New records from Oasis and The Verve coming, dead comedians, AA Bondy and more…

Travis Michael Keller

Travis Keller is a pretty good liar. Email death threats & love letters to:

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  1. Di says:

    Axl always turns into a little bitch over nothing. And the awesome video in question:

    R.I.P. Rufus!

  2. Kate says:

    am stoked as three stoked things to see hoasis at VFest

  3. shelbot says:

    post the cease and desist letter! we gotta see that!

  4. karat says:

    i second the cease and desist post.

    totally understand the car karma thing. been in at least 3 car wrecks in a year, glad i’m still alive.

  5. UNCLE SCOTT says:

    Axl you complete pussy. Just give us Izzy’s phone number so we can be done with you. Better yet, I wanna get in the ring with you. Please contact me asap. Bring along your dickbreath friend Jeff Leven from Davis/Shapiro….fuck it, bring the entire law firm and all your staff that you haven’t fired yet. You can even bring Vince Neil bro. Let’s get in the ring motherfucker. You won’t call me though. Just like you said when you were cool: “nothing but a fuckin PUSSY”

  6. carrie says:

    lol only good thing about axl is he once played with slash…..then slash grew a brain

  7. Deep black says:

    First of all, I can fully understand how it feels when someone is not watching what he was doing and end up hitting you in the back, but the idiot that hit me was going over the speed limit and though I was going to run the red light, fuck no. The guy when under my car and toned it even if I do drive it away from the scene after the cop got both our info. I when to the hospital where I was going to see my mother that just had surgery the day before and was loving the more fen drop when I can in her room with my license’s plate in my hands. She wasn’t looping enough to not ask what happen. I have a new car now at is the same model as my old car was but in forest green and with a CD player. As for Axlhole Rose, he need to get a sense of humor and get his head out his ass. Most people don’t care how big of a star he use to be. Only morons that want the 80’s hair band era (like my ex) to come back if this dick this album that he as being working on for how long? A decide and a half now. Everyone else had move on to bands that contently make good music and are not so full of shit this idiot who can’t take a fucking joke.

  8. Erik B. says:

    I actually watched that Bill Hicks video while shrooming. It was an insanely profound experience. Especially this one joke he directs directly to people on shrooms. It was nuts.

  9. Kenneth Tangnes says:

    Gallagher just got owned bigtime by Jay-Z. Now I’m not a Hip Hop fanboy, but any enemy of Oasis is a friend of mine…

  10. Are you serious? Jay Z proved Noel right… Look how musically retarded the dude is, he doesn’t even know how to play Wonderwall… let alone any idea of how to even hold a guitar. He looks like a total dork… it’s like yeah dude, you’re torching em, THE WHOLE CROWD IS SINGING THE SONG and you look like a dork holding the guitar like it’s a dress you’re gonnna put on.

    I’m on team noel. If you’re not… get off this site. Go over to

  11. elizabeth says:

    Was that karaoke? It sounded like the real song was playing in the background. I only watched the beginning, but those vocals were pretty weak though he must have been nervous because he kept pulling away from the mic and giving the ol’ half sing-speak.

  12. buenaventura says:

    jay-z looked stupid. the joke was on him because the crowd prefered a bad sound karaoke of “wonderwall” over any live song of jigga.

    oasis are great. pure it.

    jay-z is almost as bad as krap-ye west and shaquille o’neil.

    nas and ghostface, well, even tone loc are better songwriters than jay.

  13. alexx says:

    I’m an oasis fan, and it’s obvious jay z’s cover musically sucked.

    No problem with being on team noel musically and all, but come on – dude is upset that a black rapper is playing at a UK festival? Is this the 1950s?? Jim Crow is over brother. Homeboy seems to be falling on the right (read: reactionary) side of the fence on this one.

  14. vigilante says:

    its not that a black rapper is playing glastonburay, because i’m pretty sure lupe fiasco and dizzee rascal have played this year and previous years. It’s just that a crap-tastic mainstream like jay-zed is HeadlininG glastonburay, which is mainly a rock & roll festival [that’s rock & roll not rawk and or roll] for great old and great new music/artists.
    noel gallagher just said that jay-zed had “no fucken chance.” so the ‘wonderwall’ thing was a ‘fuck you’ to noel on be-half of jay hova.
    i thought the euro’s would have a bit more backbone and better taste than to just fall prey to a rapper who’s retired and comeback to produce crap for people to brush their shoulders to. ’tis sad-izzle.
    now at the pemberton festival he’s headlining with Tom Petty, Coldplay(?idk), The Tragically Hip (uh-mazing canadian band that more americans should discover. gord downie’s voice is like hearing angels crap harps. b e a u tiful), Nine inch nails [eh, eh eh!?] and Jay-Hova. wtf, right?!

  15. Kenneth Tangnes says:

    WTF, Dude! I just took you up on your friendly advice and went over to hoping to find something better suited to my musical tastes, but VIDEO GAMES?!! DAMN, that’s harsh, man!

    Regarding Oasis, I kinda like their attitude, whining and prepubescent though it may be. It’s just that godawful, head swinging from side to side, pop music I can’t stand…

  16. john m. says:

    dude that sucks about yuor car. karma is a bitch

  17. Bill says:

    kenneth you are a nipple.

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