etc., and that he didn’t care what race. He clearly said he didn’t know her. Naturally, since this took 8 months, he didn’t remember his first lie. He also came out that she was “black” but when Martin asked how is it possible that two black people can produce a child who is clearly white and has not trace of African American. MJ went off and said that it happens all the time. Maybe, but really, how is it possible that this happened 3 times in a row. Is he really that stupid to think people would buy that? Yes, many of them do.

    He said he thinks he’s had only 2 plastic surgery, on his nose. I would think that if you had only 2, it’s pretty sure you remember that you had 2 so the “thinks” is a stupid thing to say. That’s a farily easy number. Autopsy results reveal that there were numerous scars that resulted from numerous plastic surgeries. Well hell we knew that. He morphed into Batman’s Joker.

    Martin said he looked different from when he was 21 and that obviously his nose is different, his chin (cleft) is different, his cheeks are different, his eyebrows are different, etc., and MJ said that’s is part of changing in the growing up process. Certainly an argument can be made that when you are a kid, your face matures but you don’t suddenly have a cleft (dimple) in the middle of your shin and your basic bone structure such as cheek bones don’t change. Does he really believe people are that stupid? Yes, they are that stupid.

    Of course if you point out the obvious that MJ clearly has made himself white, married only white women, only has white children and even dyed his first son’s hair blond (you can see his roots in one of the videos) that to me, he is trying to be white in every sense and I see it as a slap in the face to African Americans, you and then blasted as a racist.

    I truly don’t understand how a former disgraced pop star, just because he died is now a revered icon. People sure are stupid and have very short memories.

  81. Kystien says:

    lol well lets see who else died recently. Whos that Pitch man? Billy Mays?

    God i cant wait for this media blackout to end and to get that sick bastards face off the fucking news!


  82. Steven says:

    Fuck you stupid retards. The people who believe the press and the child molester shit are dumb sheeps who have shit in their heads in stead of brains. You are the kind of people who killed Jesus, or would kill Gandhi or Martin Luther King. You are the kind of people that made Hitler reach what he reached. Dumb, pathetic and stupid people who just follow anything anyone makes up.

  83. Steven says:

    Kystien you are the sick bastard. Stupid kunt. You ain’t shit burn in hell motherfucker and I hope your kids and family burn with you u useless waiste of space and oxygen. Fuck you, I hope your kids get raiped and killed, and if you dont have any, any person you love so that you suffer, piece of shit.

  84. james mf reising says:

    I had a long blog in mind about this weak freak and how heavy rotation on mtv does NOT make you an artist but I digress. All of this attention is giving him and some little boy in amsterdam something to giggle about under the covers(not to mention paying off his debts).

  85. Steven says:

    M.J was a good man. Who cares if he lied about surgery? Fucking hypocrites, like you never lie. Like you’re perfect. Fuck all of you. You know all you stupid motherfuckers here acting like you’re are all that remind me of the Jews that killed Jesus. You show a very disgusting side of human nature. Maybe I did to, but you’re stupidness, and specially your hypocryte bullshit angers me, and someone needs to put you on your place. Talking about his kids and stuff? WHO CARES IT WAS HIS PRIVATE LIFE!! He was a good man, he never raiped no kids. But the human race loves to take anything or anyone that is pure and good, and destroy it. Shame on you. I’m not saying I’m any better. You dont WANT to believe he was innocent, because that would not fit your picture of him. You LOVE al the bullshit paparazzi stories. You LOVE to demonize someone. Val, you talk bullshi, when you are the stupid one, and very hypocrite too. But thats just the way it is. In this fucked up world where kids die of hunger. Where kids shoot up theyr classmates. Where kids kill theyr parents. And if someone even dares to say that Michael was a good man, you immediately would bash him/her. You are all little Hitlers.

  86. Steven says:

    Yeah James mf reising. You are God. You are the one who decides who are the artsist and who are not. Nevermind the opinion of billions of people. Nevermind that how someone can unide the world with his music, give millions of dollars to charity. Nevermind someone leaving a part of his fortune for hungry kids in Africa.

  87. james mf reising says:

    Steven, You are an idiot. Money has been given to Africa for years out of my tax dollars, my father’s tax dollars and millions of hard working people around the world and they still don’t know how to grow corn. Fuck mj and Steven TOO!

  88. fro kay says:

    Thank god micheal jackson is dead. now our kids could roam the streets free from micheal jackson, but we still got to worry about his other family members, these people are fucked, we should just burn em. oh also fuck Perez hilton

  89. fro kay says:

    ohh also you fucking idiot steven are u actually comparing that pedophile to Ghadi? let alone Jesus.
    first Steven get an education
    Second, find a woman that will blow you.
    last, stick your finger up your ass and die u stupid fucking fuck. fuck you and fuck that pedophile you sheep fucking fucker.

  90. JEW boy says:

    Michael was a complex person – all famous people are neither pure saints not devils. He had issues, he also entertained us; though after Thriller I grew up and didn’t care for Pop. I became a MetalHead (now I am somethign else).

    He fell victim to you guys- society that favored Whites at the time (not anymore), he wanted to succeed deseprately so he triued to straighten nose like mine & yours, LOL. He started to look goofy, but soi did Einstein. Even Mother Theresa had issues. Let him rust in piss, nopw that he’s dead and can’t reach your kids from the grave (?)

  91. JEW boy says:

    Sorry for typos – typing on a mobile device….
    P.S. Michael Jackson also invented a question mark (patented) and MagicJack (MJ – IP phone for $20/YEAR).

    As of his efforts to feed Africa, it’s like pouring water from oen vessel into another, and that other vessel has a hole in it – waste of time. And he used our money for that – we paid for tickets.
    It’d be better if he sponsored nose jobs (plastic surgeries) for all Africans instead, and issued a pair of glittering gloves for Zimbabwians so they don’t get bruised when evicting White landowners from the land they cultivated to feed Zimbabwians but now ravaged… ohhh and he should’ve bought usw helmets for safet when browsing Web at high speeds. And buy us condoms when using Windows Vista because I often get fucked by this software….

  92. gerti says:

    fuck michael,,,FUCK,,HE WAS A PEDOPHILE<<

  93. dan says:

    i cant believe all this bullshit coverage for such a scumbag.the media rips him apart 2 years ago now hes a saint? this is all the medias fault anything for a story they are scumbags too, ROT IN HELL YOU PIECE OF SHIT !!! NOW I CAN SLEEP KNOWING MY SON IS SAFE FROM ONE MORE PIECE OF SHIT.

  94. OMAR says:


  95. Jerry Garcia says:

    I wasn’t praised that much after my death. I am still dead and nobody cares, maybe if I were a pedophile and had a moronic NOSE JOB, and was wearing glittering dress with a gant slit to expose all the right body parts, and if i were dancing… and sometimes grabbing my crotch, I’d be remembered for a good Crotch Action.

  96. Banzai Gorilla says:

    They sang in front of the coffin. Most were smilling some were crying. But their tears are probably of joy as they’ll inherit his fortune. This is one happy family now. They can feed on his money without putting up with his “I’m a 50 year old child” bullshit. And feed they will, baby, because Motola said there are 30 albums worth of MJ unpublished songs. Judging from the songs he published it’s safe to assume they’re crap but nevertheless the’ll give morons a reason to live and of course….buy…..because this is what morons are for. Jamonah Hee Hee

  97. So Fuckin Tired of Jacko's Legacy says:

    I am so so so fucking tired of the so-called “legacy” of Michael Jackson. Ok. Talented performer and OK, weirder than shit. How much more airtime does it need? Dying was his best career move. They are selling tons of CD’s and downloads now. Wowee.

  98. Michael Jackson Child Raper says:

    The guy was a talented pervert creep who got off because of stupidassed jurors and really pricey attorneys

  99. Haha Fucking Idiot On Youtube says:

    Omg that fucking idiot on youtube ans seriously fuck michale jackson fuck mainstream artist that go along and say he inspire me to sing and holy fuck listen to some rock not fucking pop.

  100. That guy says:

    Fuck this guy,the media painted such a great picture when he was up on child molestation charges a couple of times. Now they paint another picture of how he moved so many people and touched so many lives across the world. Bullshit. Those people are just on the media’s balls, sucking and sucking.
    Who the fuck names there kid Blanket? Oh thats right a complete fucking weirdo. I guess thats all I have to say out side I’m glad others feel the same way.

  101. Yeah Buddy says:

    Thank god for this page. Yeah what about all the bad shit this guys was accused of. All I’m hearin about is the good. I got a kick out of Rush and Shawn Hannity today hatin on the fact that this is such a big deal.

  102. Right Wing Extremist says:

    Hey Steve! Fuck you! You god damn nigger lover. I bet you voted for Obama. Who cares about a celebrity at all. The world is pathetic that everyone knows more about the lives of celebrities then the lives of their own children or family. Big deal that any celebrity dies, yea it sucks for their family but what difference does it make in your life? Absolutely nothing! Maybe if you had a real job you wouldn’t be such an angry faggot democrat. I bet you can’t wait for a stimulus check to come in the mail either. The world sucks on the tits of Big Government and the popularity of government dependence just keeps increasing. Thanks to all of Obamas Spookulation, you retards voted for him and jumped aboard the popular train and elected a fuckin celebrity. If we are lucky that Monkey president will die and that will be worth celebrating!

  103. Steven says:

    Hi, it’s me again, Steven. I am a fucking rat bastard. I cannot get enough attention since Michael is trying to steal it from me, so i post over and over about little Hitlers on weird forums. I am jealous that Michael died before I could. And I am upset that I will never get a chance for Michael to suck my dick.

  104. Christian von Lähr says:

    Hello, Steven, this is Christian von Lähr. I can channel Michael Jackson’s spirit and he has something to say to you. Michael told me to tell you to shut up and become a martyr for him and die already.

  105. Right Wing Extremist says:

    And oh if you have not noticed by my earlier post, then now you will. I AM A FUCKING RACIST!!!

  106. Cajun says:

    One question I have. Did anyone ever ask this
    little cocksucker if Al Sharpton’s dick tasted
    diffrent from Jesse Jackson’s?

  107. Cajun says:

    Right Wing Extremist—I am not a racist!!

    I just hate Niggers..Jews..Rag Heads..Illegal
    Aliens..and any Mother Fucker in this country
    that dosen’t speak english.

  108. Me Fucked says:

    Michsel idiot jackson was a fucking idot, like the rest of them assholes who one day id raping kids and next he is dead

  109. Me Fucked says:

    Why people give a fuck about a baby rapist anyway, they are just as fucking bad as he is/was.

  110. Rob says:

    What a freak. good riddance, you sick fuck

  111. Thomas says:

    This people is why America is the greatest country. We took a poor black boy and turned him into a rich white woman. And like all the other Great musicians, it only took some prescription drugs to get rid of him. There is no point in watching T.V. anymore, it just gay jacko channel all the time.

  112. buster says:

    I love this site. I am truly happy about the death of MJ. Not to be cruel, it’s just that it is a good thing.

  113. Eric says:

    Can you believe the freaking media? They’re relentless coverage of all of this Michael Jackson bullshit! And bullshit it is! What the hell gives here? What was so freaking special about Michael Jackson to render a major media bash for his memorial? I mean for virtually every news outlet to cover this Jackson crap is mind boggling to say the least. Was Jackson some important dignitary, an important religious leader, a former president, etc. ? NO, he was just some “entertainer” who, for the last 15 years, has been out of the limelight. Suddenly the guy is found deader than a doornail and everything comes to a screeching halt! It infuriates me how news outlets like FOX, CNN, MSNBC and the network, even the local news channels have to focus on this Jackson shit. The worst being the cable news channels. Michael Jackson, by NO means, doesn’t deserve the royal treatment he’s been garnished with. The man was a sick, sad case who had pseudo talent. Most of Jackson’s “worshipers” are the ghetto dwelling folks who have the sheer gal to refer to him as a hero! My gawd a hero! Don’t they know what a real hero is? Guess not! Then they say all of this shit about him being so talented, inspirational, loving, caring, sweet, blaaaa, blaaaa, blaaaaa……. Yeah right! He was about as inspirational as a cockroach, about as heroic as a dustmite, about as caring as a wingnut, he did “love” 12 and 13 year old boys, and he was about as sweet as a swig of kerosene. Screw the fu***** media! Screw all of those blubbering cretins who can’t stand to live another day without Michael! Most of all: SCREW YOU MICHAEL JACK-ASS-SON! I’d sure hate to see you in another life. Now that would be hell!

  114. Ivader says:

    Wow…Talk about jealousy in an indirect fashion. This retarded faggot thinks he can really “wow” a bunch of Michael Jackson hating losers. Michael Jackson was more than you’ll ever be. You’re some lose who posts his contrary, lame opinion on some pathetic website that I came across, that sadly, on my behalf, caught my attention. You probably tell yourself that you enjoy the controversy and stir-up of arguments, but it’s only a masquerade for being an asshole. Only a dickhead would listen to what the media tells him/her. I doubt he was a pedophile… he was sued because he was an easy target to receive money from, when in despair. Yes, he did sleep in the same bed with his young guests, but that doesn’t necessarily correspond with molestation. This proves that he was crazy…a fuckin’ crazy genius, mind you. But his lunacy doesn’t provide sufficient references for being a pedophile. He looked different than others, which also provided an invalid basis for accusations of child molestation, which the very gullible public of today would easily fall for. The second case was subsequent to the initial one. Once again, you have a little asshole that thinks he can say anything, and thus him being a kid, anything he says will be believed. Ridiculous. Since the first case, founded on bullshit and lies occurred, the second one would seemingly seal the deal against Michael. But yet again, fallacious tales of a little 14 year-old jerk, who will rot in hell. And to add insult to injury, he was a recovering cancer patient… so now you have the public’s gullible, stupidly vindictive hearts against Michael J. you make me laugh and shake my head at the same time.

  115. mike says:

    i dont believe that he dint do what he was accused of i feel like soemthing was going on to pretend that there wasnt is just stuiped granted that he is dead so let it be nothing anyone can do about it im tired of hearing michael this michael that why dont u think about his kids instead the ones who really need support!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Goth says:

    MJ isn’t dead, he just went back to his home world.

  117. HeHaHa says:

    All the freaks that are crying for MJ remind me of that little pansy that came out with that video on youtube that was called Leave Briney Alone.

    Just image in your mind all these MJ cult members crying about the Wacko Jacko. Sob..Sob..Leave MJ Alone.


    Here is a pathetic attempt by someone to make a video about Leave MJ Alone. Why don’t one of you real MJ cult members make a video so we can laugh more…



  118. Right wing extremist says:

    This country needs a lot more racism. If we were more racist those sand niggers would have never flown planes into the world trade center. We wouldnt have to press 1 for english and so on….. If i moved to mexico i would have to learn spanish cuz those wetback fucks sure as hell wouldnt accommodate me.

  119. RIP already... says:

    This website is great! Finally there’s a place where we can unload regarding this lying POS pedophile. OK, so he died; BFD let him RIP already. Farrah Fawcett, who died on the same day, only got one day. Ed McMahon only got one day. Billy Mays only got one day. So WTF, this freak is getting a lifetime of milking while dead and I didn’t even know he had tits. Just an FYI, he was found wandering at Wal-Mart the week before in a complete daze because he heard little boys pants were half-off. BTW, this happened at his favorite time – when the Big Hand is on the Little Hand!

  120. Danny says:

    O.J. Simpson will spend the rest of his life in prison! Michael Jackson is dead! Obama is f-ing up the democratic party beyond belief! Proof: sometimes GOOD happens!

  121. james mf reising says:

    American Family values—HMM— seems that the monkeys are winning the battle (not the war by any means). TRUTH: MJ rejected being black, hetero, and ultimately,living with Himself. His major moral crime was using his wealth to “share with the world” the Idea that this is OK for All. I did see the memorababble and, albitchsharpton did as predicted–promoted himself and attempted to re-write recent history to blame whitey’s values for everything wrong said and felt about mj(so sad to see brook shields’ mudsharking comments). Also sad to see the white daughter being coached and pushed into saying things she is ultimately not mature enough to even process. Could not be happier that he is dead for the kids’ sake. Even though their raisin’ will be by raisins, they will be so much better off w/out him/her.

  122. Ice says:

    Three words…


  123. DBozz says:

    What a fiasco. A pervert, creepy child molester made into a hero. Unbelievable. Some folks just do not have any sort of moral compass. It’s really pathetic but, look at the direction the country is going. Absolute socialism, because these same idiots “crying for MJ” voted for Mr. Obama. That’s right. If a poll was taken, I’ll bet 99% of the MJ mourners of voting age voted for Obama. Hey, unless you’re blind, you’ll see it’s where the country is heading if the normal people do not get it back on track.

    Well MJ is right beside Satan, right now and is burning in Hell. Satan is probably butt fucking him. I can’t believe the hype given the punk.

    If you live in Iowa. http://www.iowastatefair.org/entertainment/butter-vote.php

    Vote NO

  124. Sleddog says:

    I have to admit that I have joined all the people who love Michael Jackson now that he’s dead…hated him when he was alive!

  125. Ascyltos says:

    I heard he didn’t actually die of a heart attack… he died when he went to a children’s home and had a stroke.

  126. Troy says:

    I understand that Michael Jackson was abused by his father. His father was said to be a strict taskmaster; physically and mentally abusive. I believe Michael grew up in a rather surreal life. His independent stardom in the 1980’s was more of a fantasy to him. He was able to break away from the abnormal, restricted childhood that impeded his early years. I believe that Michael’s desire to be around boys stems back to his childhood that he never had. I also believe that Michael is guilty on those molestation charges. I don’t believe he was one of those vicious kind of pedophiles, rather one that was more meek, less forceful. Still a serious and disgusting crime. Maybe Michael was molested by his own father? Who knows?…. All I know is that Michael was a seriously mentally ill man who needed serious psychiatric help. And sometimes all of the best psychiatric help in the world can merely yield to minimal success, or none at all. I personally think it was ridiculous for the ditsy media to have all of this extended coverage regarding the death of Michael Jackson. Of course there’s got to be some recognition to his passing, like any famous person, but the media went way overboard with his death. The same thing with that infamous Anna Nichole’s death. The crazy media is like flies on honey. They just don’t know when to give it a rest. Oh well, it’s a freaking ratings thing. This is one of the reasons I despise the general media. Their relentless coverage on media matters like Jackson’s death isn’t driven from the heart, it’s driven by the fat cat media moguls; that’s it plain and simple.

  127. Rob says:

    Yeah, the media sucks. By now you’d think the TV coverage of MJ would’ve simmered down. No, it’s still MJ this and MJ that. Blowhards like Geraldo Rivera and Larry King keep drilling away about this crap. Every time I turn on my TV it’s more MJ. Since there’s virtually nothing to watch on TV anymore, I’d like to catch up on some real news not crap about MJ.

  128. joukko@xanga says:

    Governor Schwarzennegger said folks have to scrimp…yet in Los Angeles, Michael Jackson’s funeral cost tax payers in the millions, they are asking Jackson fans to help pay the cost. How about taking those monies out of whatever trust the dumb idiot had as most anyone else’s death will always be the burden on what they have, not the public’s money. It is a sad footnote, but even his death has left a vacuum much like his life did…

  129. Lan says:

    Michael Jackson was just an entertainer, though some thought of him as some sort of golden god. It really perplexes me how distorted human nature really is when an entertainer’s death can take precedence over everything else in the world. Some people say Jackson was a hero. Excuse me? What is the definition of a hero? A true hero is somebody who saves lives, will lay their life on the line to save someone else’s. Fireman, policemen, soldiers in the armed forces, doctors, nurses, everyday good samaritans, etc. Anybody who risks their lives and those who sacrifice plenty to better the quality of life for others is a true, selfless hero! Michael Jackson never accomplished any heroic feats. Jackson’s life was one big bubble that inflated rapidly and burst in a flash.

  130. Rodzilla says:

    honestly…i would have liked to see him tour.Because he wouldn’t of been able to maintain the same image that he had 30 years ago. Who killed M.J. ? He killed himself…And he had lots of reasons to..

  131. jonjondoe says:


  132. Gunnar Le Bison says:

    Michael Jackson
    Was a Wacko
    His skin as dark
    As snow.

    And everywhere
    That Michael went
    His boys were
    There to blow.

    He’s heaven sent
    But discontent
    Is at the cloudy ruck.

    For Angels say
    Just yesterday
    A Cherub did he fuck.

  133. Biff says:

    FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING CHILD MOLESTER. Fuck Michael Jackson, and the Jackson 5 and Janet, and the parents. Fuck you Micheal Jackson!!

  134. JEWboy says:

    Hey Right Wing Extremist,
    I am probably whiter than you (born/raised in Russia), and yes I also hate “for English press 1” since 1990’s, hate when people at a local supermarket start talking to me in Spanish (because I started looking like them after 9 years, LOL!). My job was stolen by Free Trade with China, replacing FAIR trade, I have 2 Bachelors and one Master’s degree – in Applied Physics and 2 in Electronics Engineering. Have Design experience for US Military, R&D, Government, and yet I am out of work for 5 months now!!! I am 36, not some senile touchy gentleman afraid of hard work. I hate many things that resulted in White Man digging his own grave, first in Europe and now in North America. But your mixing sand wiggers with Euro Jews and Amrican Blacks with Africans is a sign of low education. Open your eyes, you’re attacking your allies and peoipel of the same genetic core. My parents, grandparents, grandgrandgrangrandparents were borb in Russia, but you say you hate Jews?
    Then guess what? It means you hate Whites. You hate Blacks. You hate your own shadow. Get educated, we’re part of you. Does Madoff look Black or much different from a German? So what he robbed you madly, sports happens. $50 Billion is not too much.

  135. JEWboy says:

    Actually MJ was jewish, even his Rabbi says. So is Madonna. That’s why he got rich.
    And the best part is he is coming back LIVE in CONCERT with Al Gore this August raise funds and his member for a Global Warming orgy with Al Gore.

  136. FOX News says:

    Fuck Jackson fucking son of a Hoe, and as much as I am Irish, I support Jewboy on this.
    Today, July15, 2009 Fucknut Jackson & perverse “family” is again on CNN headline news – JULY 15, he still in our face? Ho wmuch time has CNN spent on Mother Theresa, forget that mother, any significant or intellectual or important leader, how much time they spend on coverign their deaths? Versus a pedophile freak with DETACHABLE NOSE who spent his last days on racism research mwahahahaha this whitey with detachable nose says his manager was racist, look in the mirror you PIG waste of a human flesh, that Michael Jackson is.

    Bill R.

  137. Richard C. Unnilingus says:

    Mother Theresa?? Don’t get me started on that fucking evil cunt. She makes Jackson look half way decent. What a fucking cunt.

  138. Brian says:

    “Richard,” how could you say such a horrible thing about Mother Theresa? Calling her evil???!!! And your use of brash, caustic profanity against her goes WAY beyond appalling! You obviously exhibit a terribly cynical, narrow minded way of thinking. Your comment is of an evil nature and clearly demonstrates the inane ignorance that sadly plagues one too many members of the human race. Mother Theresa had more self worth, dignity, love, compassion, dedication and purpose than many of us could even remotely offer to others. For people to make fun of this marvelous woman just goes to show you what kind of pathetic, unsavory cretins roam this planet. Even though Mother Theresa deserved much more recognition following her death, I’m sure she wouldn’t have wanted that anyhow; being the modest, selfless person she was. She was an authentic HERO!

  139. AD says:

    TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!

    HAHAHAHA. I’d say the most depressing aspect of this entire ordeal and similar situations is how fucking retarded our society is and the people in it.

    My question is, which I think should be answered, is what’s going to happen to the playrights to the Beatles songs MJ raped from Paul? I hope his cocksucking little children don’t own them because that would reallly be fucked up…poor Paul would have to pay Paris and whatever the other fuck’s name is to play HIS own songs.


  140. MJ's Glove is a Crime Scene says:

    fuck mj im pissin on his grave right now

  141. Richard C. Unnilingus says:

    “Brian”, Motherfucker Theresa wasn’t a selfless hero – she was a fucking evil cunt. And mindless drones like you who believe the lying religious propaganda about cunts like Theresa, are the real mindless cretins. This hag-bitch used to say, Suffering was a gift from God, and at the same time take $millions of ‘donations’ from evil dictators and yet her hospice in Calcutta remained a run down hovel for decades. When she died, her order refused an audit – I wonder why? This cunt profited from the poor and sick in India, and after she croaked, got beatified by the Grand Cocksucker Himself. Why don’t you go and dig up your hero, and give it to her in the ass. Enjoy!

  142. MaxUser says:

    I’m dead, I’m dead, you know it! I’m dead.

    Piece of shit wanna-be whiteboy child-fucker

  143. Biff says:

    The Family will own the rights to the Beatles catalog, which they will no doubt attempt to sell because they are running out of money . . . oh wait, Wacko Jacko Backo left them millions. Fuck them, and Micheal. Fuck the Beatles too, seriously.

    England – what a country. you do not even own the rights to your own music and 50% of your income goes to the coffers of the Royal family. WHAT A JOKE! Beatles songs aint worth what they used to be, and England sucks. just ask anyone in the world where they would rather live. Fuck you Micheal Jackson . . . and Fuck You England too!!!! You Limey pricks! Did you see Bisping, the one you pricks voted the “Top Athlete of 2008” . . . didja see him and his big mouth on UFC 100? I suggest you google that shit. Sorry England, butt-fuck you! You too McCartney, and Lennon. Fuck you John Lennon. Fuck YOU!

  144. Zane says:

    kids are now a little bit safer in the world. that worthless piece of shit is dead. I cant believe the world is celebrating such a maggot. that tells you how far the world has fallen.it is amazing that a child molester is being celebrated. its sickening. good riddance to bad rubbish burn in hell maggot. FUCK YOU michael jackson!

  145. shelzo fae lochee,dundee in scotland says:

    I wish all these people who are sorry for mj would shut pusses, he is still a dirty PEADO BASTARD!!!!!! long live freedom of speech cause we wont have that for much longer either, well done buddyhead for this blog space.

  146. R says:

    The dolt’s at CNN can’t ease off the accelerators and put a lid on all of this Jackson shit. Who’s really following all of this tripe? People who dot a T and cross an I? Is that who? I’m glad that MANY people are appalled by all of this incredibly mindless coverage that media morons keep slinging at the fan blades so that the media junkies at home can scoop us this bullshit that they’re rotting their brains with. Jackson’s dead, he’s nothing now just like he was nothing for several years until he was put on the spot for smoking pre-teen boys’ poles. The only kind of people who admire this moronic child rapist are people who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Yes, I glad Jackson is dead. The less negative influences in this world the better.

  147. Linkspore says:

    cnn sucks! nancy grace-less, anderson pooper, larry kinked; all of those jackson loving wasp whores!

  148. TWINKLETOES says:

    They should of recycled his corpse i mean he was already 90% plastic michael jackson sucked and he fucked up the home alone kid. and im sure some of the accusations against him where just for money but he MOLESTED at least one kid SO FUCK THE WORLD FUCK THE MEDAIA YOU PEDAFILE WORSHIPPERS.

  149. Link7 says:

    Just heard about the passing of the legendary newsman Walter Cronkite. Cronkite was an articulate, intelligent journalist who’ll probably only receive a mere blip of coverage of his life and achievements. Enter Michael Jackson: an ignorant, mentally ill, child molesting dim-bulb who did nothing deserving of any sort of merit whatsoever. What is wrong with this world? Give recognition to people deserving of it, not weeks of coverage to some pathetic so-called entertainer.

  150. Macaulay Culkin says:

    Easy on Micahel. You don’t know him upclose close as I did. For bette ror for worse it was a memorable men who left deep memories in me, quit bashing someone who touches several of us so intimately.

  151. Macaulay Culkin says:

    Sorry for typos, was typing on a mobile device at Janet’s home. Anwyay, my point is you have no idea unless he touches you eprsonally, you have no right to fuck Michael jackson because several of us already did and you just boil with JEALOUSY.

  152. Macaulay Culkin says:

    Rust in Piss, dear.

  153. BIG VINNY says:


  154. Meat Carrot Taster says:

    I miss Michael. His penis tasted like candy with a hint of man butter. I liked when he shit on my nipples. Love you Michael

  155. Fuck Faucet Kisser says:

    Michael had a tight little asshole. Especially when I throat fucked him and he couldn’t breathe. He squirted ass juice into my cereal

  156. Captain Beef Missle says:

    Michael sold me a pound of boy cock in 1981. Dirty white lady is what he looked like. I vomited in his anus

  157. Shaved Gorilla Clits says:

    Fuck me fuck me fuck me!

  158. Man Pistol Humper says:

    Michael liked it when I raped Bubbles the chimp and ate the shit out of his diaper. Ooga ooga!!! Michael peed in my ear canal

  159. Puerto Rican Testicles says:

    Michael licked me, right behind my poop hole. Then he put his flesh microphone in my boy stink box

  160. Pickled Ape Cockmeat says:

    Lick it Michael. Lick it like it’s a boy Popsicle.

  161. Just Found A Cock in my Mouth says:

    And it tastes like Michael Jacksons asshole. Was that you Webster?

  162. Big Vinny Licks Salty Man Cream says:

    Yes he does, in my house. Man cream and shit nuggets

  163. my uncle mike told me come and listen to kiss little did i know it was mike j kssin my uncles nuts

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  168. i threw out more mike jackson blow up dolls from my husbands room. always the same story loud explosion and he would run out screaming with a rubbery mj around his baloney pole scream stick

  169. you will see soon that michael died of timefaceoffit basically at that time of the day when the big hand is on the little hand ,get the drift, his face suddenly fell off leaving a object best described by security. a stick with a screaming bowling ball on it. security entered the bedroom and upon viewing this horror produced a picture of debbie rowes pussy which looks like a chinese michael jackson and produced a chain reaction of such enermoty that the plasma regenerated a giant debbie rowe penis monster that began producing mj kids by the hundreds, mike was elated and quickly madw a giant sperm web to capture all candiates

  170. Media Mire says:

    Wonder how the media will react when Oprah Winfrey dies? An emergency alert system will probably be issued and all stations will be preempted to deliver the news that Oprah croaked. Months later news outlets worldwide will still be discussing Oprah. Jerkaldo Rivera and Greta Van Cyston will devote countless hours on their tabloid observations as well as the fuck- up’s at CNN, etc….

  171. dunksla says:

    Greta’s got the hots for Oprah/Stedman’s got his eyes on Geraldo/

  172. Penis Licker from Neverland says:

    Michael was innocent! I, I mean Michael, never tasted the salami boy jelly squirter.

  173. neverhand says:

    when i was at neverhand i was never molested .we just played hide the baloney pony.disappearing hand in hiney trick,tickle my ass rim with your hot tongue, suck the flesh watermelon and fun games like that

  174. Piss Licking Boy Fucker says:

    Michael was not a pedo. He never touched children. He always hovered over them with his kiddie pickle out and sprayed testicle mustard all over me. I pretended I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner and Michael shit out ketchup logs onto my chest. Then we smeared it all over our nipples and then fingered a puppy’s anus.

  175. Woke Up with Man Jelly In My Eyes says:

    And some Michael jackson ass cannon loafs in my heiney hole

  176. Pedro's Pepperoni says:

    It tasta like Michaels Jacksona bunghole.

  177. Macaulay Culkin says:

    Stop nonsense, you all here are jealous of what happened to me. You WISH you were loved by the KING of POOP as much as I was cherished by Himself.

    This website is a disgrace.
    Mother Theresa would not approve of.

  178. Monkey Tits MONKEY TITS! says:

    Michael made love to sweet Bubbles the chimp while I squated on his meat pistol. He plopped a 15 pound shit log onto my stomach and we ate it with ice cream.

  179. Rev. Al Sharpton says:

    All you motherfuckin’ crackers need to leave Michael alone. Alone! ALONE!!! That boy was dipped in Clorox to please you blue eyed devils. Now he dies with a belly full of pills and boy cheese. You fuckers have ruined a dance icon. You should be ashamed and punch yourselves in the mouth over and over. We buried Michael upside down with a candy cane stuicking out of his ass so the boys can continue to lick.

    His coffin was made of Tonka and his suit was made of fruit roll ups.

    Now lick my chocolate lollipop, you baloney pony meat humping cum lickers.

  180. Look Inside My Asshole says:

    Do you see Michael ass piston love grease?

  181. suckem says:

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  182. how dare you write this vile garbage about my son ,michael even though at the end it looked like he licked a con ed main feeder cable he was lovable that corroded nose, those giant beach ball like eyes, the lip stick on those lips that looked like he sucked the whole gay population upon inhalation.leave my boy,girl,thing,it alone

  183. Macaulay Culkin says:

    Seriously you don’t know how it feels to spread legs for the King. My juices, my extasy… I’ve neverfelt that way until Michael came into my life and my anus.

  184. High Pressure Hump Hammer says:


    The sounds of Michael in a daycare center.

  185. Linkspore says:

    Fuck Michael Jackson, fuck Nancy Grace, fuck Geraldo Rivera, fuck Greta Van Susteren, fuck Larry King, fuck Anderson Cooper, and fuck all the rest of those fuck-face reporters who eat, sleep and drink Michael Jackson.

  186. Subzinherclit says:

    Nancy Grace sits her cunt on a big ol sub woofer while Jackson’s beat it is playing. Thumpa thumpa gettin wet nancy?

  187. LaToya Jackson says:

    Bottom line is I am rich, I might be stupid, but I don’t have to apply for foodstamps. So thanks Michael & jobs outsourcing to China. Not sure why jobs outsourcing is added here but it’s of the same magnitude on Fuckmeter.
    As of my father and accusations he’s been raping me for years – I take it back, when I think of Mike my stomach farts into intestine but hi smoney make up for the digust.

    Money is power. Black Power.


  188. Lammydupe says:

    An atomic bomb is dropped and virtually all of North America is wiped out. All but one TV station is still able to broadcast material to a handful of survivors. And what is being broadcasted? A rerun of Michael Jackson’s memorial, and a rerun of Larry King Live interviewing La Toilet Jackson, Janut Jackson and the rest of the dirty dozen Jackson clan.

  189. LaToya Jackson says:

    LAPD means “La Pee Dee” in Spanish, due to Spanish overtaking English in many corners of so-called Unietd States, which is slowly turning into Mexican appendix.

    So is my name: LaToya means “Los Angeles To Ya”
    I have Bullshit in Sciences (BS) in comparative history to prove it.

  190. fer real says:

    lets cut all the bullshit and treat mike j exzactly as he should be treated . lets put one thing aside at one time he was very. talented in many aspects. the drugs,perversion,past all came together at the end to form what we had in june of2 2009, a prescription junkie equal to a street junkie. more important he was a dealer with the most powerful drug,money. he hooked doctors,promotors,handlers to cash and as a junkie had only one request, drugs,drugs and more drugs a occasional sprinkle of children or some type music work but for the most part drugs and as a junkie had everyone silent and untruthful so they would get there drug,money not the first time not the last move on he was only a pervert, weirdo junkie

  191. Entertainers aren't hero's says:

    There are many of us who feel that the lifestyle Michael Jackson led was quite unsavory in many respects. We have to understand that Jackson, like the vast majority of pop star entertainers, lived or lives a terribly controversial lifestyle. Whether it be drug abuse, multiple marriages, spousal abuse, child abuse, financial abuse and the list goes on……… If you’re old enough to remember Elvis Presley then you’re very likely aware of the tainted life that man led. Of course Elvis was labeled as a hero, a king, the greatest entertainer that ever existed. Many people mourned his passing and the much smaller media back then (1977) gave ample coverage of his death. Another terribly controversial entertainer: John Lennon, whose perfect little world was that of communism. John’s unorthodox lifestyle was fueled by sex, heavy duty drug use, alcohol abuse, etc. His outspoken disdain for America was a sign of the times with the mentally absent hippie generation. When he was shot dead in 1980 fan’s mourned his passing; said he was a hero and the greatest entertainer in the world and the media coverage was more than ample. Fast forward to 2009 and Michael Jackson dies. He’s labeled as a hero and the greatest entertainer that ever lived; the mega media coverage due to too many media outlets out there now. With every generation comes virtually the same responses from folks when their “idol’s” die. I think what really angers many of us about Michael Jackson is the relentless media hounding of this entire affair. The man died, ok. He was famous, ok. Some recognition is to be expected, but surely not (going on one month now) all of this repetitious banter. We all have a right to our feelings regarding certain people, and for some of us it’s a release to be able to “voice” our opinions in blogs, message boards, etc., where we won’t be directly confronted by someone else’s opposing views.

  192. Larrusking says:

    Shit, piss, fuck! Fuck you Entertainers arent heros! What the fuck you says about John Lennon. he was KING and HERO! I like to meet you face to face dude and watch you cower like the lame fuck piss shit cocksucking assfucker you are and id beat your fucking head in you motherfucker. you no nothing about john Lennon he shouldve been presadent. Yeah Lennon wanted communism and the fucked fucks in fucking fucked up america could only be capitolistic pigs greed and fucking the poor and fucking the airs wed breathe and poluted water. Communism WORKS dude! educated yourselves. If fucking america would get there balls squeezed good and hard wed be a reforming culture and shit out canservative pigs and there fucked ways of lives. obama is doing the right thing. socialism isnt comunism but its second best. we need change for this fucked america and my man obama is going to show you up. By thw way dont fuck talk michael Jackson either. I didnt care much for the dude but he was still cool

  193. fer real says:

    boy larrusking how long have you been this sick you remind me of a real asshole. matter of fact you are. gettin mad and threating over this. lennon deserved that wonderful bullet because he stepped over the line. here is a guy so drugged up for years in the dakota ,you know this place, where he lived, staying in his room for long periods totally nude and psychotic. oh what a god mccartney was the brain you didnt learn that yet asshole

  194. Entertainers aren't hero's says:

    First off Larrusking: I’m merely pointing out just a few controversial elements in a long line of controversial elements surrounding John Lennon’s life, beliefs, ideology, etc. So before you decide to pull the pin on your grenades and toss them at me, please bear in mind that I merely wanted to point out some very condensed facts about certain entertainers and how people of past generations adored these figures. Your arrogance and foul language possess no validity to your argument. You speak of “educate yourselves.” What kind of education do you have? Hmmm, and I’m supposed to take you seriously coming from someone who has an inability to spell, punctuate and use proper grammar let alone using filthy, dirty language? You speak of how you despise America. Are you American? If so, you really should consider relocating yourself to Cuba, Vietnam, communist China or Korea. America doesn’t need people who rape the goodness and greatness of the greatest nation in the world. By the way, communism doesn’t work. Neither does socialism. It only causes apathy in nations where this is active yielding to oppressed societies. You have your filthy rich elitists and the poor; nothing in between. That’s what 100% government control does. Sadly Obama thinks socialism is the new format for America. It won’t work and Obama will fail as he continues to do so day by day. So Larrusking, I suspect you’ll be back to fire both barrels back at my comment and I know people like you are filled with such hostility that, for my sake, leaves me no desire to debate with cynics and skeptics (people just like you) who think they’re error proof. There’s better things to do than stressing over people’s comments that attempt to provoke a bellicose eruption in a trivial internet blog.

  195. ironwhitetyson says:

    Problem is MJ is still alive
    Paul Mccartney is dead, John Lennon is alive. Elvis died in 1995. Left Eye married Tupac.

  196. Guildy says:

    Farrah faucets last wish was that her kids would be safe

  197. Richard says:

    一堆他媽的無知的人and 他媽的版主,你會為你的無知付出代價!!!!!!!!
    FUCK YOU !! piece of shit.

  198. pipedope says:

    fuck michael jackson, fuck the entire jackson family, fuck the octomom, fuck o.j. simpson, fuck fox news, cnn, msnbc and the networks, fuck anyone who supports michael jackson.

  199. Lissy says:

    I become so intolerant of intolerance, we honestly have no idea what really happen in his life. To be honest those of you who are spouting off here, this could be happening to you. One thing we know, he was being treated for hyperpigmentation. Don’t you find that ironic that a black man was being given bleach to control light and dark sections of his skin. He was not being treated for his actual problem, that is obvious. Then to compound his problems with the many surgeries. “They don’t really care about us!” as he sang in his last rehersal. How many times does he have to sing his pain, this was the truth. Did he really molest children, I have no idea. Micheal Jacksons pain is felt. I know what its like to pay money for medical care and to be denied it. If this can happen to him, its not isolated its happening to alot of people.

  200. ssfg says:

    Listen lissy!
    jacson died bcoss he wanted too ! nobody forced him to take those kinds of drug and you know what,he became muslim when he was in dubai only for money,i know the situation i ahve been in dubai! money was what he was looking for during his life!
    and money killed him, nobody can buy those drugssss!

    one thing only :

    nobody is responsible for his death!

  201. fuck jacson says:


    fuck michael jacson!
    you fuckin idiots! supporting a fuckitard who rapeng busd a child dosnt sound nice !

  202. Ratsintheattic says:

    Virtually everything in the 60’s sucked except for some of the TV shows, ditto for the 70’s; everything in the 80’s sucked! The 90’s sucked; come the 21st century in it’s first 9th year and Michael Jackson is DEAD! With all the shit going on in today’s world and the dark cloud that looms above us and continues to darken, a ray of sunshine shines before us just knowing bitch Michael Jackson is dead. :)

  203. Lissy says:

    Long live the queen! Can’t anyone see through this bullshit or are you all too far gone that you actually believe this crap. I don’t think Jackson was murdered and yes the drugs must have killed him. That is not what I’m saying. He was dead long before this, this was just a natural progression. From the reality of the actual truth that is submerged in all of us. We know the truth, either we don’t remember at the moment or we choose to forget. His life was used up, and he didn’t get a turn, thats all. Simple.

  204. asshole says:

    I hope the United States suffers a horrible terrorist attack and millions of people die…..

  205. Dr. Narishpal says:

    It saddens me that some people can be so callous towards the dearly departed. People who’ve made these raw assumptions regarding Michael Jackson as being this evil, wicked man really need to fine tune their thought process and delve deeper into your inner psyche and really think about what you’re saying. I’m not saying Michael was without problems, I’m stating that Michael wasn’t the spawn of Satan you people are making this man out to be. I realize that it’s tremendously easy for some to let their minds run astray and believe the gossip they hear from others, on TV, radio and in published media. There’s an old saying: never believe everything you read; the same applies to what is spoken. Many times facts are smothered in such thick hearsay and circulated opinions that the facts are rarely if ever heard. We cannot legitimately declare Michael Jackson a criminal since he’s never been found guilty of any crimes. It is evident Michael was terribly abused as a child and teen and has led a most sorrowful yet illustrious life. I believe Michael died of a broken heart. With arrows piercing his heart and soul from what the negative and unjust media’s exposure did to him. I know my comment will generate a paper trail of hateful, vengeful responses but that is merely your freedom of choice to express your views. I only wish that people would try to abstain form such harsh feelings regarding other people. What good does it do to write such hateful things about someone you never even knew? It solves nothing, only to breed more unhappiness and discontentment amongst you and others. It’s true, try saying or writing something positive about somebody and you’ll fell the goodness too.

  206. justnclear says:

    I googled ‘fuck micheal Jackson’ and got here… the highlight of my morning.
    The law is not clarifier of morality nor is it the spokesman for justice. In America it’s how the rich get away with the evil they do.
    Fame and money seem to be its own acquittal for the most of Micheal Jackson Kool-Aid Drinkers out there in pansyland.
    somefucktard said:

    “There are many of us who feel that the lifestyle Michael Jackson led was quite unsavory in many respects. We have to understand that Jackson, like the vast majority of pop star entertainers, lived or lives a terribly controversial lifestyle. Whether it be drug abuse, multiple marriages, spousal abuse, child abuse, financial abuse and the list goes on………”
    I noticed this genius left out: “baiting underprivileged children for sex…”
    How unsavory of that idiot….
    And how criminal it is when we turn predators into the victims… amazing….
    How can we do a better job at protecting our children when our society honors a monster because it could sing and dance?

  207. c600mc says:

    fuck him let it die DAMN

  208. Laureen says:

    Let the time flow, let the love grow, let the rain shower, let the rose flower. Love it seeks, love it finds, love it conquers, love it it binds. We come to each other form different worlds, drawn to each other from the love inside of us. We give to each other our different worlds. As long as we can do it, life is gonna breeze right through it. Let the time flow, let the love grow, let the rain shower, let the rose flower. Love it seeks, love it finds, love it conquers, love it binds. We reach for each other from different worlds, with love for each other that can stand the test of time. We’re up to the challenge of different worlds. With this love inside us there is nothing that can divide us. Let the time flow, let the love grow, let the rain shower, let the rose flower. Love it seeks, love it finds…. love it conquers, love it binds, love it seeks, love it finds, love it conquers, love it binds.

  209. Laureen says:

    Who can turn the world on with her smile? Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? Well it’s you girl and you should know it. With each glance and every little movement you show it. Love is all around, no need to waste it. You can have the town, why don’t you take it? You’re gonna make it after all.

    You are most likely to succeed. You have the looks and charms, and girl you know that’s all you need. All the men around adore you. That sexy look will do wonders for you. Love is all around no need to waste it. You can have the town, why don’t you take it? You’re gonna make it after all. Love is all around why don’t you take it all…….. You’re gonna make it after all.

  210. Laureen says:

    Love american style, truer than the red, white and blue. Love american style, that’s me and you. And on a star spangled night my love. You can rest your head on my shoulder. And by the dawns early light my love. I will defend your right to try.

    Love american style, freer than the land of the free. Love american style, that’s you and me. We pledge our love beneath the same old moon. And it shines red, white and blue now. And in this land of hopes and dreams my love. And all that I hope for tis of the.

    Love american style, truer than the red, white and blue. Love american style, freer than the land of the free…………..

  211. Laureen says:

    There’s so much hate in this forum, so I though I’d inject a little love form some great old TV theme songs that are about love. I really don’t care if you hate them. I love them, I’m a lovable person. Sure there are people I don’t like, but I could never bring myself to be hateful, never. Life’s way too short to be hateful.

  212. DeeAnna says:

    for all the hater yalll need to shut up!!!

  213. fer real says:

    hey laureen, get off the acid your still ugly and dumb

  214. Michelle says:

    I have an extremely old Baldwin upright piano that’s approximately 60 years old. The problem I’m having is that it makes a weird buzzing noise from somewhere inside the piano whenever I play. The buzzing is especially loud when bass notes are played. I had a piano tuner come by and inspect my piano. He said the pinblock has had repairs and that it wasn’t the source of the buzzing sound. The felt on the hammers has been previously replaced and the dampers all work as they should. My tuner said that my piano might have a cracked bridge plate or cracked soundboard, and that may be the source of the buzzing. A new soundboard would cost me $3,500.00 to replace. My piano plays very loudly, enough to rattle the metal window blinds when I play. Does anybody here think I should replace the soundboard or look for a new piano tuner to reassess my piano’s problems? Thanks, Michelle

  215. fer real says:

    michael jackson now has advanced rigamortis. string him to all your piano wires and show him a picture of baby he will tighten up and then just play away

  216. Eppie says:


    I purchased an old, musical, child’s rocking chair and, unfortunately, the music box isn’t working. It is made by Swisstone Music, Switzerland. The music box is the type that has a peg on the bottom that pushes in to wind the box. Anybody here know where I can get a replacement music box?

  217. fartfly says:

    swisstone boxs is shit old school. get yourself a electonic music box not that old windups shit.

  218. jay says:

    This site and you guys are pure idiots…Shame on you!

  219. the dude says:

    when he was alive all i seen was people making fun of the bastard, nd calling him a fag. now cuz all of the news stories tht are trying to make it sound like a tragity, people are sucking his balls.

  220. liz says:

    the album is 25th anerversery thriller and the other songs are billie jean, beat it, PYT pretty young thing, the lady in my life, wanna be sterting something, baby be mine, the girl is mine, humen nature, and there is a dvd pack with it and remixs from his friends- Akon, Fergie, will.i.am, and Kanye West

  221. AnRkist says:

    The antidote for patriotism and religiousness is cynicism. A more perfect union is a socialized union. Progressive, socialized reform yields to a community of balanced equity.

  222. Patel says:

    I urge you to go to http://www.barsanadham.com to heal your body, mind and spirit.

  223. Sister Marita Daniel says:



  224. Lady Elaine Fairchilde says:

    It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, it’s a beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine? It’s a neighborly day in this beautywood, a neighborly day for a beauty. Would you be mine? Could you be mine? I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you, I’ve always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you. So let’s make the best of this beeeee-utiful day, and since we’re together we might as well say: Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won’t you be my neighbor? Please won’t you be, please won’t you be, my neighbor?

  225. fer real says:

    fuck mr. rogers,that fag had a foot fetish and on his show liked taking off and putting on his clothes how many kids did this cock stick help venture over to cock worship

  226. love4mj says:

    wow, are you serious? michael jacksons a legend and you treat him like this? wow whoever made this horrible thing will definetly have karma. michael jackson helped the world so much like his song , we are the world or his song heal the world. listen to those songs and realize he’s not a bad person. and how could he rape a litle kid when he was proved innocent? he did not rape a child, he did not give a kid beer. when you become as rich as he was and give to the earth and become a saint like michael jackson start talking. this is horrible the way you treat him like a bastard, your the bastard! the king of pop was the greatest entertainer and dancer. are you guys the greatest entertainer or the king of pop or the greatest dancer to ever live? no no your not so shutup and pick on someone who actually was charged with that stuff. cause karmas going to bite you in the butt! rest in peace michael jackson. i love you<3 your forever in my heart as the king of pop<3

  227. i miss him so much my heart has been broken to millons of picses and nothing can can fix it!

    :( R.I.P.:(

    —– I LOVE YOU MJ

  228. Lisa says:

    I typed into Google, ‘Fuck Michael Jackson’, and this page came up :)

    I’ll say it again for good measure: FUCK Michael Jackson.

    If your a fan you either:
    Don’t believe he was a child molester.
    Don’t care that he was a child molester.
    Either way, its not such a good reflection on you. Sure, he was never convicted. Neither was OJ. **If you have to keep making excuses for his behavior, maybe its time to consider the possibility that he doesn’t deserve your support.** You can like his music and still speak out against his sexual desires for children. Saying ‘you weren’t there so you can’t possibly know’ is a two way argument. Meaning if you say that to support your belief that he was not a pedophile, we in turn can use it to support ours.

    And for those who say look at his childhood- please don’t say that.

    The moment he decided to bring more humans into his world of dysfunction, he should have lost our pity. All that money he sunk into paying off the victims of his crimes and his freakish nose could have gone to decades of intensive therapy. Instead he built a fucking theme park and a secret room with locks on the outside door. Sure, MAYBE he just liked roller coasters, or MAYBE that cell kept all his spare body parts- MAYBE you all just want him to be a good person so badly that your willing to overlook the obvious.

    The rest of us, are not.
    We are not hateful, bitter people because we don’t idolize a pedophile.
    We are not media sheep for thinking he abused children, no more than you are media sheep for loving him more now that he’s dead.
    Oh wait….

  229. Stat says:

    2009 has been a very sad year in that we’ve lost so many unforgettable famous personalities. I must admit that I’ve shed some tears over these terrible losses. Most recently came the terribly sad news of the passing of one of this nations greatest senators ever: Edward (Ted) Kennedy. Senator Kennedy did so much for this country. His accomplishments are numerous, his loyal contributions to society shall never be forgotten. Now Edward is at rest. His pain and suffering from the rigors of brain cancer have come to a close. May all the famous folks who’ve left most recently be at peace. And may there be some level of peace found on this blog. Let’s all try to get along. Ok?

  230. Therapist says:

    And now a sad note: Senator Ted Kennedy is dead at 77. Senator Kennedy who served the Democratic Party and as a respected senator for the past 45 years died from complications from brain cancer that he was diagnosed with two years ago. He was much loved and admired and will truly be missed. Now,let me just say this: I didn’t know the Senator personally, but I can assure you that he wasn’t lethargic, bellicose, redolent or lascivious. This is the Therapist saying good night and good news.

  231. John says:

    Hello asses, I live in Brazil n’ here people are so retarded than can’t stop talking michael jackson jesus christ fuck this guy

  232. John says:

    i’m sorry don’t stop not can’t

  233. grb says:

    thanks for you post. i agree completely with everything you said. please lets not entomb him forever and instead let his corps be food for the next generation of worms so that he can do something good, one last time.

  234. lee says:

    Go to TMZ, check out the news they have about Michael Jackson’s ear falling off (2 weeks before his death). Then read the commentaries, none of them, as in none of them said a nice thing about Michael. One of the readers who offered pity was ganged up by the bullies and called him gay. Then go to every single post about MJ after he died. Big difference in sentiments.
    I’ve been collecting Michael Jackson’s rarities, including the unreleased demos for his album Thriller and am still tracking down his rarest recorded ever, Behind the Mask, a YMO original, which later on released by his keyboardist, Greg Philinganes and Eric Clapton. In an effort to get hold of that, I posted some 5 of MJ’s rarities on Youtube and an appeal on the video info for fellow enthusiasts to help out. Since they were posted 2006, they only garnered an average 200 views each and most of the stuffs I got were insults from trollers. After MJ died, lots of viewers are now interested where I got them and same a-holes who trashed the commentaries came back for a visit and were posting praises and sympathetic bullshit this time. I took them down before those idiots make a copy for themselves, call it their own and bastardize them and overnight fans who don’t know anything about music can go suck it.

  235. why says:

    which planet are you people on.he was weird and clearly troubled but to wish him dead and to be jealous (cos the animosity smells like jealousy)of dead man. what does that say about you.i guess it hurts when a nigger is exalted.get it inyour heads your white women are crazy for black dicks. everywhere biracial kids popping up.i guess you have small penis .trailertrash

  236. STOP THE HATE, PEOPLE! says:

    Yesterday my dearly departed inspiration, Michael Jackson, was laid to rest at his Neverland Ranch. I sat on my bedroom floor, in the dark, and played my music box that my best friend gave me a week before she was killed in an automobile accident 5 years ago. The song “Memories,” form the play CATS, tinkled out the notes gently from my box. As tears welled up inside my eyes thinking about how much I loved Michael Jackson and how I wished I could see him in person one more time, I cried all night long. Also, thinking of my deceased friend compounded my grief even more last night. Just knowing that I’ll never, ever, see my friend ever again or Michael makes me want to not live anymore. And how cruel some people are to say such horrible, unwarranted things about Michael Jackson makes me want to puke! Your cruel comments have absolutely no merit! You can’t pass judgement on somebody without the facts. You didn’t even know him! Michael was cleared of ANY wrong doings of those children. He loved children; he was a tremendously loving and compassionate man that would NEVER want to harm a child. I know he wouldn’t. I just want my comments posted amidst all of the hate here to show people that Michael was loved by so many. In fact, Michael is loved by more, significantly more, than the tiny percentage who spreads lies and hate about this talented, gentle, sweet handsome man. I will never forget you Michael. I will never forget you, too Mei-Lam R.I.P.

  237. to the michael jackson haters... says:

    all you haters do is hate..michael jackson did nothin to you so back off..and if you people read the news you would know that michael jackson wasnt really a child molester..the mother told the son to lie..SO GET UR FACTS STRAIGHT..he had more money than u could ever have..and he did a good cause with it..and to all you racists..GET A LIFE…YOU SHOULD BE LUCKY WE HAD A PERSON LIKE MICHAEL ON THIS EARTH…I LOVE YOU MICHAEL..AND YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTON xD

  238. Moonunit9 says:

    Wow! The last two fuck-tards, (Mei-Lam and to the jackson haters), who posted all of that sappy don’t hate Michael Jackson bullshit. What a joke you pathetic, insufferably ignorant cretins are who kiss the ground where zombie Michael walked. You’re all kissy-kissy over some mentally ill freak-tard who slept in a big, comfy bed surrounded by preteen male cutie pies on frequent sleep overs. Who could possibly doubt that this guy didn’t fondle his boy toys? Duh!? It’s pretty obvious folksies! Yeah, he was married for a mere flash to Elvis Presley’s messed up daughter. In the entertainment world a lot of gay guys got married, but only for a brief time, only to protect their image. Rock Hudson, Robert Reed, Vincent Minelli, just to name a few. Jackson was gay and he obviously had difficulty dealing with it. Jackson had amassed a fortune selling his shitty music to a bunch of teenage douche bags and ghetto sludge in the 80’s and 90’s, then he virtually lost all of his dough because of his desire to romp in the sack with preteen boys and smoke their poles. So are we the haters of Michael Jackson racist? Some are and some aren’t. I’m not racist. If Jackson was a white man I’d still say the same things about him; it has nothing to do with race on my part. Some claim that Jackson did “good” things with his money. Yeah, gave it to a few charities. Was it from his heart or was it for others to think he was supposedly generous? I can’t say for sure. I don’t need to “get a life,” I’ve got one. I’m so sick of those fuck-tards that have to use that inane phrase “get a life” when they disagree with someone else’s views. How about you getting a life! Like it when I say it?! Jerks! Why should “we” be so lucky to have had Michael Jackson on earth? Was he a scientist who invigorated the world with a phenomenal discovery? Was he a well respected doctor who pioneered life saving medical procedures? Was he an physicist who’s discoveries broke the barriers in physics with cutting edge formulas and functions? Was he a police officer, firefighter or EMT who risks their lives everyday just to save somebody like you? Was he a welder who risks his or her life hundreds of feet high to build bridge frames and high rise building structures? Etc, etc, etc……. No, Jackson was none of these. He was just some “entertainer” in which some people though was Jesus Christ himself. Jackson was NO hero. What kind of shit filled craniums do some people have that could actually say that Jackson was a hero?! Those Jacophiles, who would lick the tile in a public bathrooms’ floor if they knew Michael had visited one of the stalls. Absent minded dolts who think that a man who sings like a castrated 15 year old sends goosebumps down their legs; a man that is mentally ill, has a penchant for preteen boys, mutilates his face, holds a 6 month old baby out of a window of a high rise hotel building in Germany, appears in court several hours late dressed in pajamas, bleaches his skin, is a drug addict, etc…….. And it’s the little lambs that follow the rest of the weary flock thinking Michael was heaven sent. That nobody in this entire world could ever be as great as Michael Jackson was. Well all of you little lambs, you need to take off your blinders and, well, I might as well say it, GET A LIFE! Jackson was a polluted mess. Just accept it. Don’t try to nominate him for sainthood!

  239. Zergendoff says:

    Aside from blowing boys, Jacko’s second favorite activity was blowing wet farts in his Fruit of the Looms.

  240. Pastor Kerney Thomas says:

    Hello all you people out there. My name is Pastor Kerney Thomas. You may have seen me on my TV show, The Kerney Thomas Ministries. I want to heal all of you people that have the devil inside of. Those who feel hate and jealousy and needing the healing powers of God to drive out that devil inside of you all. Ah! Oooo! The holy spirit just spoke to me. Ek-kay, saba, dabba, ook-klay, GAWWWWWWWWWWWD! Oooh! Did yall feel that?! I speaking to the spirit of Michael Jackson and he says that he’ll forgive you people for saying all of those hurtful things about him if you’ll send for the red blood of christ handkerchief that I’m offering for a small donation. Just pick up that phone and call now to order your red blood of christ handkerchief and you’ll start seeing all sorts of miracles happen in your life. That’s right! Pick up that phone and order the red blood of christ handkerchief today! Don’t just sit there! Do it now! And let the spirit of GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWD! be with you!

  241. Kortni says:

    You guys are all ignorant assholes. There is NO CONCLUSIVE evidence stating Michael Jackson was a child molester. Dumb asses, you probably don’t know what INNOCENT means. Yes, I can name more than 10 of his songs, and I’m only 14. Stop fucking stereotyping. Second, Michael has had plastic surgery, and what’s the matter with that? Why is that such a big deal, YOU didn’t pay for it. So shut the fuck up. He has Vitiligo among lots of other diseases. That’s what made his skin lighter, if you did your research before you judged, then you’d know that he didn’t want blotches so at first he wore makeup, then when that didn’t work, he started doing chemical peels and skin grafts. Third, his “mickey mouse” voice was because he was shy in front of the camera’s. Why make fun of the way people talk? That’s just ignorant. I hope all you haters get help, remember, what goes around comes around. Stop hating on Michael. Every psychologist will tell you, every person who is so judgmental towards people is become they have self issues. I really hope you all can fix your issues. Worry about yourself, not Michael.

  242. Blowme says:


    You poor ignorant thing. Does the fact that you can name 10 MJ songs that your IQ is above sixty? Of course it doesn’t, but the fact that you defend “Wacko” tells us volumes. What’s the matter with plastic surgery, you ask? Wow, I don’t know where to begin with that sub-moronic statement. It is interesting that you deride others for judging, but think it’s perfectly normal to have a poorly trained weekend pseudo surgeon make a living disfiguring people so that they, “feel better about themselves”. MJ was (and always be) a poster boy for, “fame desease”, or “Elvitis”. Please, watch your language in future posts. Your mother must wonder why her ears are burning.

  243. Genuine says:

    Why is it so hard to believe that some people truly think he was a pedophile? Do you never, EVER form opinions of people? Because no one will ever have the whole story about anyone. The most we can do is rely on common sense and a persons ACTIONS.
    If you truly believed someone harmed other humans, you would not be their ‘fan’ (I’m assuming). And we truly believe he had sex with children- if we were to still support him, we would be going against something we believe- that having sex with children is wrong.
    You can argue any evidence you may have, but simply calling us jealous people with psychological problems shows your own insecurity- the fans are getting way more worked up than the rest of us. Your spewing just as much hate, but I guess that’s ok, since you can totally judge someone’s character based off of one online comment (but not off the sum of their life events).

  244. Pastor Kerney Thomas says:

    People, PLEASE! You need to be ordering your Personal Prayer Package. I sense so much hostility, animosity, tension, jealousy and misgivings in this blog. It’s the devil inside you that is making this happen. YOU can conquer that devil in Hell by ordering your Personal Prayer Package; you’ll receive the red blood of Christ handkerchief, guaranteed to bring you wealth, health and peace in your lives. Log onto my website at http://www.kerneythomas.org and order your Personal Prayer Package immediately! Don’t wait until tomorrow or a week from now! Order your Personal Prayer Package RIGHT NOW! I can feel the Holy Spirit right now inside me; Shaba, ichala, coby, shaba, coba, GODDDDDDD! Did you all feel that? Oooh! Sahdda, babba, co-by! There isn’t a devil in Hell that can claim your soul unless you repent and order your Personal Prayer Package TODAY!

  245. Scarface says:

    Fuck Michael Jackson, period!

  246. Andrew says:

    Who cares he made shitty music and he is dead, I don’t care if he touched little kids or not. We need someone touching little kids. The little bastards don’t know how good they have it. In fact, I love Michael Jackson. Not because of his music oh no, his music sucked. I love him for molesting children. Fuck those children. Michael has inspired me. I am going to start molesting children now. I’ll start with my 7 year old son and move on when he turns 13. Molesting a teenager is nasty.

  247. Casket King says:

    Jacko slept with an acoustic (classical) guitar in his bed. The guitar had a small hole in it’s side so that Jacko could insert his dick into it. He’d then pluck the bass string on the guitar repeatedly so that the deep, penetrating vibrations made him rock hard. After an hour of plucking the bass string, he’d finally jack-off inside the guitar. The guitar was recently put up for auction, complete with over a pound of dried semen inside the guitar. The guitar reportedly smelled pretty bad. The new owner of the guitar is a 12 year old boy that’s a huge Jacko fan. His rich daddy was the high bidder of the guitar at $13,000. The kid attends a catholic boys’ academy governed by the Jesuits. He spends lots and lots of time locked in his dormitory room plucking the bass string. Now even Father Cornelious O’Reilly, Ph.D, the boys’s biology instructor and Father James L. Spooncer the academy’s music director, (both who are avid Jacko fan’s and fan’s of boys of all ages, too) have been spending more time locked in the same room with the kid. And it’s not just the guitar’s bass string thats being fingered!

  248. rabbit fever says:

    Fuck Dr. Oz. Dirty bastard says he’s a Jackson fan.

  249. #666# says:

    Michael Jackson bared his ass, then he let out forty blasts. When he heard what he’d done, he let out another forty one. Michael Jackson took a dump while he played with Lisa Marie Presley’s breast pump. When he couldn’t pump any thing out, he screamed and cried like a chump. Michael Jackson made a date so he and Macauly could masturbate. When Macauly couldn’t perform, Michael said: let me blow your horn. Michael Jackson smoked some grass all the while he wiped his ass. When he finished wiping his ass, he thought he’d go to a nearby seventh grade class. When the boy’s saw Michael walk in, all they did was grin, grin grin. Michael knew what he was about to do was gonna earn him sin, sin, sin. When the teacher told him to get the hell out, Michael claimed he was a wee boy scout. Teacher’s threats had no effect. Then in a flash, Michael snatched a boy and exclaimed, you’re my new boy toy! The boy thought it was kind of cool to be abducted by such a freakish looking fool. Michael and the boy frolicked in the pool, when all of a sudden Michael deposited a stool. When Michael’s turd drifted by the boy’s face, the kid began to scream like a mental case. The boy ran away and Michael cried, wondering if he should have his tubes tied. Pumping himself with Demerol, Michael lied in bed looking like he’s dead. Dead he was!

  250. Reap Peace says:

    I bet all of you people who condemn Michael Jackson are Republicans. You people support war, torture, hate, are all racist, don’t care about the environment, drive your big, ugly, gas guzzling SUV’s, have no empathy for others and are selfish to the core. You can dispense your hate upon those who don’t meet your “criteria” of being, because you’re so closed-minded and lack feelings. Stop being so goddamn cynical about poor Michael. He was more of a man than any of you could ever hope to be.

  251. Poopy bag says:

    Hail! Michael, full of bass. You’re stiff as a board. Blessed you’re not around women; but blessed are you amongst boys. Tainted Michael, your mother a hog; no longer able to prey on young, white meat. Now and at the hour of your death, AMEN!

  252. fatman says:

    Fuck that perverted baby raping fuck stick, he was a worthless piece of shit and we are all better off without him

  253. MJFAN says:

    MJ IS THE BEST!<3 not you!thats sure
    MICHAEL C LE MEILLEUR!!!c nimporte koi les gens ki el critik on ksa a foutre ptn! slas cons de critiqueurs de jaloux de merdeu

  254. Atom says:

    Isn’t this just fucking dandy? Idiots trying to convince other idiots that their opinion(s) is the right one. Keep it up – I’m sure you’ll eventually convince everyone that MJ was a rapist, baby killing, mutant or that he was the greatest recording artist ever and was an absolute saint.


  255. Jorge says:

    How about the authentic IDIOTS’S who relentlessly try to defend mentally ill, asshole Jackson?! Come on already! Why defend him? Do you cretins have your heads so far up your rectums that your brain cells are virtually incapable of firing? Shit! Calling Jackson “the worlds greatest recording artist ever.” And claiming, “he was an absolute saint.” Now I know what kind of mentally absent tards lurk about here. I know that there are some little boys and girls on this board trying to ruffle other’s feathers, and maybe Atom and MJFAN are just toying with other people’s tempers. Jacko is dead and who the fuck cares!

  256. Atom says:

    Jorge, I never claimed that Michael Jackson was “an absolute saint” or “the greatest recording artist ever”. I was mocking the idiots that think he was, as well as the idiots that keep pushing the opposite opinion; trying to point out that nobody’s going to change anyone’s mind on this bullshit. I actually didn’t even state my own opinion on him.

    So, use these brain cells you speak of and re-read my comment, guy.

  257. Joi says:

    Fuck Michael Jackson? YOU FIRST YOU EVIL SON OF BITCHES!
    You haters better stop wishing death upon other people because it will come back and slap you in the face. For example Sonny Bono said something slick about one of kenndys that died in a sking accident. Next thing know look what happen to him. So sad on both parts because I loved Sonny and I love all of the Kenndys.

  258. Atom says:

    You’re an idiot.

  259. Rubber Biscuit says:

    Hubba, dub, dub, doo, ba, dah, doo.

  260. trish says:

    i bet there are a lot more people who like michael jackson than people who hate him, becausehe inspired the world with his music and talent. i am 13 and i love his music and think that he is a good man. and for you haters that read this blog do you think michael was a child molester cause some people say he is and you want to believe it or you have actual evidence that he did molest children cause you haters dont know he did and dont have any proof. and i know am not stupid for loving michael jackson and just because haters say bad things about michael,it wont change my mind. love you MJ!

  261. Skeptic says:

    Well, well Trish………. 13 years old and you think you know it all. You obviously are just a poor, naive, ignorant, ruthless child. So you love Jacko’s music. OK, so you’ve got questionable taste in music. What teenager doesn’t? Try clearing out the splinters of the windmills in your mind. You think Jacko is some sort of inspirational god? You actually believe that he’s innocent from those molestation charges? What do you think about a middle-aged man permitting pre-teen boys to sleep in the same bed with him on numerous occasions? It was ALWAYS boys. Jacko had a penchant for boys. And you can’t tell me that Jacko didn’t get a little too cozy with some of them. If Jacko was innocent do you honestly think he would’ve been so free and easy to pay off the family of the kid he raped?! Jacko appears hours late to his court hearing dressed in pajamas yet! The guy was a complete basket case. And the blame for most of that goes to Jacko’s bellicose, money hungry, power hungry father. Again, I like to ask: what is so inspirational about Jacko? What did he do to be labeled a hero? He was nothing more than a freaking “entertainer” and appealed to a mere fringe of the population. Some of the dippy tweens and teens of the 80’s thought he was something. But what teenagers admire certainly has much to be desired. Oh, yeah, Jacko appealed to the inner city crowd, too. We’ll say all the “bad” things we want about Jacko because it’s being said mostly with just cause. So grow up Trish and get your freaking little head out of the sand. And you, and all the rest of those absent minded Jacko lovers are cretins. If you don’t know what a cretin is, then look it up.


    Learn to use capital letters at the beginning of your sentences. That’s something that’s generally mastered by the first grade.

  262. Cass says:

    I’m a liberal democrat who voted for, and, greatly supports President Obama. However I can’t say that I supported Michael Jackson. I never liked his music. There was just something very disturbing about the man’s persona. In a strange sort of way I felt a bit sorry for the man.

  263. TRISH46711 says:


  264. Joi says:

    Trish, Let them hate it’s going to comeback on them. They can laugh all they want but when things start happenin’ to them I don’t want hear it.This world is getting so ugly. And my statement about Sonny Bono was true.

  265. knife in my heart says:

    All of this Michael Jackson worship is an unspeakable Slap in the Face for child abuse survivors… especially those who have to live with the very real memories that remind us again and again child rape does happen. To watch Michael Jackson and Roman Polanski walk smugly away because of their wealth causes pain I cannot express. And now to see what seems like the whole world sob over poor Michael.

    No wonder there is so much pedophilia in this world, there seems to be an attitude that it is not so bad. How the pedophiles must be overjoyed that their heroes have garnered so much support.

    To comdemn Michael Jackson for child rape is “focusing on the negative” according to the MJ apologists. “He gave much money to charity”: giving money to charity does not buy the right to rape children.

    Never, never, never!

  266. TRISH46711 says:

    I hurts me when people ssay mean things about michael jackson, they dont realize the insperational music he put in our world, and also the good things he did. (give money to charities, make foundations for the poor ect, and he helped save childrens lives) you haters dont believe me look it up! also look up the proof that michael is innocent haters! I DONT THINK YOU HATERS HAVE ANY PROOF THAT HE WAS A CHILD MOLESTOR! SO DONT JUDGE HIM CAUSE YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HIM! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON

  267. knife in my heart says:

    Oooh you poooor thing!

    How it must tear at your heart and mind!

  268. Joi says:

    Knife in my heart your right there are a lot of pedophilers out there. Go find the real ones that are out there! And stop trying to make false accusations on someone!
    Keep promoting hate you are going to get what’s coming to you soon.

  269. TRISH46711 says:

    Knife in my heart, it must hurt you that you have nothing better else to do than to trash on michael jackson cause you just feel bad that your a DUMBASS!!!!!!!!! and nobody likes you, and your jealose that you dont want to admitt that michael is a good man , you just want to believe the tabloids, tell me do you have any personal proof that michael was bad and molested children? like joi said, you dont know whats comin to you!

  270. knife in my heart says:

    When a child can describe in detail the vitiligo colorings on a grown man’s penis, a child sleeps in a bed with a grown man, a grown man buys the mother of said child expensive gifts that are the currency that high-class whores, when a grown man only wants pre-pubescent children of a certain look (all boys: olive-skinned, dark-haired, pre-pubescent), this grown man never had sleepovers with little girls in his bed, if it was so innocent, if he nevet imagined he would be accused of pedophilia… Why?(he called little girls tattle-tales). What was he so worried the little girls would tell about what he did to little boys?

    Read the book Be Careful Who You Love



    Calmer now, I have to go back and fix the crazy-looking typos.

    Also I told people I loved him and I still don’t understand why. Was it fear for my life? My families lives? Was I so young that I could understand that I did not like pain, but he said he loved me, that’s why he made me suffer so I must have loved him? (Remember children believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.)

    I realize Michael Jackson’s modus operandi was not violent, but coercive manipulation. The majority of pedophiles use that method.

    Jordan Chandler believed he loved Michael Jackson, his father had to work on the psychological damage to his child in order to even get the truth from the boy. If the case went too far in court, the world would have to see that Jordan Chandler’s mother may have knowingly or un-knowingly acted as a pimp to her child. How much damage do you think that would have done to an already suffering boy? A boy who still believed he had a romance with this predator.

    All of you pedophile lovers need a dose of reality, because it will be over my dead body that the age of consent laws get abolished. This is the reality of too many of us and our rights must be trampled over, so your Tin God can get some so-called vindication. Any of the others, that must suffer the same way I do fight back. Crazy fans should not be allowed to silence us.

    To you people it seems that child rape is not so bad and that Jordan deserved it. This world is insane.

    All of your un-checked evil is too much for me I have begun having panic attacks and horrific fits of rage when I must watch TV and look at the magazine racks and see what seems like the worship a child rapist. It is killing me!

    I will not return to this site again.

    Thank you Buddyhead for your post, at least I know there are still some people left in the world who do not condone pedophilia. I realize you may not have known that you were standing up for the views of a lot of Survivors.

    And Joi I have already paid more than enough and I have every right to speak about what I know all too well about pedophiles. You unspeakable cretin!

    Anticipating the next accusation I am a half-breed: part white part native Hawaiian. The predator was a racist white pedophile. I am obviously not a racist!

    And I’ll say it again, Thank you Buddyhead!

  271. LadyS says:

    fuck you asshole! Michael was more man that you will ever be. Its so cruel to make fun of someone’s death. Your parents failed you!

  272. TRISH46711 says:

    well i am sorry that happened to you knife in my heart but that was not true of what you said about michael, total lies from the media, you know what i dont care what you think, or what haters think, i will always love michael, and never think he was a pedophile, i know you haters dont have proof that he molested children so leave him alone, people make up stuff and that is reality.

  273. Atheists For Obama says:

    I feel so dark inside I feel like I want to cry. How can people be so evil and cruel to post such unwarranted, unjustifiably, false and downright slanderous remarks regarding Michael Jackson. You maggots who ruthlessly condemn a man for being a pedophile are probably guilty of being one yourself. There are lawyers who can prove that Michael wasn’t a pedophile. TV personality and former attorney, Geraldo Rivera, claims without a shadow of doubt that Michael Jackson was truly innocent of those molestation charges. Michael even passed a series of polygraph tests, too. So you turd brained mutants still want to condemn Michael. Keep pressing it. You people who have nothing better to do with your lives than to try and discredit one of the most beloved men in music. Yeah, Michael was way better than The Stones, The Beatles, Elvis, or any of those seedy heavy metal bands of the 80’s and 90’s, etc…. Michael was so classy, cool and sophisticated; Michael was King Of Pop! We’ve lost an icon; a man of peace, love and virtue. He’s gone forever into nothingness. It’s damn painful to accept. But he’s gone forever. People: please think twice before you spew your unwarranted comments about Michael. You know that they’re flat out lies. Please try and harness your hate. Hate is what our “wonderful” past president (warmonger) Bush executed and look at the mess in Iraq. Hate kills people. This website should be reported and taken down for it’s defamation of character of a deceased man who can’t speak for himself. It’s time to grow up boys and girls. Playtime is over. Maturity is a class act when adults have mastered that point in their lives. PEACE!

  274. TRISH46711 says:

    well said :) love you michael jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  275. J Byrd says:

    He just had 1 or 2 half way decent songs, “Billie Jean” and “Beat It,” the rest sucked ass. Look what I found on smoking gun. MJ loved little boys and his dipshit fans still love him. Fuck him and his fans too.


  276. Corridor Reporter says:

    Trish honey, I used to work for an ABC News affiliate in New York City. I began my career at ABC as an intern back in 1985: beginning as a file clerk and receptionist, working up to behind the scenes in the production department. I was elated to become a full fledged employee in 1990. I really enjoyed my time spent at ABC in New York, working and meeting some fabulous and fabulously legendary men and women in journalism. Investigative reporting has been a keen interest of mine for eons. A dear friend of mine, John Stossel, from ABC’s 20/20, has been a source of inspiration for me. Now Trish honey, please realize that the general media is NOT a source of erroneous reporting. The media isn’t fool-proof, we do make errors, but it’s rare that serious gaffes in news reporting occurs. Errors are retracted in followups in the particular subject of discussion. The medias coverage of Michael Jackson’s sex charges proved to be pertinent in content and verifiably accurate. I cast a cold eye on tabloid reporting and it’s cretinous sensationalism. The internet does it’s fair share of publishing lies from wanna be at home “reporters.” What was offered by the major news agencies at the time of Mr. Jackson’s sex crimes was, sadly, authentic information. Trish, I mean not to want to make you feel dejected in any sort of way. I enjoyed Michael Jackson as an artist when I was younger and thought he was a really great looking guy back in the 80’s. Michael was seriously abused by his father (emotionally and physically) while growing up. I wouldn’t be surprised that his father sexually abused him as well; but that’s just my assumption. Michael was effected all throughout his adult life. Being on stage Michael was able to “open up.” This was Michael’s way to express himself through his music and acceptance from his adoring fans. Michael was painfully shy in public. He spoke softly and he had a general softness quality about him. People are entitled to their opinions and beliefs about Michael Jackson. A blog such as this is certainly going to be a bulletin board of mostly hardcore, unwarranted raw comments. Comments most people wouldn’t have the nerve to voice in public. The internet, sadly, has become a mecca of misinformation from rouge posters who post things (make comments) motivated by hate and lack of character. It’s no different than a bully on school grounds. It would be next to impossible to draw up a blog that would offer intelligent discussions in certain subject matters. So Trish, you have the right to love Michael. I not in any way whatsoever trying to unjustifiably put him down, just merely to shed light on some elements of Michael’s life. Please try to understand that Michael had some problems, (there isn’t an entertainer dead or alive who didn’t have problems), and please don’t be too critical of the news media. I realize that you’re a young child who doesn’t fully understand the heft behind producing a news show and to make sure what you’re seeing and hearing is the real deal. And if an error is committed in the broadcast, it shall be retracted. Trish, it’s great that someone as young as you enjoys Michael. He was way before your time in terms of his popularity so many years ago; but that really doesn’t matter. There are even some kids today who enjoy the Beatles and Jefferson Airplane! And that was before my time! OK, I was a wee baby girl back then in the mid 60’s. Trish, I wish you my best, dear, and hope that I didn’t say anything to offend you. I hope that you’ll continue to enjoy Michael’s music for many years to come. Cheers, Marcia

  277. guitarist says:

    The debate here is not about hate, bush, iraq or anything else designed to SWAY the subject at hand. Fuck Micheal was the title of this blog, and I agree, fuck that pop tart wanna be musician. I cant name one album from that weirdo, and nor do I WANT to. I like REAL music, music that has ENERGY, not some high pitched squealing “man” grabbing his genetalia on stage hiding behind DANCE while proclaiming ART. You want to see a REAL musician? Google Stevie Ray Vaughn. He liked grown up WOMEN. How about Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Randy Rhoads and countless others. All of these aforementioned names are REAL musicians. Nobody EVER questioned their sexuality, and do you know why? Because they were MEN and not freaks hiding behind a mask. When I was 5 years old I remember thriller being released, seeing MJ grab himself and do his little spin. I thought it was SICK then and it totally made me ignore MJ altogether. Sorry, but I sensed something weird about MJ then and still I do now. I will not relish in ANY man, woman or child’s death, but I will say it came a little too late for many victims of MJ’s pedophilia. Lawyers can prove blah, blah blah whatever, nobody cares. People think what they want to and judging by MJ’s reclusivness combined with his “affection” for little boys (hmmmmm) the ACTIONS that HE himself lived out during HIS lifetime are the reasons WHY people say the things that they do, so realize that. Nobody knows WHO he REALLY was except for him, but I like to think that he was a weirdo and I am proud that I never ever supported his “music”; as a matter of fact I never downloaded it either because it sucked so bad to me…… I like heavy driven classical melodies, not high pitched squealing with synthesized beats. If I liked that I’d listen to Usher lol

  278. MrDiablo says:

    No amount of talent justifies celebrating anyone, including MJ, who’s slept with and had sex with little children, messing them up for life. I don’t understand people who glorify someone like that. It makes me wanna puke!

  279. TRISH46711 says:

    mrdiablo stupid name by the way, do you have proof that he was a molestor or are you believing the media, as i say haters are the ones that ruin the world, you dont know a single goo thing he did, by the way many artista like maddonna, usher, maria carrey ect… were inspired by michael jackson and still are. so why comment if you dont know the truth. you haters are low life assholes especially mrdiablo and guitarist who are guys who need to grow some balls or possibly suck one, hey maybe you never had sex with a girl that explains why you think michael was a molestor, cause you jealose that he can have sex with women and you cant. i STRONGLY feel that way. like i said no hater is gonna change my mind about michael, well said corridor reporter,i admitt that i thought michael did have mistakes and alittle weird, BUT I DONT THINK HE WAS A CHILD MOLESTOR, AND HE WAS A GREAT ETERTAINER , HE HELPED SAVE CHILDRENS LIVES, RAISED MONEY FOR CHARITIESE AND INPIRED THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE MICHAEL MILLIONS REST IN PEACE, DONT LISTEN TO HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  280. Kenny says:

    The sad life of the media driven public.
    Real heroes die every day & receive the love of nobody,
    or just a few.
    This guy dies & there are parades & viewings fit for heads of states.
    We in America wonder why the world hates us, & why if they could they would bomb us from the face of the world map.
    Look no further than this sickening worship displayed to find a simple answer.

  281. Professor Klaxon says:

    There is supposed to be a question mark at the end of your first sentence Trish46711 not a comma.

    The word is good, not goo. Just a typo I presume.

    Artista? I presume you made another typo.

    Madonna has one d not two. I’m presuming this is not a typo, rather an inability to spell the word correctly.

    And all sentences begin with a capital letter in the first letter of the word. All proper names begin with a capital letter too.

    The word don’t has an apostrophe between the n and t.

    The word is spelled molester not molestor.

    In the sentence you wrote: Cause you jealose that he can have sex with women and you cant. This is how to correctly write that sentence: Because you’re jealous that he can have sex with women and you can’t.

    A capital “I” not a lower case “i” when describing yourself in a sentence.

    The correct spelling is admit not admitt. Only one t is used in the word.

    Your wording is improper here: I admit that I thought Michael did have mistakes and a little weird. You should’ve written it like this: I admit that Michael did make mistakes and was a little weird.

    Again, please use an apostrophe in the word don’t.

    The word is spelled entertainer not etertainer. A typo I presume?

    There should be an apostrophe “s” in the word children’s. Since you’re referring in a possessive sense of the word. Or meaning more than just one.

    I’m presuming once again you made another typo with the word inspired not inpired.

    There really should be a comma after LOVE MICHAEL.

    And once again, please use an apostrophe between the “n” and the “t” in the word don’t.

    Try to remember the use of an apostrophe.


    If you want to give your comment some clout and let it resonate with some degree of merit, then for goodness sake learn to spell, punctuate and write with care. Most children master these techniques early on in grade school. It’s a shame that so many message boards and blogs are littered with poor spelling, punctuation and profanity. Tsk, tsk, tsk………..

  282. Junie Moon says:

    We’re moving on up, to the east side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky. Moving on up, to the east side. We finally got a piece of the pie. Fish don’t fry in the kitchen, beans don’t burn on the grill. Took a whole lot of trying just to get up that hill. Now we’re up in the big leagues, getting our turn at bat. As long as we live, it’s you and me baby, and there aint nothing wrong with that.

    Well we’re moving on up, to the east side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky. Moving on up, to the east side. We finally got a piece of the pie.

    Goodtimes! Any time you meet a payment. Goodtimes! Anytime you meet a friend. Goodtimes! Any time you’re out from under. Not getting hassled, not getting hustled. Keeping your head above water, making a wave when you can. Temporary layoffs. Goodtimes! Easy credit rip offs. Goodtimes! Scratching and surviving. Goodtimes! Hanging in a chow line. Goodtimes! Aint we lucky we got them. Goodtimes!

    Just looking out of the window, watching the asphalt grow. Thinking how it all feels hand me down. Goodtimes! Hey yeah! Goodtimes! Keeping your head above water, making a wave when you can. Temporary lay offs. Goodtimes! East credit rip offs. Goodtimes! Aint we luck we got them. Goodtimes!

  283. TRISH46711 says:

    your point dumbass proffesor?, that is not how i really write in school. that isnt even the piont. i am not here to get lessons on how to write?

  284. guitarist says:


    I think that I have had sex with PLENTY of women and masturbated too in my 30 years so why is it that you must question MY sexuality?? I am not the one being accused of MOLESTING LITTLE BOYS you uneducated dolt. Suck a ball? Well if I could REACH them then I might TRY it you ignorant slag but a ghetto trick like you will NEVER touch them and I don’t care how cool the media portrays your type of ghetto mentality I won’t fall for it. I’ll bet you are sitting in your section 8 apartment eating off of MY tax dollars worshiping your idol Micheal ONE HAND Jackson, but I’m not so let me tell YOU something and that is that Jacko was a SICKO and the fact that YOU and MILLIONS of idiots LIKE YOU think his crap was MUSIC makes YOU a HATER of this site because after all you obviously don’t know where you are AT; take a look around you: This blog is titled FUCK MICHEAL JACKSON so you are the hater, becuase WE have a right to think that HE sucks just like YOU have a reason to think that WE suck. Now, go pay your pimp because I know you are not good at anything LOGICAL, just look at how you type. You propably tawk like dis an sheeit, right?
    Ignorance is not so easily hidden when one is as foolish as yourself so go back to your AA job and make life harder for all of us HARD working people with MORALS who actually EARN what we want and not cry racism or insult others when we can’t agree with their opinions.

    You want to go again?? I’m ready

  285. TRISH46711 says:


  286. Tsuei says:

    Sometimes I feel like I’ve been living much too long. And I’ve wasted too much time. I feel like I’ve lost the inner harmony that flows with me; body and mind. Like the shoreline that divides the sea and sand, it’s a surface ever changing. I get burdened by the things I just don’t understand, or the mountains left to climb. I feel the morning sun come shining through my window; it’s good to be alive. It’s gonna be a golden day. Wings unfolding day. Green trees, blue skies. If I could only learn the lessons of the seasons. A balanced rearranging. Though they may not come just when I want them to, still they come and keep me high. I feel the morning sun come shining through my window; it’s good to be alive. it’s gonna be a golden day. Wings unfolding day. Green trees, blue skies.

  287. TRlSH46711 says:

    I just realized how stupid and naive I am. I must be a complete uneducated idiot to believe Michael Jackson is innocent. I mean seriously, who would pay their way out of a child molestation case if they were innocent? Yeah, I must be a stupid cunt.

  288. TRISH46711 says:



  289. TRlSH46711 says:



  290. air america says:

    Guess what? Not all of us lefty liberals liked Michael Jackson. I voted for Obama, I’m antiwar, an atheist and my political ideology falls in the range of socialism for unity for all. As far as Michael Jackson goes, like I said, I didn’t like the man. So before anybody else claims that all of us libs all loved Michael Jackson, please think before you make an inaccurate, broad statement like that.

  291. zeph says:

    wheeeeh!!!! Michael Jackson is dead!! :D!!!
    weel i already knew but I’.. happy to see that a lot of people hate him as much as I do.


  292. Morgon Rose says:

    Oh Em Gee. I can’t believe any of you. Michael Jackson never molested any children. He was strongly abused as a child and that’s why he loves children so much. l can’t believe any of you.


  293. Morgon Rose says:

    P.S. His music is amazing and meaningful! It changed a lot of lives.

  294. Morgon Rose says:

    Poor MJ may not have been a role model, but he deserves his fame.

    R.I.P. MJ, King of Pop :( I was really looking forward to going to his concert.

  295. Morgon Rose says:


  296. guitarist says:

    It’s too bad that sicko piece of s–t didn’t orally abuse one of YOUR children; then maybe you’d understand, but since it didn’t happen to YOU then YOU will never know. Now go stick your head back into the sand.
    20 Million Bucks is A LOT of money to pay just to shut someone up. Innocent people don’t do that, they fight till the end.

    Stupid idiots FUCK JACKO the WACKO

  297. TRISH46711 says:

    Thank you Morgon Rose:) air america your right nobody has to like Michael Jackson, but look at people who do, when did i ever say everybody HAS to like him? I am saying that he had inspiring music. And people like you dont know the truth about him, and all the shit he went through. Everyone can have thier opinion, but you dont have to be mean or a bitch about it. I for one like i said, I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps: whover said that about me is not true, somebody else is using my account.

  298. Big Mike's Fuck Candle says:

    I wanted to come back here and remind you all about my fantasy of opening Michael’s coffin and throat fucking his rotting head. When I finish and fire my goo canon into his fuck tunnel, I will dance the Moonwalk while I drop shit logs on the floor.

  299. Reply to Big Mike says:

    I remember you. You stuck a half shit log out of your ass and fucked my fishy lap clam with it.

  300. MICHAEL FUCKED ME! says:

    And I liked it! I was 7 and his penis tasted like cotton candy!

  301. guitarist says:

    When I want to be inspired I will choose to look away from men who fondle themselves openly on stage while having a bad reputation for pedophilia and drug use. Having the morals that I hold dearly is the way that I choose to live my life and I would never allow myself to admire these types of people or things. All of the diversified bulls#@t propaganda that has been forced down our throats for so long will never change my mind. I will like who I like and no I am NOT sorry that Wacko Jacko the great white freak (sic) isn’t one of them. I will proudly stand in front of ANYBODY and tell them this and no I’m not coming to a ghetto near you either.


  302. 129th Ass Warrior says:

    I am Private Meat Hammer from the 129th Ass Warrior Brigade!

    It is my duty to inform you that Michael is NOT dead. He has been hired to patrol the Convent Region to hunt down and terminate boy virgins. He is currently working deep under (the) cover (s) with a 3rd grade class. He has found their leader and has disguised himself as a GI Joe figure.

    He is well trained in the art of Rape Carrot Humping, Unshaved Shit Chute Digging and Teen Fuck Juice Gargling.

  303. TRISH46711 says:


  304. TRISH48468 says:

    OMG OMG!!!! You are SO right1 MJ was the KING of POP! Respect his work and his beautiful music!

    Also respect the fact that he got sway with ass fucking kids twice. Money can buy you freedom apparently.

    Trish, get lost!

  305. TRISH46711 says:

    Um if the parents even cared, they wouldnt have ACCEPTED THE MONEY!!!!!!!!! STUPID!!!! i love you michae!!!!!!!!!!! why dont you get lost and get your facts right, GOD.

  306. Michael's Penis says:

    Hello everyone. The Gloved One’s cock here. Just wanted to let you all know, Michael stuck me in the dark danger zone of a kid. Then cut a check for it. Still makes him a pedo. I have to go now, Michael is dead and I need to get out of this box.


  307. TRlSH46711 says:

    No, They accepted the money so they could pay for the YEARS OF COUNSELING for their son. Why don’t you go back to your “I wanna fuck Michael Jackson page” and get YOUR facts right, GOD.

  308. TRISH46711 says:

    Oh yeah your right, years of counsling cause thier son LIED. You dont believe me? LOOK IT UP ON GOOGLE! The son actually admiits he did it for money sweetie. Why do you think he was holding hands with michael. I should know cause i actually read it. And plus the parents shouldve used thier own money! Why would they say “Oh give me the money so i can pay for my sons counseling”,oh yeah that shows how they care. And plus if they “THOUGHT” Michael molested their child, which they found no evidence of,why would they accept money from him? that is stupid. Rest in peace Michael!!!!!!!!

  309. TRlSH46711 says:

    I really have serious problems………..I just can’t stop arguing with myself.

  310. Matty G says:

    Michael Jackson is alive and well and watching Spanish Zombie Movies in Heaven http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWc6XmF3I6E

  311. TRISH46711 says:

    Thank you whoever is using my account, you have nothing else to say dont you? cause you know i am right! HA HA!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA MJ!!!!!!!!!! PS. FINALLY SOMEBODY IS NOT A DUMBASS. HA HA

  312. TRlSH46711 says:

    Nope, got plenty to say. I think you’re retarded for even commenting on this. I’m not going to Iwannahavemichaeljacksonsbaby.com and saying how much of a waste of life he was, so why are you here at fuck michael jackson trying to defend that piece of shit? There’s no proof that Jordan Chandler admitted to lying, post a link to the CNN or Fox news article that proves it. You know that would have made huge headlines if it were true. Until I see something from a reputable source, it’s false. And why should his parents pay for the kids counseling? Michael Jackson fucked him up, he should pay. It’s a real shame stupid people believe everything they read on the web. Oh, by the way, it’s my account.


  313. TRlSH46711 says:

    Come on TRISH, you’ve had almost a whole day to respond…..Oh wait, you’re not still looking on CNN.com for that story are you? Well, trust me, you won’t find it, it’s a hoax, as in fake. The “self-proclaimed King of Pop” is a dead child molester, that’s all there is to it. Now, as the self-proclaimed King of TRISH, you may bow down to me.

  314. TRlSH46711 says:

    Still looking for that link, huh? Holy shit, it’s been almost two whole days. Either you’re not on broadband, or that link doesn’t exist. I say it doesn’t exist. Give me some solid proof, or shut up. People like yourself make me think he should come back to life, so he could die again, in pain. You’re still a DUMBASS. You may now bow down to the King of TRISH. Thank you.

  315. guitarist says:

    the only time that there is “unity in da community” is when these hood rats KNOW that they did something wrong, so trish46711 or wtf ever your welfare check says your name is, go shove it. Miley is cleaner and whiter than YOU’ll EVER be so chew on dat wit yo chitlins dat I PAID FOR. As for wackoff da jackoff he/it is DEAD along with it’s SH**TY MUSIC THANK GOD looks like he won’t be there anymore

    😀 😀 😀 😀

  316. singh says:

    fuck all of u mother fuckers for dissing mj he is and always be the king of pop RIP MICHAEL JACKSON fuck these mother fuckers peiple like u mother fuckers killed him dont accuse him if u dont know he was not a pedophile fuck u all for thinking that fuck bitchs fuck u all he is the greatest star of all time i would like to see u fuckers become stars fuck u all

  317. singh says:

    i dont know how to use punctuation because im retarded and i cant spell the word peiple or bitchs either because im an uneducated idiot i do know if michael wasnt dead i would let him suck on me because im gay like he was

  318. MJvindicated says:

    all you losers know is to rant about how MJ was a child molester when you do not have ANY SINGLE proof that he really did the things you were saying he did. 😉 were you at the same room where the said incident happened? nah. you judge other people based on what you hear. Did you even take time to seek if all the accusations were true? i doubt it.

    .MiCHAEL JACKSON was misunderstood by almost everyone. thats for sure. im a psychologist and calling him a pedophile is iNVALID.i know, believe me. i have been dealing with pedophiles for more than 10years and i am 100% certain he was innocent. poor man.. i read the documentations, the books and also watched the documentary they released last october and found out that my instinct was true. he was framed up. all for money, this greedy people accused him of something the man never did.

    you can even hear the extortion scheme tape of the father of Jordan Chandler, planning everything. and last month, he committed suicide, prolly out of guilt. karma is a bitch.

    if you dont wanna believe the facts about him, then just stop calling him names for you dont have any right to do that. who are you to judge anyway? well i just have to let this out, i feel so much pain for this misunderstood man, so yeah, lets end this with “FUCK YOU HATERS”. continue living in your world of make believes.

    MICHAEL JACKSON may be weird, but not in any way a pedophile. he was a genius and wise person.unfortunately, some people just cant help being judgmental. i guess bad news really sell. REST IN PEACE MiKE AND iN BEHALF OF MANKIND, i am apologizing for all you went through. :)

  319. MJvindicated says:

    OH! && another thing, i can answer each and every question that nakes you doubt about MJ’s innocence, 😉 i pity you for still believing the MYTH. lol. bury the myth will you? and guess what? i think you haters are ENDANGERED lol. or lets just say youre wayyy outnumbered. :] just stop the drama and accept the fact that he was innocent and loved by the whole world. the chandlers and arvizos are liars who only wanted money. think about this, thousands of children who visited neverland and only two families actually sued MJ and went through the whole media circus. two families who have REALLY BAD BACKGROUND. okay, with jordan chandler’s case, he refused to testify and he only did it when his father, evan gave him sodium amythal w/c can alter the way a person thinks. after suing MJ evan accepted the money MJ’s insurance company offered. in 2005 jordan the kid, reported that his father hit him with a dumbell in the head. wow. really cool dad 😉

    why would you even accept even a large amount of money if your child was molested? someone said its for years of counselling. great. do you think evan cared for his kid so much that he thought about counselling? oh, he cared about jordan. right… was that the reason why he published a book exposing his CHILD’S FACE all over the cover to tell the WHOLE WORLD how he was molested by MJ?? too many holes actually. why dont you listen to the leaked phone convo of evan and his lawyer? oh. i know. haters wont make anyh effort for they believe they are always right. :)

    read. watch. and think critically. life is not always about your opinion but rather the truth. stop cursing an innocent man and i hope karma wont get back to you ten fold. Mike was innocent. sorry to dissapoint you. 😉

  320. MJvindicated says:

    i realized that 80% of the haters are male. envious much? you should be. because michael will always be loved by the people no matter what you say and do, he was the greatest humanitarian and entertainer that ever graced this earth and you are just bunch of lowlife haters, who laugh at someone else’s misfortune. but its okay, like it or not, he was a legend, we will all die but MJ will live on and on and on.. hah! so yeah, go! hate him for nothin bcoz thats all you can do. :) MICHAEL JACKSON IS NOW IN HEAVEN AND YOU HATERS WHO JUDGE OTHERS WILL BE IN HELL. for we all know that what you guys are doing is a sin. you talk as if youre so pure. stfu! you need proper education and get a life. :]

  321. MJvindicated. says:

    Jeffrey Dahmer lives on too, whats your point?

  322. TRlSH46711 says:

    Hitler lives on too………

  323. MJvindicated. says:

    Oh yeah, one more thing. You claim to be a psychologist, Why do you type like you’re a high school dropout? G.E.D.? Psychology degree through the mail? *YOU* need proper education, and then, get a life.

  324. heal the world….to all the hatrs of michael..just enjoy ur life…and make a change

  325. dick says:

    Steel u r a cocksucker. choke on it bitch

  326. dick says:

    MJvindicated thanks love

  327. The Amazing Zergendoff says:

    Why would any REAL man be jealous of Michael Jackson? The Michael lovers out there who want to condemn the NUMEROUS Michael haters out there by claiming that we’re jealous of the guy. Sorry folks, but there’s absolutely, positively nothing that about Jackson that a guy would be jealous of. Who’d be jealous of someone who looks as though he belonged under a circus tent? Who’s be jealous of someone who more than likely raped preteen boys? Who’s be jealous of someone who was seriously mentally ill? Who’d be jealous of someone who was literally a pauper in the end? Who’d be jealous of someone who severely mutilates their own face? We’re not jealous of Jackson, merely disgusted of the man’s surreal lifestyle and the mindless medias fixation following his death. CNN/HLN finally gave it a rest. They certainly got the most mileage out of it. And one more thing: you people that “pray” to Michael and “wish him well in death” and think that he’s in heaven; get real, please! The guy is dead. He’s nothing. Zip, zilch, faded into oblivion. Fortunately modern science has successfully proven that there is NO god, NO afterlife, NOTHING. The end of the line. Could you imagine if there really was an afterlife and had to “coexist” in another world with Michael Jackson again? Now that my friends would be hell!

  328. The Amazing Zergendoff says:

    May I excuse myself for a few typos in my text. I’m tired but I still had to comment on crazy Jacko! Night, night….

  329. Psychic Mandy says:

    Michael, oh sweet, sweet Michael. May you have a merry, merry Christmas. High above you smile and greet. Your soul is free, you sing with the angels with glee. Michael, oh sweet, sweet Michael. You danced and sang, clearly rang like a fine tuned bell; you’re so swell. Those who love you shall proclaim your innocence and beauty that dances in our hearts, sweet, as freshly baked tarts. Michael, oh sweet, sweet Michael. You were a gift from God. Sharing your talents, inspiring us all. A true hero in ever sense of the word; you soar high above now like a beautiful glowing bird. May your spirit grow and inspire more. I’ll be waiting for you Michael, right at Heaven’s door.

  330. Psychic Mandy says:

    On the dawn of the new year I can feel the vibrations resonate through my body, mind and soul. It is you Michael! I know it’s you. The blessings of God have allowed me to be a link to your soul and to mine. You are at peace, sweet man. You forgive those who issue false statements about. Your forgiving nature is what made you so special my dear man. You’ve felt the stings of mans hurtful attacks yet you knew God had a greater purpose for you. Sweet Michael, my good man, your talents were rich and colorful and never to be forgotten. You always expressed love through your inner boyish charm and gentleness. Your children were your greatest love. God will protect them. I know He will. You loved all children. Their innocence and charm gave you a sense of contentment. In my visions I know you were defrauded by the evil who lurk on this planet. They are Satan’s angels cloaked in human bodies who tried to ruin your life and strip you of your innocence and fortune. They will pay the price in Hell. Michael, my sweet man, you shall dance and sing with the angels now. Peace my love. I love you.

  331. Psycho Mandy says:

    You must be psychotic to post some shit like that….. Sweet Michael, you were a sorry looking bag of flesh and plastic, and you will unfortunately, never be forgotten. Your shitty music will still play, your whole fucked up life story will be told again and again on TV, and you will unfortunately, never be forgotten. Even now as your plastic nose is sliding off of your rotting face, someone is being tortured by your shitty music, and you will unfortunately, never be forgotten. Fuck you Michael, Fuck you

  332. LIBERIAN GIRL says:

    Comment to “Big Mike’s Fuck Candle”, you are very very wired. Yes every MJ fan has fantasis about the lovely King Of Pop, but you are just a phycopathic stupid ass bitch who can’t get no damn dick. Why the fuck would you say that about our legnd? You need serious help and go a sex store and masturbate! Because, obviously you haven’t did anyhing in awhile. I took care of myself so it doesn’t matter… :)

  333. LIBERIAN GIRL says:


  334. FT says:

    fuck u all


  335. Sister Helen Christine says:

    Michael was afraid to come out of the closet. Dee, dee dee. He was afraid as can be. Dee dee. He was afraid to come out of the closet because of what people were gonna see. He sported an itsy, bitsy, tweenie, weenie, yellow polka-dotted weenie. All the boys wanted a bite. A dab of mustard and some ketchup and a little pic-a-dilly, Michael’s gettin’ real giddy. At the end of the day Michael’s little weenie couldn’t stand erect making Michael cry out, I don’t get no respect! Suddenly out of the blue comes Aretha Franklin rumbling into Michael’s bedroom singing, R-E-S-P-E-C-T……… Michael asked Ms. Franklin to please depart from his bedroom because because it was only reserved for males under the age of 14. After Ms. Franklin left, Michael called in his tween mates and he serenaded the boys to the Elvis Presley tune, Love Me Tender. And the rest is history in Neverland.

  336. theruggedone says:

    Why did you invite the intellectual powerhouse that is the Youtube comments section over to discuss your article? There are MAYBE a handful of posters here capable of thinking their way out of a paper bag.

  337. Deborahh says:

    okay, so the MJ jokes are still going. Im not (never was) a Michael Jackson fan but really? You guys, HE IS DEAD. NO NEED TO GO ON NOW. I heard that the rumors of him being a molester were false. COMPLETELY FALSE. Some of you really need to get your facts straight..

  338. jan says:

    Haters read conspiracy by aphrodite jones, redemption by geraldine hughes. Read mary fischer article for GQ magazine. See mjeol 2 community video where tom mesereau wanted jordan to take the stand because he had witnesses to testify jordan lied for his father. See rumourmillsnews about the corrupt tom sneddon. The FBI found nothing on him after going through 16 computers,etc,etc. I would recommend charles-thomson.net. Lets hope none of you get accused of something you didn’t do. There are some vile comments on this page. Shame, Shame,Shame!

  339. jan says:

    watch discovery channel true crime 11th march 2010 aphrodite jones is on there.

  340. Sister Francinus Marie says:

    Glory and praise to our God, who alone gives light to our days. May our the sufferings he bears to those who trust in his ways. Dee, dee, de, dah, dah, dee, dah, la, dee, dah, le, dah, dah, dah……..

    May the glory of God be with you Michael! You’ve earned your wings! Soar, soar with the angels and continue to send your blessings and grace to those who love you.

    Thou the mountains may fall and the earth turns to dust, yet the love of the lord will stay. As a shelter for all who call on his name, may we be blessed with the glory of God.

  341. Dominique says:

    whats with all this weird shit from some nuns you aint no nuns you say you is you smart ass fakers stop pulling yours bullshit and makeing fun of michael you nothing more than a devils advacate go get a life

  342. tabloidjunk says:

    Most of you are so silly and pathetic, really!!
    MJ was not a molester, he simple loves children. Stop,full stop, finish!!
    Guys, get a life…what’s wrong with you??
    You are all a bit batty!!

  343. tabloidjunk says:

    @psycho Mandy
    Oh my God, you are very, very PSYCHO!!You need really help,fast, before it’s too late…even though it will erodes you innerly by grief, MJ will NEVER be forgotten!! Because of his wunderful music and because he was a wunderful and noble-minded human beeing!!

  344. anonymous says:

    Micheal Jackson did not rape those children! He made love to them!

  345. encyclopediadramatica says:

    in lulz we trust <3

  346. Spice channel says:

    Brad Armpit, Susan Scare-me-again, Doperah Dimfrey, Michael Moode, Ed Hairless, Keith Scolderman, Agelina Jokely, Jennifer Ass-of-tin, Michael Jackoff, Danny Blubber, Harry Bats-in-his-bellafonte, Larry Kink, Anderson Pooper, Dr. Sanjerk Gupta, Dr. Mehment Odd, Phil Donapuke, Nancy Graceless, Jessica Languish, Wolf Blister, Paula Zahmbie, Bill Mocker, Jay Lamo, Jimmy Felon, David Lettermad, Johnny Car-sin, George Carbon, Jerry Sprunger, Rachel Madcow, Katie Incurable, Conan O-Bribe-em, Barbara One-night-stand, James Broiling, Ben Afflicted, Matt Demon, Tom Cruise-control, Lenny Bruised, Billy Crystalized, Angelia Dufus, Gus Hallcloset, Woody Allenwrech, Danny Bondage-douche, Leif Get-it, Glenn Closecall, Meryl Strepthroat, Louis Blackballed, Rosie O’ Donut, Ellen Degenerate, Maury Pervert, Ron Coward, Tom Handkerchief, David Hassled-off, Simon Crumb-well, Wanda Gripes, Billy Mayfly, Dakota Fanny, Susan Boil-over, Woody Gnarlson, Sean Penthouse, Mad-dumb-a, Queen Lashit, Paul Mc Cuntney.

  347. spizer9 says:

    michael mooregasim
    george bushed
    ronald raygun
    bill clingon
    allover north
    virgin scary
    pope john pallbearer
    judge judy shitland
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    the faux news channel
    cable nudes network
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    harris fucker
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    jimmy faggart
    pat robberson
    benny sinn
    jim halfbakeder
    pasturd arnut murray
    dr gene twot

  348. vincentosawe says:

    my name is vincent osawe and I want to tell all you michael jackson haters to kiss my ass and go to hell.Who in the fuck yall think yall are to be saying these dumb ass things about this wonderful human being.michael jackson is the king of all music and that’s a fact for 5 reasons.

    1.he had the biggest selling album of all time
    2.unlike other music artist in past or future,his music touch people all over the world.
    3.he made may not created the moonwalk,but he made the dance move look better and did it like no other
    4.he had the biggest tour and music history like BAD,DANGEROUS, and HISTORY


  349. anonymous says:

    His music touched us indeed. It touched me like he touched little boys. He will be missed.

  350. stegodon says:

    osawe, die in a dumpster dude. michael jackson rips about as badly as your grasp of the english language. here’s a new word for you to check out – ‘vasectomy’

  351. unknown pleasures says:

    “when i was a young boy, Michael Jackson used to play with me” Lyrics of “true faith” when New order played shows in early 90’s.

  352. Juk says:

    vincentosawe, go eat shit. There are more morons in the world than people who know music. This ugly fagsack is them ultimate proof.

  353. tabIoidjunk says:

    Whoa, tabloidjunk must be a fucking retard! Ok, lets check out your spelling skills first. Wunderful is not a real word, neither is beeing. The second thing we are going to pick on you for is the fact that you’re here defending the famous kiddie touching dead fag, Michael Jackson. You truly are a FUCKING RETARD! You are next on my list. Sincerely, tabIoidjunk

    A.K.A. TRlSH46711
    A.K.A. MJvindicated.
    A.K.A. Psycho Mandy

  354. vincentosawe. says:

    This little fag named Vincent Osawe has stuff posted on all kinds of IwannafuckMichaelJackson message boards. Just another fag tryin’ to suck Michael Jacksons dead dick. Keep suckin’ homo, keep suckin’. Now you are on my list too. Take your 5 reasons and shove em’ up your ass. HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW?

    A.K.A. TRlSH46711
    A.K.A. MJvindicated.
    A.K.A. Psycho Mandy
    A.K.A. vincentosawe.

  355. FUCK HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    HE IS A FUCKING ASSHOLE< FUCK HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  356. slotted headstock says:

    My classical guitar teacher has been teacheing me several Michael Jackson songs. I think Michael Jacksons music totally rocks! Ive been studying guitar for a year now and have gotten really good. I been recording my guitar playing and many other people who heard me play say Im getting real good. Peoples should need to stop being gellous of Michael Jackson and stop hateing him. Michael contibuted more to society then youll people ever will. Why cant people just get along.

  357. anonymous says:

    Learn to spell slotted headstock

  358. planetslap says:

    Hey Slotted Headstock, you should be taking spelling lessons, not guitar lessons. What gives? Nobody here gives a rat’s bloody ass regarding your retarded guitar playing, especially your love of jacko-crap music. If I were you I’d seriously consider taking that nylon strung guitar of yours and wet-farting in the soundhole. That way you’d be making the best music you ever played on that twanger.

  359. Steve says:

    FUCK MICHAEL, he owns THE BEATLES music!

    FUCK MICHAEL JACKSON…Put aside all those facts about him being weird and all these fake ass “fans”for a second…i say FUCK MICHAEL cause he took TRUE WRITTEN MUSIC from the great band THE BEATLES! he claims and owns most of their music! that fucken jackass….now, SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY is a TRUE MUSICIAN that people should be praising, not this weird ass flop. its fucken sad when u dont even own the rights to ur own written songs…fuck michael, long live the BEATLES! maybe now that hes dead as fuck, the JOHN,PAUL,GEORGE AND RINGO can once again own their own songs.

  360. to Steve says:

    Finally, someone said something that actually makes sense, well done. We appear to be a small percentage of the people on this board who think rationally. To everyone else who thinks Wacko Jacko was the king, check this out…….


    The Beatles; Total certified sales: 230.7 million.

    Elvis Presley; Total certified sales: 189.2 million.

    Wacko Jacko; Total certified sales: 147.7 million.

    Looks like third place to me. The Beatles were active for 10 years, Elvis was active for 23 years, Wacko was active for 45 years. The King? BULLSHIT

  361. Tourette's Guy says:

    Michael Jackson! Oh, shit! Shit, shit shit! I wanna fuck him with my tits! Bitch! Oh, shit! Michael Jackson’s a prick! Men’s asses! All he ever did was play with his tits while he looked at his ass! Oh, Bob Saget! He has nice ass! Not Michael Jackson but Bob Saget. Tom Bergeron is an ass! Fuck salt! Jim Nabors has nice ass!

  362. Gaspipe says:

    It’s a grin that shines it’s brightest, it’s a freshness you can feel, it’s a natural role attraction, it’s your health appeal.

    What makes Ultra Brite the health appeal toothpaste? A smile that shines it’s natural whitest; sparkling clean breath and cavity fighting fluoride.

    It’s a natural role attraction, it’s your… Ultra Brite!

    The health appeal toothpaste!

  363. neverumind says:

    how can all u ppl be so horrible all your nasty comments just show your insecuritys personaly i dont think he was a pedo if u ppl actually look @ some info up b4 u judge and not believe all that tabloid junk you idiots read and buy the lieing shit you will realise will read that the kid who accused him in 90s admitted that he made it all up and the father killed himself cause he felt so guilty and theres a vid on youtube of that gavin kid and his parents n siblings praising michael cant anyone belive that a person can be nice yes hes had surgery and nose looks a bit unusual because of it but then again no ones face is perfect mine sure aint anyway what he had done to his face was his buisness and yes his life seems weird to everyone too but it would be for anyone if 100s of ppl folowing him wherever he went and not a normal ideal childhood and the tabloids making up crap about him for stupid IDIOTS like you ppl to believe they just con ppl to make they $$$$$$ just saying please dont belive this bullshit and do abit of research before you start calling ppl pedos he was one of the most famous ppl on earth but he was still a pearson with feelings think how you would feel if the whole world was making up horrible crap about you calling u a pedo freak or whatever u wouldnt like would you??

  364. Marmon4 says:

    1. What did Danny, the Tourette’s Guy, say to his wife Shirlena after she said, “I’ll kick you in the balls” to Danny?

    2. How did Danny refer to the picture of his Dad holding the tuba?

    3. Who did Danny say the garbage disposal sounded like?

    4. Where did Danny say to take a two hour shit?

    5. What is Danny’s favorite beverage?

    6. Name as many profane words that Danny uses in his videos.

    Watch The Tourette’s Guy on YouTube!

  365. *** says:

    Fuck YOU!! You’re an STUPID GUY! You don’t know nothing about him, so… SHUT UP!
    From the bottom of my heart, and with complete respect for you, I hope you die soon!


  366. asdfjk says:

    SERIOUSLY. would you let your child stay the night with mj? exactly. he was a fucking child molester. im 100% sure if you hung out with him you would be like, wtf is wrong with this guy. fuck you michael. bye.

  367. james howler says:

    come on man… peace the fuck man… fuck you all… yah hippocrates

  368. james howler says:

    fuck you all dickheads…. go to hell with satan on your side!!! sh!t.

  369. james howler says:

    get a life fucker faces!!!… you all watch too much porn!!!

  370. james howler says:

    the king!!!!

  371. james howler says:

    remember what his done with music and it will go down in history!!! naa lay mopalag i will kill the mother fucker!!

  372. FUCKMJ says:

    James Howler is a fucking retard!!!!! Michael Jacksons music will go down in history like going down on a 10 year old boy……..GAY

  373. FUCKMJ says:

    James Howler is a fucking retard!!!!! Michael Jacksons music will go down in history like Michael Jackson going down on a 10 year old boy……..GAY

  374. james howler says:

    hahaha…. r you gay???

  375. james howler says:

    hahaha… gay?? man u need a doctor!

  376. james howler says:

    you watch to much gay porn.. feel sorry for you!!!

  377. see miling says:

    I heard that fart-bombs Howie Mandel and Larry King are Jacko fans. I can just see Howie grabbing his short dick doing the moon walk and Larry wearing a sequined glove singing falsetto!

  378. FUCKMJ says:

    Sorry, I took so long to respond to you James Howler, I actually have a life.. It has now been confirmed, three times in seven minutes. YOU are definitely A FUCKING RETARD!

  379. james howler says:

    HaHahAHa… silly dickhead!

  380. FUCKMJ says:

    james howler – naa lay mopalag, WTF does that mean? And whats this shit about gay porn? You’re the one idolizing a fag, not me. If I wanted to watch gay porn, I would go to youtube and type in Michael Jackson, silly dickhead!

  381. james howIer says:

    You need some help…….GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! 45 years and he still can’t outsell the Beatles or Elvis. What a fucking loser.


    The Beatles; Total certified sales: 230.7 million.

    Elvis Presley; Total certified sales: 189.2 million.

    Wacko Jacko; Total certified sales: 147.7 million.

    Looks like third place to me. The Beatles were active for 10 years, Elvis was active for 23 years, Wacko was active for 45 years. The King? BULLSHIT

  382. Fawcett says:

    Ok Farrah Fawcett was on her death bed and God said Farrah if you could have 1 wish what would it be ? Farrah said save the children and poof Michael Jackson dies .

  383. james howler says:

    MAN… your good in insulting a person… hahahaha..
    who cares your no human…. who doesn’t love GOD.

  384. DEADMAN says:

    Man you are all dickheads!!! Who are you fighting for??

  385. james howler says:

    i already know that he cant outsell them.. you racist!!!

  386. james howIer says:

    Ok, You got me on the whole bullshit god thing, but racist? Seriously? Besides, this thread is about a dead homo. Get back on topic.

  387. Someone says:

    Another fucking molester gone, children can sleep well at night now.

  388. lubemaster says:

    look, who’s talking??

  389. KLARK KENT says:

    MJ was black inside but pale white in the outside….

  390. rocky1 says:

    Michael Jackson Haters People who have something against Michael Jackson because they’re jealous and they only listen to The Media, which only tells lies.. They spend their time going to places filled with MJ Lovers (opposie of MJ Haters, obviously) and insulting, punning, disrespecting Michael just to piss them off.. They have terrible grammar and can’t spell worth a damn.. They have no life and places they go to rant about Michael and look stupid are: Yahoo! Answers – The Celebrity Section Any YouTube video that’s filled with MJ love Any place that talks positively and truthfully about Michael Jackson

    MJ Lover: Hey, everyone that’s an MJ fan.. I just uploaded a tribute to Michael on YouTube.. Go check it out!!

    MJ Haters: Michael Jackson?? The white woman?? HAHAHA.. You guys are losers.. NO ONE LIKES MIChael JACKSON!!!!

  391. DEnNiZ_FRaTGANG says:

    How do you know his a homo?? fucking James Howler

  392. sarah jane says:

    This topic is fucking lame… what about other live popstar not dead ones…

  393. Marvin_Martial says:


  394. Paul M. says:

    Well, it’s been a year now, and Farrah’s death still seems denigrated by that negroe. And now Tori Spelling is jumping into the act, claiming she ‘channeled’ Farrah Fawcett. BOGUS!!

  395. RAPE HAMMER says:

    I miss you Michael, miss you so! I have not had the soft touch of a plastic face on my cock in a year. I bet your asshole is still soft and yummy. Shit on my face from hell, rape boy

  396. Uncle Tito's Piss Camel says:

    12 months and not one day has passed where I havent opened your casket and fingered your dried out shitbox. I keep sticking a bike pump in your peehole to keep you plumped up but the maggots ate yopur cock off. I miss you. I am throat fucking your dead skull right now

  397. iamsofaking says:

    On this, the anniversary of his death, I must reiterate…FUCK MICHAEL JACKSON!!! Get him the fuck off my tv. I don’t want to have to see his fucking sick ass every time I change my channel. Let the perv be dead as he deserves to be.

  398. crematory kiln says:

    So it’s been one day since wacko Jacko’s first death anniversary. Am I pleased that this cocksucker is deceased? You bet! Now for the fact that the fucking media has to flash all of that bullshit Jackson tripe all over again to do “follow ups” with his ass fucking family is an outrage! Who fucking cares about his post death? Who gives a hearty shit about his fucked up family and interviews with the other motherfuckers associated with him? Some of you little, wussy pricks that think quacko Jacko was a god can go on believing in your fringe ways. And go ahead and bitch and whine with your childish bullshit that we’re jealous and racist regarding Jacko. Go ahead! Fact is, who’d be jealous of a middle-aged pedophile with the face of an unwrapped mummy, who lost a huge sum of money (most of his possessions) to pay off his tween victims and families, who was a homosexual, drug addict with mental disorders. Boy, I envy that dude! Whoa…. HO!!! So let the fucking media glorify old Jackie boy all they want. There are a lot of people who deserve recognition on their death anniversaries that never get it. Only some pervert who sang like one of the Chipmunks gets a major media spread. Like I said, fuck the media! Ass fucking Michael isn’t resting in peace, he’s DEAD! You dickheads that “pray” for Michael or wish him well on cloud 9 can go fuck yourselves. That fecal toned skin of his is rotted down to bone. The worms crawled in and the worms crawled out. I can only pity those poor worms that feasted on such tainted meat!


    Fuck You, Michael Jackson!

  399. SHAWN says:

    Fuck that nigga mike

  400. Kevin says:

    Thank you for making this article. I've been saying this shit to people ever since he died. What also pissed me off when he died was that we lost George Carlin at the same time and nobody gave a damn. Everyone was to busy crying their eyes out to realize we lost an amazing comedian. I was much sadder about losing Carlin than Michael. Fuck Michael.

  401. dream says:

    Well actually FUCK YOU!! When you will be in hell Michael wont be there for sure.

  402. scoutede says:

    You motherfucker get a life! Fuck you! Michael is the best!

  403. Blue says:


  404. Mamad says:


  405. Himadri Nandi says:

    Seems that the world wide web is run by an anti-mj wing.

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